Wife goes sexually wild

Before we married, my wife, Renee had a reputation. She came from a small community and in those days “having a reputation” meant she was the town slut. Even today, she’ll honestly admit her reputation for promiscuity was well deserved. Early into our relationship, I learned about her scandalous notoriety and could have easily gotten my fill of her sexually and moved on, but I saw what was incredible about her and Rockygedly pursued her to become my wife.

I was in the service when we first married and took her away from that life. “I hate to think of how my life would have gone, if it wasn’t for you getting me out of that town,” she has said to me on many occasions. We’ve been married for nearly twenty-five years, settled in a fairly large city when I returned to civilian life, have raised two responsible daughters and Renee has always been faithful to me throughout our marriage.

However, Renee has always had a strong sex drive and I’ve struggled to keep up. I’m five years older and perfectly satisfied with once or twice a week. I know she masturbates every day and has fantasies about younger men, the kind of men she frequently allowed to bed her in her youth. I’ve found lots of pornography on her computer that feature handsome twenty-something men with full erections, often fucking more mature women, that I know she uses to excite herself for a masturbation session.

Renee is a beautiful woman, with long dark brown hair, an amazingly pretty face with a strong jawline, pale flawless skin and nicely shaped breasts. She enjoys dressing to highlight her slender figure and long shapely legs, usually in black stockings and high heels. If she’d wanted to find other lovers, it would be easy for her, but Renee dedicated most of her efforts into raising our two girls and being an example of a devoted mother to them.

It was for all her efforts that I decided to reward Renee for her dedication on the week we took our youngest daughter to start college. Paige had finished her first two years at a local community college and wanted to spend her last two at an out of state university. We went with her to help her get started and decided to make a week’s vacation out of the trip.

Renee and I stayed in a different nearby town to give Paige a feel of her first bit of non-parental freedom and to avoid embarrassing her from being seen with mommy and daddy. Over dinner, Renee and I discussed our new empty nest life. At one point I asked, “Do you think she’s having fun? Paige seemed a bit nervous.”

“Don’t call her. She was doing great. I imagine she’s getting fucked right now.”

“What? She just got there,” I said shocked at my wife’s nonchalant attitude. “She doesn’t know any boys there yet.”

Renee laughed and took my hand. “She’s young, pretty and stretching her wings. Of course the first thing she’s going to do is have sex. She hasn’t been a virgin for years. She’s on the pill too.”

“Really? I didn’t know any of that.”

“She’ll be fine. We talk all the time and she has her head on straight. Paige is growing up and that’s a part of it. Besides, look who she came from.” Renee gave me a half smile to help me recover from my initial shock.

“You turned out okay Renee did better than that okay, she looked fantastic. She had a sensual maturity that had increased with the years. She was much sexier than she had been at twenty, when we married. I was often asked how I bagged a woman who must be fifteen years younger. The truth, I’d aged normally, she seemed to have stopped at around twenty-five.

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