Wife had early teenage black experience and longs for more after being married a long time

My wife and I had been married for over 15 years before
we began to discuss each other’s fantasies. I am 42 and
Andrea is 38, although, she looks more like she is in her
late twenties. She is not a movie star in the looks
department, and then neither am I! Andrea is 5’4″, Auburn
hair, 34-C breasts, with extra thick and long nipples
that are super sensitive. I often had the thought, that
if a guy could get as far as her nipples, he would get
all the way!

Another fine feature is her legs. She has a gorgeous
formed pair. I see other guys turn their heads and look
as we walk by when she is dressed in a skirt and heels.
Three children left their toll in the form of stretch
marks, but all in all she is one sexy woman.

Anyway about the fantasies. I would tell her mine, and
then ask for hers, she always seemed to be keeping
something back. Until last New Years Eve. We went over to
some friends of ours and had dinner and played cards and
drank wine. When the night was over, Andrea had just a
little too much wine for the night. She is not a very
tolerant drinker and it doesn’t take much to get her

On the way home she snuggled up next to me in the car and
began rubbing my cock through my pants. Before we got
home, she had unzipped me and was sucking me. When I
pulled into the drive, she stopped and told me I’d get
the rest in the house. The kids were spending the night
over at my parent’s house, so we were free for the night.

Once in the door, Andrea pulled up her tight skirt, to
reveal that she had on NO panties. She never needed
stockings or panty hose due to tanning, on a regular
basis. My recently softened cock began to stir as I
followed her bare ass and glimpses of pussy hair between
her legs, upstairs.

We began to slowly play with each other in bed. I asked
her if she had remembered any more fantasies. She began
moaning as I started to suck a rock hard 3/4-inch nipple
into my mouth. As I was sucking, she related that she had
a fantasy when she was a lot younger, but didn’t know if
she was going to tell me about it. I kept asking for her
to tell me and she resisted, until I squeezed her tits
together and bit down on both nipples at the same time.
She squealed in pleasure and said, “Alright, I’ll tell
you, but promise you won’t get mad?”

I promised, wondering what it could be, since we had
covered her wanting two cocks at once, screwing another
guy with me watching etc. But as she began, my heart
began to beat faster and faster. She told me that it
really wasn’t a fantasy, but when she was 15, she used to
have a dream. She had a black teacher in school, and
quite often she would dream that she was on a couch and
he was fucking her. I moaned as she continued to describe
the dream. I reached down and slid a finger into her. She
was sopping wet and as I grazed her clit she went into
orgasm. (The fastest yet).

I encouraged her to continue describing the dream as I
rolled her over on top of me. She quickly guided my
hardness into and began undulating her hips. We had one
of the most intense orgasms of both of our lives. It was
the best I can remember having up until then. So from
then on, we would describe her screwing two blacks at the
same time. We even rented videos with black men and white

One in particular was noteworthy. We were laying on the
bed, watching with me behind her with my cock in her
pussy. We were just lazily pumping and trying to make the
feeling last. The scene on the video was showing a pretty
blond in the shower with a black guy. He didn’t have an
enormous cock, as we thought. It was about the size of my

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