Wife gets carried away at a photo shoot and fucks the photographer

My wife Kamilla is still quite beautiful and sexy. A 33
years old petite, 5 ft, black haired, with brown eyes
and thick black eye lashes she is very attractive. She
has a gorgeous figure maintained by regular fitness
exercise at the gym. I have always appreciated her
small well-proportioned body and small rounded breasts
which form small perfect globes on her chest, not to
mention her thick black hairy mound. Even after over
ten years of marriage and three children, unlike me,
she appears fresh, healthy and attractively desirable
in her well tanned skin.

One of my passions has always been female nude
photography. I have always wanted to photograph my wife
in the nude so one day I decided to convince her to
pose for me in a small studio I had used. It was hard
work persuading her but she had reluctantly agreed. I
brought my camera and tripod along and made her put on
sexy clothes and scanty laced underwear. I knew her
well and I knew the technique of how to reassure her
and slowly got her to strip while I fired away at the
camera. My wife loves posing for the camera but she had
never done something so daring. The strange
surroundings, the camera, the wind machine and music
together created an unreal atmosphere and she soon
found herself letting herself go, obeying my every

I made her strip slowly while she caressed herself all
over her body. She became so hot, her cheeks blushed
and her body aroused. It was quite unbelievable. My
cock grew rock hard as I watched her touch and
masturbate herself while I took some close ups with her
finger digging into her pussy. I had never seen her so
desirable or so released from pudour or moral
inhibition. At one point she became so horny she even
begged me to leave the camera alone and to come over
and make love to her. How could I refuse my sexy wife?
We had good sex, fucking quickly and wildly. She came
moaning with wanton passion. I had never seen her in
such a state. After, she got dressed and we left the
studio, leaving them the photos behind to be developed.
It was cheaper like that.

When I received the photos I looked over them with my
wife. Needless to say just looking at them gave me a
hard on. Especially those more erotic ones near the
end. Kamilla whose mood had changed wanted me to
destroy them. But I refused, arguing that they were
great, that we should wait and see. I convinced her
that the photos were beautiful and looked quite
professional. So much sothat they could be in a
magazine. The thought of my naked sensuous wife exposed
in an adult magazine for all men and women to admire,
arouse and jerk off over had my erection bursting in my
pants. I loved her so much.

I told her that she had a great figure and that she
could easily become a model if she wanted to. We were a
bit strapped for cash at the time so this gave me an
idea. I told her about a friend named Jack who ran a
small magazine. He had invited me around several times
to his office and tomorrow was Christmas eve. We were
sure to find him there. The photos were great. We
should let him take a look at them and maybe he would
consider using her as a model in the magazine and she
would get some cash.

Kamilla was cross at first. I flattered her and
appealed to her feminine pride. She told me she both
attracted and disgusted by the idea. On the one hand
she disliked the thought of displaying her photos to
Jack. On the other hand, the thought that people would
pay to see her body, that she could maybe star in a
magazine or even an advert made her proud of herself
and excited. I argued to at least give it a try, saying
the money would come in handy too. She had reluctantly
agreed and we had set off for Jack’s office together.

When we got there we found to our surprise that the
office Christmas party was in full swing. The music was
loud, the booze flowing and people laughing, talking,
drinking and dancing. We finally made our way through
the throng to Jack who was delighted to see us. He was
holding a glass of punch which he put into Kamilla’s
hand. He told us to join in and enjoy ourselves.

He seemed a bit tipsy from the drink but I decided that
I absolutely had to speak to him there and there. It
could not wait.

“Jack, I need a word with you,” I said.

“What’s up Mark?” He asked.

I explained my idea to him. He was surprised but nodded
as he listened distractedly. He was not too impressed
as I tried to convince him so I suggested he take a
look at the shots I had taken. He reluctantly agreed
and I produced them. When Kamilla, who had been
standing back, realised what I was doing, embarrassed
she turned red and turned away. She felt uncomfortable
with the thought of Jack seeing her like that.

