Wife gives in

It had been 15 years since we had been married, and my husband Mark had hinted a lot about fucking my ass hole, but I was not in the mood. No man had ever taken my ass, and just because he was my husband, I was in no mood to offer it up to him.

I came home after work, and Mark met me at the door, and took me upstairs.

“Baby, I want to fuck your ass.”

When I told him no, he grinned.

“You might want to change your tune, after you see this.”

He went to the door of our closet, and opened it up. My 16 year old niece Brittany, was naked, and tied to a chair, a strip of cloth gagging her mouth, her eyes wide as the light poured in.

“You’ve kept your ass tight and unfucked, always the ‘oh that’s so dirty, so bad, no man will ever fuck my ass hole’ song and dance. It’s been 15 years, I was sick of hearing that same crap, so now you have a choice to make. You either give me your ass, now, or I’ll fuck every sweet hole of your niece Brittany. I lured her over here when I told her that you wanted to ask her something important, she came right over, so I stripped her down, and got her ready. With a body like hers, I was sorely tempted to just go ahead and fuck every sweet hole she has, she’s a nice little piece, look at those tits, nice big dairies, and that wispy strip of blonde pubic hair, bet her asshole is all pink and tight. Wonder how many of her holes are still virgin? So, what’s your answer baby?”

I knew I could not fight him, he was 5 inches taller, and 50 pounds heavier, and it was solid muscle, not fat. I saw Brittany’s face, her eyes wide with fear. The idea of my husband raping every one of her holes made my insides wither. I could not let her be punished like that.

I sighed, stripped off my clothes and saw that he was going to leave the closet door open, Brittany would watch me giving up my last virginity.

Mark grinned, and said, “I think Brittany needs to watch, to see what a debt of gratitude she owes you. Now, on your knees baby, stick that sexy ass up high.”

I did as ordered, and felt a cold slather of lube being applied, sliding it around and around, and I grunted as I felt one of his fingers work inside, and spread it around. Mark stripped off his clothes, his cock was hard as steel, oh fuck, this was gonna be a virgin busting like no other. He took position, I felt the large, blunt head, pressing against my last vestige of virginity. His cock started pushing, forcing its way into my tight ass hole. I felt the head pop inside, and cried out, my ass hole may have been slathered with lube, but it did little to ease the feeling of being split open, but he was too whipped up with lust. The idea that he was finally fucking my ass hole, my last vestige of virginity, the hole I had denied him through 15 years of marriage, his cock was too stiff, his balls too full to stop. I felt every inch of that big, stiff cock, oh fuck, my ass was stretched out, zings of pain shooting through my ass, and his cock keeping up the pressure, pushing deeper and deeper, until he grunted, and I let out a yell of pain as he buried the last bit. Nine inches of bone hard cock were stuffed up my ass, and my ass hole was going crazy, throbbing with the pain of being stuffed, I felt like I had been split apart. Not being able to expel it, I had to try and relax the muscles.

“Oh fuck, virgin tight, yeah, oh yeah baby.”

My husband was too excited by the tight grip, and he started to hump vigorously at my newly de-virginzed hole, not giving me a chance to adjust to the stretch. I looked over at the closet, Brittany was watching intently as I grunted and growled as he reamed out my ass hole, I bore the pain with a ‘get it over with’ stoicism, he’d been denied my tight virgin ass for 15 years, and he was determined to get what he felt was his due. I figured it’d be best if he had his fun, and blew his load, quickly, and his cock was happy to oblige, it took maybe a minute, before he reached his peak.

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