Wife gets husband out of trouble – Wife Deborah Taken By Boss

I had been caught! We were behind on several bills, including the mortgage, and I had “borrowed” funds from the company. I was intending to pay them back, but somehow never got around to it. We had paid our debts and were current on everything. Good news! Then the boss found out.

Dan called me one afternoon and asked me to come into his office. He never does this, so I was afraid he had somehow discovered the missing funds. He had. He said he could have me arrested, but he would give me a chance to pay it back if I would do it now and pay all of it.

There was no way I could pay it all back at once. Dan was upset and ordered me to get back to work and he would call me later. A couple of long hours later he called me. “Go home tonight and tell your wife all about what you have done. I’ll come over at 7:00 and talk with you both. I have a plan that might work.

I got home about 5:30 and Deb and I sat down and I told her everything. She was furious with me. I tried to tell her it was the only way to save the house, but she just cried. The fear of me being arrested, losing my job, and going to jail was all too much.

Dan arrived promptly at 7:00. He sat down with us at the dining table. “I have a plan,” he stated. “That will keep you out of jail, and keep your job, if you agree to it and follow it just as I say.” We both said, “of course, anything.”

“Anything, I like that attitude. It will take that to keep you out of jail. I have solid proof of your embezzlement. I will turn it over to the police in the morning if you don’t agree to and follow my plan.”

We were all ears, so Dan laid it out. “I will gradually pay back the total amount you embezzled, a little each month, until it is all paid. I will decide on how much I pay back each month, and you will deposit it back into the company accounts, so nothing will ever be tied to me. I’ll give you all the evidence I have against you when it is all paid off.”

At first we couldn’t believe ourselves, what a wonderful thing! Then came the catch. “You, of course will have to something for me. Deborah, you will be avaliable to me for whatever I ask. George will help by keeping the children, or doing other jobs, as I need. Do you understand? Any questions?”

Deb asked, “what is whatever?” Dan moved over close to her, put his hand on her shoulder, and the other one on her breast, and said, “whatever.” Dan moved back and said, “you talk it over, but if I leave here without your agreement to this, I will call the police tonight.”

We were startled, we never expected this. To start with, Deborah is an attractive lady in her early 50’s, Dan is 40 at best. We have been married several years. She was a virgin when we got married, all but one of our three children are out of the house, and he is in college. The big thing is that Deborah is very conservative.

We talked it over, she said “what can we do,” over and over, finally she said, we’ll have to do it. I was pretty much quiet. We looked at Dan and Deborah said, “it looks like we don’t have a choice.”

Dan stood up and said, “Well, then, it’s a done deal.” We all shook hands on the agreement. Then Dan said, “George, unbutton Deborah’s blouse and take off her bra.” I did as told. Deborah was shaking, and I was too.

Dan had Deb stand up and he kissed her and fondled her breasts. Then he sucked on one, and then the other. He then told her to sit down and unbutton his slacks. I knew what was coming. I knew she wouldn’t do it. She never would suck me off, certainly she wouldn’t him. But what choice did she have?

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