Jack blinked and his eyes focused on the pictures as he
flicked through them. His face was impassive but I
could tell he was impressed even if he did not speak a
word for a few moments. Finally he said, “She has
potential. She looks really great and sexy. You are so
lucky to have such a beautiful “fuckable” wife.” He was
staring at me as he said this, to judge my reaction,
and he must have been pleased, because he then came
right out and asked, “So, you would like me do some
professional takes and use them in the magazine? Hum…
Let me see. Why not, we could always try.”

I knew Jack must have done this sort of thing to other
housewives. I found the thought of him doing it to mine
very exciting indeed.

“I am sure she would be delighted to pose for you. What
would it pay?” I asked.

He looked at me quizzically.

“Three hundred dollars a session.”

I was surprised and delighted. I agreed and went over
to Kamilla to tell her about it. Jack followed me, a
wide smile on his handsome face.

“You’re great, gorgeous, Kamilla. I don’t know why I
didn’t think of it all by myself. I am sure you could
be a star and make real good money. More than I make.”

Her face light up and she smiled shyly, protesting
nervously that he was exaggerating but I knew that she
was pleased and surprised by the compliment. He knew
how to talk to women and I could tell that she had soon
let herself be convinced by the idea, especially after
a couple of drinks. All the while, I encouraged her to
again accept the offer.

Jack had not indicated what sort of modeling she would
be doing and I did not bother to ask. I was not worried
but very excited about the prospect of my wife modeling
for another man whom she had not known for very long.
The thought of men wanking off to her picture really
turned me on. My secret urge for her to be serviced by
another man was now stronger than ever but it was only
a fantasy. Maybe this would bring it closer?

“I have a fantastic idea to get your career off to a
big start. I would like you to follow me with Martha
over there…” Jack pointed to a gorgeously sensuous
Mexican woman serving behind the bar. “…who is a
professional model and she will prepare you for the
photo shoot right away. I want you to stand on the
balcony up there with us and we will play some music
and photograph you at the party. Then we will go
upstairs to my studio and take some more shots. It will
be a stunning success and I guarantee to publish them.”

Kamilla had a glint in her eyes that hadn’t been there
before and from her actions and the way she spoke, she
was looking forward to the idea of my wife stripping in
public. I was less attracted, even with Martha. That
had not been my idea of a photo shoot. I protested but
Jack said that the more intimate shots would not be
made on the balcony. That was just a warm up, he
assured. I nodded. He left me there, leading a ravished
Kamilla away by the arm towards Martha. I stood there
with mixed feelings.

On the one hand I was pleased to have discovered my
wife and been right about her, on the other I was angry
and frustrated by the turn of events. Having her strip
even a bit not only for the camera, but in front of a
room of strangers was both a turn on – my dick was rock
hard in my pants at the thought – and disgusted. I was
also jealous of all those eyes that would be staring up
at her every intimate detail, of their cocks which
would grow hard as they fantasised about fucking her
like Rockys until she came like a screaming lustful

I waited with strong contradictory emotions. Finally a
guy announced there would be a show and photo shoot and
everyone cheered. The music started to play, sexy
stripper music, and my wife appeared accompanied by
Martha. She had changed into a very sexy miniskirt,
obviously Martha’s and short black leather boots. Her
hair had been coloured blond. I looked on amazed as the
clapping and cheering died down. As the music played,
the girls headed boldly onto the platform, pranced
around, and started posing. Kamilla lead by Martha and
they began to undress to the camera and audience.

Any shyness Kamilla may have had disappeared quickly.
She thrust her chest out and stared at the camera with
a sultry gaze while the photographer took shots from
several angles. Then she took several very sexy poses
as her appreciative audience constantly encouraged her.
My wife began to strip, taking off her skirt slowly and
dangling it before releasing it. Putting her foot up on
a stool, she reached behind her back and unfastened her
bra. It fell away exposing her lovely little tits. Her
nipples were already stiffly pointing straight ahead.
The crowd went wild cheering. I was pleased and

As the music played, she wiggled her body suggestively,
following Martha’s example. She started to undo her
skirt. I stared at her as she slid her skirt down her
legs revealing fishnet tights. She handed her skirt to
Martha and posed wearing her lacy black see-through
panties, a suspender belt, and black fishnet stockings.
Her near naked body was revealed in all its sexy
splendour.The guys clapped and whistled, some women
licked their lips nervously.

