Wife goes to a motel bar to pick up guy to bring back to the room to fuck

We had planned on going out that weekend. It had been a
couple of weeks and we were both hot for my wife to get
a good fucking by a strange cock. We had made out like
mad just thinking about how good it was going to be. As
always the anticipation was just about as hot as the
real fucking.

Taking somewhat of a chance we decided to go to a town
only about 30 miles from home. As a rule we drove
further than that so as not to run into someone we
knew. Still, even if we did run into someone we knew we
had cover stories to explain why we were at this or
that particular motel or bar. One reason we wanted to
go to this motel is that we had heard that a lot of the
local military guys hung out at their bar and thought
she might find a real good fuck there.

I had already reserved a room and we got there about
10:00 giving the bar time to warm up. As always I
stayed in the room and Ann went into the bar alone to
find somebody and bring them back. She had learned long
ago how to find the one she wanted to fuck from among
all the guys that flocked to her when she walked into a
bar in her sexy outfit. She would ask her pick to step
out into the hall and would ask them point blank if
they wanted to fuck her while I watched. Almost always
the answer was yes and she didn’t have to spend a lot
of time in the bar and could get back to the room and
start fucking.

She had not been gone but about fifteen minutes when
she came back to the room with two guys. I was
surprised because we had never even talked about her
picking up two. She told me later that she had picked
one and he had stepped out into the hall. The other one
followed her out and then both of them started asking
her to go with then. On the spur of the moment she told
them both that I was in the room and if they both
wanted to come they could. One was somewhat young and
the other more my age.

The young guy immediately started playing with her
breast and ran his hand up her dress to feel her pussy.
I sat back in my chair prepared for what ever was to
come. The older guy sat down across from me. We watched
as they quickly undressed each other and fell across
the bed fucking. He rammed his sizeable cock all the
way into her hot wet pussy and began to fuck her very
hard. She got off almost at once but never missed a
trust up to meet his cock.

I looked over at the other guy and smiled. Quite a
show, don’t you think, I asked? He said, don’t you mind
seeing your wife being fucked. Why should I was my
reply. She is having fun and so am I.

The young guy slowed down his fucking and then pulled
out. His cock was glistering with the juices from my
wife’s vagina but he had not cummed yet. He got across
her on his knees and began to fuck her between the tits
she grabbed them and squeezed them real tight around
his cock. A few minutes of that and he let it slip up
to her mouth. She took the head into her mouth and
started to suck.

I had taken my prick out and had started stroking it. I
think the other guy must have cummed because I saw he
jerk out of the corner of my eye. He sat there for a
minute or so and said he was going. I told him to stick
around and get him some but he said maybe another time.
I think the fact that he had already got off and was
probably uncomfortable with us watching him had
something to do with it. So she was not going to have
three cocks this night.

But I had all I could handle just watching them going
at it. They had gotten into a 69 position and were both
sucking as hard as they could. It was very hot watching
his big cock all the way down her throat, while he was
eating her out. She climaxed at least twice more during
this sucking exchange. Some times it is hard to keep up
with just how many times she will cum. Some seem to
last several minutes but she says they are really a
bunch of short hard climaxes one right behind the
other. He was drunk enough that he was still working on
his first.

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