Wife goes sexually wild

Before we married, my wife, Renee had a reputation. She came from a small community and in those days “having a reputation” meant she was the town slut. Even today, she’ll honestly admit her reputation for promiscuity was well deserved. Early into our relationship, I learned about her scandalous notoriety and could have easily gotten my fill of her sexually and moved on, but I saw what was incredible about her and Rockygedly pursued her to become my wife.

I was in the service when we first married and took her away from that life. “I hate to think of how my life would have gone, if it wasn’t for you getting me out of that town,” she has said to me on many occasions. We’ve been married for nearly twenty-five years, settled in a fairly large city when I returned to civilian life, have raised two responsible daughters and Renee has always been faithful to me throughout our marriage.

However, Renee has always had a strong sex drive and I’ve struggled to keep up. I’m five years older and perfectly satisfied with once or twice a week. I know she masturbates every day and has fantasies about younger men, the kind of men she frequently allowed to bed her in her youth. I’ve found lots of pornography on her computer that feature handsome twenty-something men with full erections, often fucking more mature women, that I know she uses to excite herself for a masturbation session.

Renee is a beautiful woman, with long dark brown hair, an amazingly pretty face with a strong jawline, pale flawless skin and nicely shaped breasts. She enjoys dressing to highlight her slender figure and long shapely legs, usually in black stockings and high heels. If she’d wanted to find other lovers, it would be easy for her, but Renee dedicated most of her efforts into raising our two girls and being an example of a devoted mother to them.

It was for all her efforts that I decided to reward Renee for her dedication on the week we took our youngest daughter to start college. Paige had finished her first two years at a local community college and wanted to spend her last two at an out of state university. We went with her to help her get started and decided to make a week’s vacation out of the trip.

Renee and I stayed in a different nearby town to give Paige a feel of her first bit of non-parental freedom and to avoid embarrassing her from being seen with mommy and daddy. Over dinner, Renee and I discussed our new empty nest life. At one point I asked, “Do you think she’s having fun? Paige seemed a bit nervous.”

“Don’t call her. She was doing great. I imagine she’s getting fucked right now.”

“What? She just got there,” I said shocked at my wife’s nonchalant attitude. “She doesn’t know any boys there yet.”

Renee laughed and took my hand. “She’s young, pretty and stretching her wings. Of course the first thing she’s going to do is have sex. She hasn’t been a virgin for years. She’s on the pill too.”

“Really? I didn’t know any of that.”

“She’ll be fine. We talk all the time and she has her head on straight. Paige is growing up and that’s a part of it. Besides, look who she came from.” Renee gave me a half smile to help me recover from my initial shock.

“You turned out okay Renee did better than that okay, she looked fantastic. She had a sensual maturity that had increased with the years. She was much sexier than she had been at twenty, when we married. I was often asked how I bagged a woman who must be fifteen years younger. The truth, I’d aged normally, she seemed to have stopped at around twenty-five.

“I’d like to give you something from me for being such a good wife and mother,” I said wondering how receptive she’d be to the idea.

“I have all the jewelry I need.”

“No, it isn’t that. I want you to pick out as many of the young men you want this week and feel the freedom to have sex with any of them.” Now it was to be her turn to be shocked. I’d known she had the desire, but would never act on it herself. It was something she needed.

We discussed it for the next hour and she admitted that she daydreamed about being with much younger men. I assured her I’d be okay with her fucking as much as she wanted this week. We were away from home, why shouldn’t she enjoy what she really wanted.

By the time I’d convinced her, I was hard as a fucking rock, to the point I felt like I was going to cum sitting in my chair. We rushed back to our hotel room and tore each other’s clothes off. I started off by sucking on her nipples and kissed my way down to her navel. It never ceased to amaze me how trim her stomach still was. I travelled down to Renee’s vagina and flicked her clitoris rapidly with my tongue. I could tell she’d cum when she grabbed my hair and pulled my face into her crotch. It was a major eruption, one of the biggest I’ve seen from her. She appeared more sexually charged that she’d been in years.