The man standing next to me, leaned over and remarked
with glistening eyes, “They’re real great. What an good
idea to get a couple of strippers! I like the blond
one, she’s new. A real beautiful slut. I would let her
taste my big dick any day. I’m horny just at the
thought of what I could do to her.”

I was shocked, my face red with anger. I felt that I
had just been betrayed and tricked into lending Kamilla
unsuspectingly out this crowd. But then they waved and
disappeared inside the studio. I waited twenty minutes
for her to reappear. She came up to me with a faint
smile. Her hair was in a tangle, her make up spoilt and
her dress creased. I looked at her with mixed emotions.
As she came up to me a kissed her lightly, she winced
and moved back.

“That was not what I expected…” I began.

She smiled and her eyes sparkled.

“Nor I,” she said, misinterpreting me. “It was
fabulous, darling. I was so excited. I really enjoyed

“What do you mean?” I asked with dawning horror.

“All those men staring at me, I mean. All of them just
wanting to get off in my pussy really turned me on. I
was so aroused that when it finished and we went back
stage to pose, I have to admit I let Jack and Martha
kiss me. They were so nice that I couldn’t help myself
from doing it.”

“You don’t mean you had sex with them?” I asked,

She smiled.

“I didn’t mean to, darling, really. But posing like
that made me so randy. Jack was so nice to me, telling
me how attractive I was and how he was getting very
sexually aroused just being near me as he prepared me
for the show. He selected a deep red lipstick and
carefully applied it to me. Somehow I felt he had
transformed me from an everyday boring housewife into a
stunning looking model. It gave me the courage to
continue even though I felt weak at the knees at the
thought. He directed me to mount the bed and pose in
all the usual positions. I was very excited and I think
I wanted to show plenty of leg and cleavage.

“I gave him a sexy pose, pouting my lips and posturing
to the camera. I even willingly slipped down the
shoulder straps of my tight dress to reveal my breasts.
Jack commented on how lovely they were and he took many
close up photos as I played with my hard nipples at his
command. One thing lead to another and before I knew it
Martha was kissing me on the mouth with her little
tongue stuck down my throat, undoing my bra, squeezing
my breasts and squeezing my hard erect nipples for the
camera, while Jack was fingering my damp pussy. It was
really great.

Jack lifted one of my long legs over his shoulder, so
he could work his long tongue into my cunt. I was
sobbing and crying out to be fucked. The photographer
got some cheeky close-ups. It was so funny – his cock
was covered with lipstick when I sucked him.

“I made sure I looked into the camera, wide eyed,
unashamed and completely enjoying it while they filmed
me. Jack was so vigorous, he must have come three times
in me. Isn’t that incredible? He made groan, squirm and
climax like mad. I hope you’re not angry. I have never
cheated on you before but I just got carried away. Jack
did pay me well, though so we can’t complain. Isn’t it
great, I’m going to be a model andmen will buy my
photos! Jack asked me to come back. I agreed. I really
enjoy this work, dear. I’m so glad you suggested this.
I hope you will help me with my career as a model.”

What could I say I was speechless. Not only had my wife
shown her intimate parts to over a hundred people, but
she had just screwed with my friend and a stripper. I
was devastated. I looked around. Men were glancing
sideways at her, their eyes flashing the memory of her
every detail, their cocks hungry for my sluttish little
spouse. I was both angry and aroused at the thought of
my beautiful wife posing nude, stretched out on the
floor, exposing her damp pussy to the camera while Jack
stuck his entire horsy-cock deep into her open cunt!
She probably hadn’t even needed to simulate her moans
or shut her eyes with Martha licking her nipples and
kissing her. Her expression would have been of pure
bliss. They had probably changed position frequently so
that she could be photographed being fucked from
different angles.

She told me that when Martha had dived for her steamy
patch when Jack was still fucking her. The prostitute
had flicked her delightful tongue over her clit with
glee. Kamilla had shuddered, cried out and experienced
a terrific climax, she admitted.

