Wife Has Another Surprise – More fun at Jill’s place

Lilly was about to take a video of Jill and I. It wasn’t the deal my wife had struck with Jill but when I’d gotten to Jill’s place she was so horny she told me she wanted me to fuck her in the ass while her friend Lilly recorded the event. Me? Well I was so horny and caught up in the whole thing that I’d not have been able to say no. Why would I? Jesus, I mean Jill’s ass is fucking amazing!

Anyway, you know how it is when you can’t think. My cock was starting to come back to that state of throbbing where I’d have fucked pretty much anything with a hole in it and here was Jill walking back and forth from her bedroom and bathroom getting dressed in just the right outfit for her intimate porno and in walks Lilly.

“Hi, stud!” She too was wearing a hot outfit. High platform hooker heels with wide fishnet stockings ending just below her mini skirt with the garter’s clasps showing. Above that she wore a sweater unbuttoned at the breasts exposing some sort of sheer bra clasped at the front of her lovely tits. She smiled wide at my long horny eye fucking.

“Wow…” I managed as she too left the door open and walked up to kiss me full on the lips.

Our tongues danced while I realized I wasn’t forbidden from grasping her sexy body. I did just that, put my hands right on her ass pulling her to me. I’d almost forgotten I was naked by this stage and felt my hard cock brush right between her legs. She moaned and shoved her tongue further into my mouth as her hips humped forward rubbing her damp pussy lips over the length of my invading cock.

“Oh yeah!” Jill called from the hallway. “Looks like I’m not the only horny slut here this evening.”

“Hey baby,” Lilly said twisting just enough to see Jill but not letting the pressure of her hips ease from my own. “I’m so hot I think I’ll fuck both of you.”

“Can I watch?” Beth’s voice came from the front doorway.

At first I was embarrassed. Here I was groping away at Lilly’s body with my own naked form still damp with orgasmic fluids and my hard cock nearly entering Lilly’s hot cunt while my wife looked on. I felt busted and in the same moment realized what she’d just said. She wanted to watch.

“Hell yes,” Jill said. “I was going to take him up my ass while Lilly takes a video.”

“No!” Beth said. “There will be no butt fucking, and I’ll take the video.”

Jill walked into the living room wearing a very tight latex teddy that had her full huge tits jutting explosively from her chest. Those tits are amazing, did I say amazing? So full and firm and she has these wide dark nipples that come at the center to a full inviting nub about as large as the tip of my little finger. God that looked hot. Below the teddy her hips were naked but she had on a pair of thigh high latex boots that made her taller than me or Lilly. Needless to say she looked fuckable as hell.

“Damn!” Beth said. “You look fucking hot, Jill. I think we might have to make him wait because right now I want to fuck you.”

Jill put one hand on her hips and the other behind her neck throwing a pose any porn star would be jealous of and said, “everyone wants to fuck me.”

I moaned something akin to, “uh fuck yeah,” but it barely came out as Lilly had at just the same moment pulled hard on my ass in just the right way so my cock head slipped up into her hot wet pussy.

“I’m fucking, Ken,” Lilly said. “Video or no video.”

Beth laughed and walked up to Jill planting one hand up against Jill’s exposed and might I add well shaven cunt. Lilly and I watched as my wife and her friend made out. My cock throbbing, Lilly’s pussy grinding, and oh god I was hot.

By : formaze

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