Renee lay back and allowed me to enter her with my erection. I tried to think of something else, other than the idea of her taking on some younger studs, but it was hard to push it completely out of my consciousness. I went no more than ten minutes and ejaculated in a torrent. Although it was a disappointment not going longer, it was one of the best orgasms I’ve experienced in a very long time.

I considered making my abbreviated session up to her with my tongue, but then thought, “Why don’t you start tonight?”

“Really? You’re sure?”

“Whoever you pick is getting my sloppy seconds,” a said with a chuckle.

We agreed to go out together and bring someone back to our room. I’d watch and maybe help out.

Renee dressed in a form fitting skirt and low cut blouse. She wore a pair of black pumps and dark stockings held by a garter belt. Her lips were red, nearly matching the color of her nails. If I’d had the ability, I’d have fucked her on the spot, but she deserved a schtuping beyond anything I could provide.

The city we were in had several large colleges and this was rush week. The bars were filled with young college students, all horny as hell and looking for some easy sex before hitting their studies the following week. We picked out a place that looked fun. It was an eclectic tavern that had bric-a-brac from the 1950s. It featured music mostly from the 1980’s, but for all the kids in the place knew, it could have easily been Elvis or Chubby Checker singing “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”.

We eventually secured a table and Renee went to work attracting attention. It wasn’t hard. She stretched out her long sharply legs. In the stockings, she stood out among the younger women with their bare legs and flip-flops. Several men stole a gander at my wife’s gorgeous gams.

She whispered in my ear after coyly scoping her admirers, “I like the one in the black sweatshirt. It had the logo of his university; a different one than Paige was attending.

I signaled him to join us, “Hi, I’m Tom, this is my wife Renee. Can I buy you a beer?”

He seemed nervous at first, but introduced himself as Jack. The three of us chatted. Jack’s major was microbiology and he could carry on a decent conversation. Renee finally winked at me; our prearranged signal that Jack was of interest to her.

Tom was briefly explaining regulated in microbes and how they worked with genes, when I interrupted him and said, “I have a confession. I screwed up having sex with Renee tonight. Shot my wad long before she was satisfied.”

Jack lost all interest in bacteria. I explained that I was done for the night, but my hot amorous wife needed something more; way more. If Jack was at all in doubt about our intentions, it was resolved when Renee began to run her hand up and down his thigh. She presented a smoldering glance to his shocked gaze. I could actually see his erection begin to swell within his jeans.

Back in our hotel room Jack stripped naked and sat on the bed. We both watched as Renee slowly unbuttoned her blouse, one button deliberately after another. I could see her young potential lover’s hands shaking from his anticipation. As I sat in a chair nearby, I looked at the palm of my right hand and it too was perspiring from the excitement.

Jack’s body, although he was no athlete showed the muscular sign of his early life. There was an effortless build with no fat. He was enthralled as her black lacy bra first appeared. I half wondered if he’d ever seen a real one before. At last, Renee’s shirt fell to the floor. She placed one of her legs next to him on the bed and allowed him to experience the feel of her leg through the diaphanous material.

From experience, I know how smooth her legs are when encased in high-end nylons. “You should try kissing them,” I suggested. His lips were soon all over my wife’s legs. I think he could have spent the entire evening feasting on them alone.

Renee rose from the bed with her back toward Jack. She pointed her ass out as the skirt waist slid over her silk black panties.

“Don’t you want to rub my sweet butt?”

His hand trembled as he caressed each of her nicely formed mounds and then moved his hands to the center of her ass.

Renee turned around and leaned over to kiss Jack, as she unlatched the front clasp of her bra. Her breasts spilled out and were caught by his hands. She cooed, “Oh yes, rub them. Your hands are so smooth.”

He didn’t use his hands for long. Soon, her nipples were surrounded by his lips. I watched as her eyes rolled back from the pleasure of a young lover she’d only dare dream of for more than a decade. I secretly chided myself for denying her this desire due to the social conventions of marriage, for so long.