I had kissed her angrily, forcing my lips against hers.
I was so aroused at the thought that she had just
fucked this other man.

Around us people were dancing. A well built and
handsome guy who had been staring at Kamilla came
swinging up to her and asked, “Hey, sexy. Want to

His eyes looked her body up and down hungrily. They
seemed to go through her clothes, probably remembering
her lovely naked body.

She smiled at him wryly and looked at me. I nodded
slowly and she instantly accepted.

They danced cheek to cheek. Their bodies pasted to each
other. At one point, I noticed the guy had his hand
INSIDE the back of her dress and all the way down onto
her arse. I swear that I could see Kamilla’s hand on
his crotch. It became so upsetting to me that I simply
couldn’t bear to watch any more. The guy’s hand had
disappeared under the hem of my wife’s skirt and I saw
him fondle her discretely. She pressed herself even
more firmly against him and rubbed herself against him
as she moved with the music.

He pressed her tightly and they flirted and slowly
kissed mouth to mouth on the dance floor. I knew my
wife: She was so aroused she would have come on his
cock there and then if she could have. He whispered
something in her ear. She smiled and led him away.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. First my wife had let the
fellow paw her and had flirted shamelessly with him,
then she had disappeared with him into one of the
offices. I was angry, curious and terribly aroused. Not
able to wait, I quickly followed. I stepped into the
corridor where they had just gone and slowly walked
down it. Suddenly I heard my wife’s voice. I approach
and peeped through the key hole. I could see her
sitting on some guy’s desk, her skirt pulled up to her
waist. The guy was leaning forward and I saw Kamilla
reach out with delight and take hold an enormous penis
which she had extracted from his pants.

Before I could react she smiled avidly and hungrily
pulled the swollen head towards her bushy mound and
firmly popped it between her labia. He moved forward,
thrusting forward until he could go no forward no
further. With his cock pushing right up to her cervex,
they clung to each other tightly and embraced open
mouth, sending their tongues into each others mouths,
sucking, kissing, swallowing each other’s saliva.

He began to move inside her, pumping firmly at her cunt
while they kissed. I watched with horror, awe and
extreme arousal as the guy fornicated with my wife. She
screwed her eyes shut and moaned with pleasure. Soon he
was panting, his loins pumping up and down fast, as he
fed her yard after yard of his wonderfully big cock.

They guy had offered her a part in a porno film but
only on the condition he could try her out first. I
took her straight home and we had made love furiously
passionately. When she undressed lazily on the bed for
me, the site of her spunk filled cunt gave me and
instant hard on. Jack had come in her copiously,
filling her welcoming loins with his oats. I found her
to be very wet, dilated and squishy as I slipped in and
out of my lustful and promiscuous wife and finally
mixed my juices in her womb.

A few days later she showed me the photos. I saw my
wife being fucked from the rear. She was really
enjoying it, thrusting her arse back to meet the
thrusts of his cock. The lewd and dirty photos of my
wife exposed her tits and cunt-hole for other men to
see and use. Photos of my sweet, darling wife, being a
slut and screwing. We had fantastic sex and I agreed to
accompany her to watch her making her first porno. I
stood behind the lights and cameras while Kamilla lay
there wantonly, pussy on full display and her lovely
soft tits exposed to Carl, the male stud.

He bent down and sucked them until her nipples stood to
attention, then he turned his attentions towards her
pretty cunt and was opening her legs more so that he
could get between them and start giving her cock. He
fed his cock to her mouth. She made quite a meal of
sucking that massive pecker to erection. After, she
lifted her legs aside so he could position himself
between them. There were no objections from her as he
fed his length into her pussy, just her squeals and
sobs of satisfaction.

I knelt there, just inches away, as that powerful cock
sunk all the way into her gaping cunt. Her legs went up
over his back. I had a raging hard-on. Kamilla’s hands
gripped the sheets, clawing at them as the magnificent
Carl fucked her. He kept taking his cock from her cunt
and proudly showed it to the camera.

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