Wife gets carried away at a photo shoot and fucks the photographer

My wife Kamilla is still quite beautiful and sexy. A 33
years old petite, 5 ft, black haired, with brown eyes
and thick black eye lashes she is very attractive. She
has a gorgeous figure maintained by regular fitness
exercise at the gym. I have always appreciated her
small well-proportioned body and small rounded breasts
which form small perfect globes on her chest, not to
mention her thick black hairy mound. Even after over
ten years of marriage and three children, unlike me,
she appears fresh, healthy and attractively desirable
in her well tanned skin.

One of my passions has always been female nude
photography. I have always wanted to photograph my wife
in the nude so one day I decided to convince her to
pose for me in a small studio I had used. It was hard
work persuading her but she had reluctantly agreed. I
brought my camera and tripod along and made her put on
sexy clothes and scanty laced underwear. I knew her
well and I knew the technique of how to reassure her
and slowly got her to strip while I fired away at the
camera. My wife loves posing for the camera but she had
never done something so daring. The strange
surroundings, the camera, the wind machine and music
together created an unreal atmosphere and she soon
found herself letting herself go, obeying my every

I made her strip slowly while she caressed herself all
over her body. She became so hot, her cheeks blushed
and her body aroused. It was quite unbelievable. My
cock grew rock hard as I watched her touch and
masturbate herself while I took some close ups with her
finger digging into her pussy. I had never seen her so
desirable or so released from pudour or moral
inhibition. At one point she became so horny she even
begged me to leave the camera alone and to come over
and make love to her. How could I refuse my sexy wife?
We had good sex, fucking quickly and wildly. She came
moaning with wanton passion. I had never seen her in
such a state. After, she got dressed and we left the
studio, leaving them the photos behind to be developed.
It was cheaper like that.

When I received the photos I looked over them with my
wife. Needless to say just looking at them gave me a
hard on. Especially those more erotic ones near the
end. Kamilla whose mood had changed wanted me to
destroy them. But I refused, arguing that they were
great, that we should wait and see. I convinced her
that the photos were beautiful and looked quite
professional. So much sothat they could be in a
magazine. The thought of my naked sensuous wife exposed
in an adult magazine for all men and women to admire,
arouse and jerk off over had my erection bursting in my
pants. I loved her so much.

I told her that she had a great figure and that she
could easily become a model if she wanted to. We were a
bit strapped for cash at the time so this gave me an
idea. I told her about a friend named Jack who ran a
small magazine. He had invited me around several times
to his office and tomorrow was Christmas eve. We were
sure to find him there. The photos were great. We
should let him take a look at them and maybe he would
consider using her as a model in the magazine and she
would get some cash.

Kamilla was cross at first. I flattered her and
appealed to her feminine pride. She told me she both
attracted and disgusted by the idea. On the one hand
she disliked the thought of displaying her photos to
Jack. On the other hand, the thought that people would
pay to see her body, that she could maybe star in a
magazine or even an advert made her proud of herself
and excited. I argued to at least give it a try, saying
the money would come in handy too. She had reluctantly
agreed and we had set off for Jack’s office together.

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