Wife has sex with unknown men

This was a game devised by a couple of friends of ours from an incident at a party they’d had, not a sex party or anything like that it was a birthday party for Allison. Allison and Ricky were into swapping in a low key way as they were essentially friends of my sister. My brother in law had told me that a game had been devised as a result of an incident that Allison had which she also confirmed and it was her and her husband who planned the game.

Allison said at the time of this incident she was 28, and by that time she’d never had a lover outside of their marriage; other than the 3 (at that time) husbands in their swapper’s circle, and all their swaps were done tame as I call it, that is each man goes with the wife of his for the night back to his own house.

There was one chap, who Allison had met at the squash club, l be¬lieve, that she really fancied like mad and wanted to fuck with and with Ricky’s permis¬sion, she had invited him to the party and to stay for the night, the intention being to have a threesome.

Her lover, who was barely 19, wasn’t up for a threesome, so at about midnight, Allison took her young stud up to bed for a quickie. When they finished, they both fell asleep, sometime later Allison was awaken by the feeling of or sound of somebody coming into the bedroom, the lights were off and the room was in complete dark¬ness, The intruder came over to her side of the bed.

Lying on her back, naked and not covered by any bedclothes, the man started to fondle her breasts. She believed it was Ricky, she started to say something, but the man hushed her, still thinking it was him she relaxed to the fondling, first of her breasts and then the hands moved to her wet cunt and fingered her, arousing her, he plunged his fingers deep and pulled them out and gave them to her to lick, which she did, tasting the juices of her own cunt mingled with those of her new lover’s spunk, returning his fingers to her cunt the next time he licked them, which really aroused Allison, as she was yearning for Ricky to eat her cunt after she’d been fucked (but hadn’t dared to ask him). This fingering lasted about ten minutes, by which time Allison says she was well aroused.

Allison still believing it was Ricky reached out, undid his trousers and pulled them and his underpants down as He fondled her breasts and tweaked her nipples. His penis was rock hard and she immediately took it into her mouth and started sucking. It was only as she took hold of his penis and guided it to her lips, that she immediately realised it wasn’t in fact her own husband at all, but she says she got quite a surge thinking that here she was sucking off somebody she couldn’t see and didn’t know or did she know.?

She gave his penis the full works, swinging her legs off the bed so that she was sitting in front of him, she licked her way around his cock, over his balls, taking them one at a time fully into her mouth and feeling the testicles move with her mouth, all of which had him groaning with pleasure and frightening Allison that he might wake her new lover up. However He wasn’t able to take much of that treatment and he pumped his spunk into her mouth, giving her a very full mouth of thick gooey sperm which she gobbled down, not letting his cock free of her mouth till his penis was limp, once more. Moreover, as his sperm splattered onto her tongue, Allison was climaxing as well, even though he was not touching her sexually, in fact he was gently holding her head.

The stranger pulled up his pants and trousers and then quickly left, without a further word. Because of her naked and dishevelled state it was some minutes before Alli¬son left the bedroom and appeared downstairs, there were still a number of people left around, but she was unable to identify the man.

By :Suziesue

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