Wife fulfills husband’s fantasy of her taking other men

We’ve been happily married for almost 30 years, raised three wonderful children and have four grandkids and I thought life was good just growing old with my husband. Well a couple of years ago he announces that he’d like to take up swinging. I was crushed and felt he didn’t love me. He kept telling me he did but wanted to try to put some excitement in our love life and I finally relented. We started going to some swinger’s meet and greets and dances. He’d dance and flirt and I’d just watch and sometimes get to dance but I really wasn’t interested in anyone else.

We went to a few house parties and he’d play. One time I went with this man because Allan, my husband, insisted that the only way he could play with his wife if I played with her husband. I did and it was no big deal. I told Allan later that he was a much better lover and still wasn’t that interested in swinging.

Allan found a couple of guys that he thought I’d be more interested in but I still didn’t find anybody that really sparked a fire in me or even turned me on in the slightest. Allan kept asking me to dress sexier but my conservative and religious upbringing made it difficult for me to do even though Allan kept buying me sexy clothes. I figured, who’d want some almost 50-year-old woman anyway. Well two weeks ago, that all changed.

The company I work for decided to completely upgrade their computer system and software, which required all of the regional office managers to go to corporate headquarters in Kansas City for a week of training on the new computers and software. I’m one I had to go even though I’m very computer literate and felt it was unnecessary. Headquarters set down what they’d pay for travel expenses and told us that if we could get it cheaper, we could keep the difference. On the other hand, if we went over, we’d have to make up the difference so I went online and found a great package deal. There were two flight offers that filled my bill and the one that was $25 cheaper had only a forty-five-minute layover in Salt Lake so I took it figuring that was an extra bit of spending money. My mistake.

We landed and some passengers got off and more took their place. When we taxied to the runway, the pilot announced that there was a problem and we needed to return to let the mechanics check it out. Apparently, there was an over heat light that was coming on and FAA regulations wouldn’t let them take off if it was on. The mechanics worked on it for almost an hour and then we taxied back towards the runway. Finally, I thought since now I’d get in late but at least we were on our way.

Well just as the pilot hit the throttle, that dang light came on again so he aborted takeoff and we headed back to the terminal and had all the passengers disembark. The airline official said that they were bringing in another plane from Denver to take us on to Kansas City but it wouldn’t be there for over an hour and to make ourselves comfortable.

Have you ever tried to get comfortable in those airport chairs? Well the plane finally gets there and we had to wait for them to transfer our luggage and by then we were running three hours late.

By the time I got to my hotel, it was almost one o’clock in the morning. As I walked up to the desk at this economy hotel, a little cutesy blond desk clerk said, “I’m sorry mam but we have no vacancies.”

I looked at her in disbelief and told her, “Look, I don’t have time for your games. I have a confirmed reservation and booked using my credit card. Here’s my receipt and confirmation number” as I handed her my paperwork that luckily I had printed out.

“I’m sorry,” she said, “when you weren’t here after midnight and this young couple came in needing a room, I gave them yours. I’ll refund your money and call around and see if I can find you a room but it’s going to be difficult since there are two conventions and the state fast pitch softball tournament going on this week. This couple was desperate, that’s why I let them have this room. We won’t have any rooms available until Thursday at the earliest.”

I could have wrung her neck. I didn’t want my money back; I needed a room! I took my paperwork back and used the counter phone to call the 800 number for the travel company. I explained to this nice young man my predicament and he asked to talk to the clerk. She explained how she had given away my room and was very sorry but there were absolutely no rooms available. I then heard her give him her phone number. She said to me, “Well he’s going to see if he can find you a room but I doubt if he’s going to have much luck.

I sat there fuming and was thinking that people as stupid as her shouldn’t be allowed to live when her phone rang and after a short conversation, she called me to the counter and handed me the phone. The nice young man that I had talked to earlier said that everything was taken care of. He said that they had found me a room at the Sheraton. I explained that I was on a set perdiem and couldn’t afford that type of hotel. “Don’t worry mam,” he said,” we’ve already made arrangements and the hotel you’re at now will make up the difference. We have someone from the Sheraton on the way over to pick you up now. If I can be of any more assistance just call and ask for Stephen.” I said my thanks and hung up. Shortly a young man arrived and picked me up.

When I arrived, I didn’t even have to check in. They whisked me up to my room saying that I could check-in in the morning. My room was on the top floor and when I walked into the room, it was so opulent I couldn’t believe it. The young bellman turned down my bed and left, not even waiting for a tip. I called down and asked for a seven o’clock wake up and crawled into bed wondering how I’d function on less than four hours sleep on top of jet lag. Well the next day I managed to keep on top of things even though I was getting dirty looks from the trainer every time I yawned. During the afternoon break, he made some snotty comment about being sorry I found his training so boring. I told Paul my plight and explained that it wasn’t him but my lack of sleep and that placated him. He thought it was great that I was getting to stay at the Sheraton and was paying only about a quarter of what it should have cost.

Tuesday I was more on top of things and even pointed some things that Paul didn’t know and also made things easier and helped cement my relationship with him. Things were coming easy to me but not to others and I found myself helping out quite a bit the next few days. I told him that this could have probably been done with a PowerPoint presentation and saved the company some money. “Hey, what are you trying to do, put me out of business?” he said. Having more time on my hands since Paul was busy with the others, I began to notice that he was very handsome. Hell, I even had a few fantasies about him and I, not that he’d ever consider someone my age. Paul was about six feet tall, jet-black hair and ruggedly handsome, kind of looking like Antonio Banderas I thought to myself.