Finally, her panties came off. Renee’s virginal mound is sparsely covered by a thin thatch of brown pubic hair that she keeps neatly trimmed. From experience, I knew Jack was in for a real treat when he went down on her. Renee has always practiced good hygiene and has a naturally delicious taste between her legs.

His technique is not nearly as practiced as my own, but he showed talent in his use of the tongue. Renee wiggled and betrayed another orgasm. Her first with a different partner on nearly twenty-two years. I could hear her breathing increase to deep gulps for air and then a spasm of moans.

She lay back on the bed and Jack crawled on top of her. She glanced my way, just before he entered her, almost as if asking for my permission. I nodded my approval and watched as a man I estimated to be almost exactly half her age entered her. Still in her stockings and garter, Renee’s leg wrapped around his body and he began pumping away, when she writhed in the ecstasy of a fresh new cock.

I looked over at her eyes as she bumped in time with Jacks movements. At one point, I could see her expression that seemed to be thanking me for this opportunity.The next morning I woke up next to Renee. My cock was extremely stiff; almost aching from the events of the previous night. Jack had cum after twenty minutes and then, given his youth, vigor, and horniness had managed to make himself hard again without even pulling out of Renee’s pussy. He banged my wife for another forty five minutes.

When Renee woke, I asked her, “Was that too much sex for you last night?”

I had to push her to give me an honest answer. Finally, she admitted, “I wouldn’t have wanted more, but it really did satisfy me. It was like being eighteen all over again.”

“Could you stand another cock this morning?” I lifted the sheet to expose my raging hard-on. It was remarkably stimulating to feel myself slipping around in a pool of another man’s spunk inside her. When we’d first started dating, there were a few times I realized she’d had sex with someone else only hours before. I’d forgotten how strangely alluring it was to me.

At some point during the week, I wanted to share her with some young hunk and I told her that as I fucked her. We kissed more passionately than we had in years. I came in a rush that caused me to shiver from the intensity. I only hoped I wasn’t completely drained for a couple of days.

After we’d rested, showered and dressed, Renee asked me, “Would it bother you if I went on my own for the day? I’d like to find some young meat by myself.”

I suppose I should have been surprised by her directness, but Renee has always been honest about her intentions. My cock was too exhausted to go again for at least a day. There were some other things I wanted to do anyway. “I’d love to imagine you fucking to your heart’s content. Have fun.”

She promised to fill me in on every juicy detail and we kissed like a pair of newlyweds as we each went off to our own adventures.

I’d stowed my golf clubs in the car trunk and figured I’d never get to use them, since we tended to spend most of our vacation time together. I hit the links, while Renee made preparations to hit the sheets.

Space prohibits me from detailing my day on the course, but being as relaxed as I was and thinking about my wife being screwed while I was out golfing, I had a phenomenal round. Three bogeys, two birdies and an eagle. The group I hooked up with thought I must have been an ex-pro. They bought me several rounds of drinks and pumped me for the secret of my game. They wouldn’t have believed me if I’d told them the truth.

I returned to our room in the late afternoon and wasn’t at all sure if I’d find Renee in bed with some young dude or dudes. We’d agreed she’d hang the do not disturb sign on the door if she didn’t want me barging in on her action. Instead, she greeted me at the door alone, but very excited.

“I was just about to call you. I have a huge surprise,” she said exuberantly. I could tell she was thrilled by her plans. She was also dressed in a way I’d never seen her in before. She wore a bustier that cinched at the waist and pushed her breasts up high, but showed lots of her cleavage, seamed black stockings held up by a red garter belt that was barely concealed by a tiny high waisted pleated flared mini skirt. Her finger and toe nails were painted a dark shade of crimson that nearly matched the color of her puffy lips.

Her dark brown eyes sparkled as she explained her morning. After I’d left she went out to a restaurant and managed to hook up with a group of frat boys planning their initiation of several new members.

