wife gives her hubby a special birthday gift

Over a year ago on June 13th, I entered the main room of the club completely naked. No one else took any great notice; everyone else was nude, too. I held my husband’s hand as we looked for another interesting couple. Although the choice of our forthcoming sex partners was ultimately his decision, I could try to subtly influence the selection.

“How about the ones on the corner sofa? She’s really cute. I could see being with her.”

They were a couple of years younger and very attractive. The woman had long sun bleached blonde hair, a dolphin tattoo on her shoulder, and a sexy demeanor. The male was well built and seemed at ease here. They were nonchalantly drinking sodas and conversing between themselves.

“Let’s keep them in mind. I want to see who else is in the room. Let’s hit the dance floor.”

I knew this would draw more attention to us, but it was June 13th and I was obligated to go along.

Today was my husband’s birthday and this was a ritual we practiced every year that we’d been married. Not the orgy, but his choice of anything he wanted me to do with or for him. We’d been married ten years and each year it seemed to get more elaborate, limited only by his imagination.

As we danced, we were approached by another couple that asked us to join them at their table of drinks and “to get to know each other.” The woman was short, with a pixie cut and nicely proportioned breasts. The man was tall and black. His cock looked larger than average. Even with a semi-erection it was obvious he’d be the largest cock I’d ever taken. I’d never had an African American man before, but that wasn’t what I was making me apprehensive. His partner seemed mousey and quiet. She barely said a word.

We talked for fifteen minutes, but once again decided to move on. It was no big deal to them; there were lots of other swingers available to hook up with. Everyone here was looking for the right match up. We took to the dance floor once more.

We’d never been to a “couples only” swing party before. I gathered the club did this every weekend. It took me some time to find a place like this, but it’s what Dave said he wanted this year.

When we first married, Dave and I were completely broke and lived a very Spartan existence. I decided to give him something special for his birthday, the 13th of June, that year.

“Baby, you know how we can’t afford anything fancy? I’m going to give you the best birthday gift you’ve ever had,” I announced with a confident sense of pride at my cleverness.

Dave was kind of unmoved by the idea at first, until I presented him with a handmade card. It simply said, “You can have me anyway you want, nothing is out of the question. Use your imagination.”

He examined the card and a wicked smile came across his face. “Anything?”

“That’s what the card says, right?”

“I want your ass.”

“You get my ass all the time. Four or five times a week.” We were all over each other back then.

“No, I want to fuck your asshole.”

I’d never let him do that to me before. I was always afraid of the pain. But, I wasn’t about to go back on my word. I dragged him into the bedroom and stripped naked. He was already waiting on the bed completely undressed and hard.

“Just promise to go easy on me.”

We started kissing and licking, as was the norm for our lovemaking, but then he lubed an index figure and worked it into my anus. It didn’t hurt. In fact, I liked it. Next he added another finger and moved it back and forth within my asshole.

“I take it your enjoying yourself,” he said as he looked at the way I was rolling my eyes back in delight and kissed me again.

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