Wife goes to a biker bar with unintended consequences

Wow! When my husband suggested that I go out last night
I had an idea what I was in for but wow, it wasn’t
anything like this. John and I have been married for 8
years. We have an open relationship sexually. This was
at John’s urging, mostly because he spends weeks,
sometimes more than a month, on the road running his
business. We’ve always shared the experiences, both
his, and mine. We’ve found that it has added an extra
thrill for when we get together after those long
periods apart.

Well, I talked to him yesterday and he could tell I was
getting antsy for something special. It was his
suggestion that I go out to this one particular bar on
the outskirts of town. This bar was a notorious biker
bar. We’d been in there together twice, it was loud and
rowdy, but we both had a good time. The interesting
thing about the bar was that there was a back room
which was a private area, for members only. I guessed
that it was for one of the biker clubs. I could only
imagine what went on behind those closed doors, since
it was pretty wild as it was, up in the front where we

John urged me to go out and see if I could get myself
laid. He mentioned “George’s Pub” almost as a joke
really, I don’t think he actually thought I’d dare to
do something like that on my own. I’ve done some wilder
things than he knows about, well, he knows about almost
everything, maybe just not the degree. I don’t think he
knows how much I secretly like it either, I am never
sure how much I should tell him sometimes.

I dressed up casually, I didn’t want to overdress for a
place like George’s. I can’t help but pass for the lily
white yuppie type I am, but I figure I can fit in
anywhere with a denim skirt and a nice flowery blouse
showing a little cleavage.

I arrived at George’s and looked around. It was kind of
dead, there were only a handful of people milling
around, shooting pool or sitting at the bar. However, I
noticed a larger number, mostly men, that would either
go into the private back room, or return from it. It
sounded more lively back there as well, I could hear
the music vibrating through the walls. The men that
went to the back were almost certainly bikers, most had
on their leathers. The few women I saw go to the back
were probably biker chicks.

The lady bartender noticed me watching the back. “Yes,
it’s much more lively in there,” she laughed.

“Really? How is that?” I asked.

“Well, let’s just say it is more of an ‘anything goes’
place than out here.”

“How does one get in?” I wondered.

She eyed me over good before answering. “Well, a woman
like you probably couldn’t get in.”


“Well, it’s a members only area, either you belong to
the biker club, or, you have to be one of their chicks
and, judging by your appearance, I don’t think you are
either.” She laughed.

I jokingly pouted and said, “I’m just looking for a
good time.”

She looked at me and said, “you’d better be careful
what you wish for honey, trust me, you are safer out

Now honestly, I just wanted to find a stud for the
night, get a good fucking, then go home. Even though it
wasn’t looking promising, I wasn’t looking forward to
driving somewhere else. I didn’t have any other plans.
I thought I’d stick around, see what happens. I noticed
a group of women, the previously mentioned biker
chicks, sitting around a table behind me. They suddenly
made a commotion and I turned to look. One woman was
holding a shorter straw than the others and they were
verbally giving her the business about it. The woman
got up red faced, smoothed her leather skirt out, took
a long drag on her cigarette before putting it out.

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