“Now get this, they wanted to know of I’d pee into a bag, so they could dump it on one of the pledges,” she said with a laugh.

“Did you do that?”

“No, of course not. I told them it was completely stupid. Instead, I suggested they find another willing MILF and have the inductees see if they can fuck and make us cum while our husbands watch.”

“And they went for that?”

“What do you think? They jumped at the chance. The hard part was finding another woman over thirty willing to take on a few handsome and horny college freshmen.”

“How’d you manage that?”

“At the same place I got this outfit. Older women in a kinky lingerie shop are there for one of two reasons. It’s because they want to please a man their interested in or because they’re pissed off at the man their married to and want revenge. It’s just a matter of reading the situation.”

“You found someone that is out for retribution?”

“She’s teaching her husband a lesson about not screwing his admin assistant. She’s gone all scorched earth on his ass.” Renee seemed delighted with herself. It surprised me how comfortable she seemed in this sluttish getup. I knew I’d better keep not screw around in the future, least she demonstrate her own vengeance.

“So, how do I fit in to this frat house cuckolder game?”

“I may have mentioned you’d been caught banging our next door neighbor’s daughter, so I needed to screw a few college boys in retaliation.” She started to laugh. The daughter of our neighbor was over two hundred and fifty pounds and I’m fairly certain she’s a lesbian. After Renee had stopped her amusement, she said, “They don’t know that Meagan isn’t an anorexic sex pot.”

As I looked over at my wife, I could see her in a different light. She wasn’t playing the dedicated mom this week. She was the burning hot sexy little slut I’d first fallen in love with, except she was dressed even more trampy than she’d ever dared back in those days. I could feel myself getting excited and I wanted to take her right there.

She recognized my amorous intention and rebuffed me, “Sorry, you are going to have to wait for tonight. I want you able to perform when things really get going.” She winked at me and I had the feeling she hadn’t told me the entire plan.

By 9 PM, we arrived at the frat house. The fraternity that I’ll refer to as Alpha Beta (which is not the chapter’s real name, but was once a decent supermarket) had a party going in full swing. We met up with Susan and her husband, John just outside. Susan was barely dressed at all. She was a knockout of a woman in her mid-thirties with straight long blond hair and a pair of legs most men masturbate thinking about.

“Hi, I’m Susan,” she said as she shook my hand. “John here has been a bad boy and has to share his favorite toy, because he couldn’t play in his own yard.”

John looked slightly upset, but resigned to his penance. I couldn’t resist and observed, “Whatever made you decide to screw around on her?”

John scrunched up his face and replied, “I thought I could get away with it. I was stupid.”

The four of us were led into the living room and presented to the pledges. The frat house president, a kid name Phil, who looked surprisingly mature for a college senior announced, “The men you see before you, cheated on their wives.” He waved his hand in front of Renee and Susan. Thundering series of catcalls and applause greeted the women. Phil pointed toward John and me. We received a loud round of boos and hisses.

“It is up to our newest members to satisfy these women with their sexual prowess and inventive techniques, in front of the very men who have wronged them.”

Phil looked at the six frat pups and asked, “Unless any of you would prefer to be soaked in urine and vomit?”

No surprise, all wanted to go with the older women option.

The four of us were shown to a large bedroom that contained two queen-sized beds, a couple of desk chairs and a large bowl of condom packets sitting on a table in between the two beds. The only other items in the room were several lengths of rope and bindings.

John and I stripped down to our underwear and were tied securely to the chairs by a few of the senior Alpha Beta members. Renee and Susan removed any clothing that would prohibit access to their areas of sexual interest and were bound to the bed posts with lengths of flat leather straps.

Phil inquired, “Would either of you ladies care for a blindfold? A few of our new members were not selected for their looks, obviously.”

Renee laughed and said, “No, they all looked fine to me. Send in the clowns.”

Two young men, between eighteen and twenty entered the room bare assed naked and stood in front of the bed. Phil flipped a coin and pointed at one of the frat puppies with short sandy blond hair. He called, “Tails.”

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