Wednesday was more of the same but Joannie, this cutesy young blond from our L.A. office made the comment that I was the teacher’s pet. I chalked it up to her ineptness at the computer and her age. I found myself helping any others that wanted some help if Paul was busy and he really appreciated it. At break time I came up behind her as she made the comment to her friends, “I’ll bet Kelli goes to bed masturbating with thoughts of Paul in her head.” One of them pointed out that I was right behind her and she said as if to justify it, “Well I know I sure did last night. So, tell me, do you masturbate to visions of him taking you?”

I just smiled and walked away thinking, “What a bitch!”

Thursday after lunch, Paul took me aside and said, “Kelli, if you want to go back to your hotel you can, since we will be mostly reviewing the stuff that you have obviously mastered.”

Smiling I told him thanks and said I’d take him up on it. He then asked me if I was going to the bar at the Sheraton that night. “Why?” I asked, “What’s going on in the bar?” Paul explained that Thursday night was Ladies night and all women get their drinks for half price. On top of that they had a great dance band there. “Are you going to be there?” I coyly asked.

“I will if you’re going to be there,” he said. Now Paul is probably in his mid 30 and what he’d ever want with a woman my age is beyond me but heck, a few drinks and some dancing might be fun after what I had been through earlier in the week.

That afternoon, I allowed myself the luxury of availing myself of the hotel’s beauty spa and got a manicure, facial had some highlights added when they did my hair. The stylist asked me if I’d like my legs waxed and though what the heck, let’s go all the way. Then she asked if I’d like a bikini wax while she was at it and figured Allan would appreciate it when I got home and went for it.

When the young woman was done, my legs were baby smooth along with my pubic area. She had left only a dollar sized little heart above my pleasure cove and showed me her handiwork with a mirror. “Now you can wow them when you wear your bikini. Have you been to our pool or tried out the Jacuzzi?” she said. I shook my head no but made a mental note to be sure and use them since it was included in the room cost. When she presented me the bill, I had no idea that it would be that much and had to put it on my credit card, hoping that Allan wouldn’t mind once he saw the results.

I had planned on eating afterwards but figured I’d just spent so much money that maybe I could skip a meal to try to even things up a bit. I went up to my room and picked out a nice dress, cut slightly above the knees but still fairly conservative.

I got to the lounge before the music started and ordered a scotch and water, my usual drink. Even at half price I figured I’d just sip it since it was so expensive, at least a lot more than I’m used to. I was just relaxing and swirling my ice around when someone slid up next to me and put his arm around me. “Hi, Beautiful. Glad you decided to make it. What’cha drinking?” said Paul.

I was sure he could see the red my face. I felt like I was glowing but answered, “Scotch and water.”

Paul called to the waitress and said, “Two Chevas rusty nails, please.” I looked at him and asked if he was that thirsty. He said that since he was buying me a drink his would be half price too. When the cute cocktail waitress brought the drinks, she took my glass as she placed a drink in front of each of us. “Bottom’s up,” Paul said as he clinked my glass. Now I hadn’t had a rusty nail in years and boy did it taste good.

The place was filling up with young people but they were mostly men and as the band began to play, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they played mostly good old rock and roll. Paul pulled me to my feet and said, “Come on Beautiful, let’s boogie!” We danced two fast ones and then I told him I needed to sit the next one out so we returned to our seats.

I had only taken about two sips of my drink when another young man asked me to dance. I told him that I needed to rest up for a bit. He said, “OK but I get the next dance, if that’s alright with your husband.”

I blushed and told him that my husband was at home in Seattle and he got this silly grin on his face and said, “Well then I guess next dance is mine, right?” and blew me a kiss.

“Seems like someone besides me thinks you’re good looking,” Paul said. I told him that it was probably that they were horney and the pickings were slim here tonight.

Paul clinked his glass to mine and said with a grin, “Here’s to being horney. Nothing wrong with that!”

Just then the waitress appeared with another rusty nail for me. I said, “Paul, you didn’t have to do that.”

Smiling the waitress said, “It’s not from him, it’s from the gentleman over there and pointed to the young man that had just asked me to dance. Well as the song was ending, he was at my table with his hand out, waiting for me to take it. I grabbed on and as he helped me to my feet, Paul put his hand on my backside to give me a little assist. He kept it there a little longer than I thought it should have but it did feel good and I gave him a little wiggle, just for fun.

“Hi, I’m Don. I hope your friend doesn’t mind me taking you away from him,” he said as we got to the dance floor. Before I could answer, the band began “Michele” by the Beatles, which I dearly love. Don took me in his powerful arms as we glided across the floor. Don was an excellent dancer and he felt so good pressed tightly to me.

Before I knew it, I could feel my juices flowing in my pussy. I guess it could have been that he had a big lump in his crotch that was pressed tightly to mine that caused it but is still felt damn good. Luckily the music ended when it did or I think I would have had an orgasm right there on the dance floor in front of everyone. Don tried to walk me back to the booth Paul and I were in but I excused myself saying I needed to use the powder room. In there I took a healthy pee and noticed that my panties were soaked. I figured I’d better get out of there before I ended up doing something I would regret later. At first, I was just going to head back up to my room but figured I’d better say my goodbyes to Paul before I did.

As I got back, Don and another young man were standing at the table talking to Paul. “There she is. We were going to send out a search party. We thought you might have gotten lost.” Paul said.

“No, just needed to empty the bladder. Now I need to say goodnight.” I said. The three of them looked like little lost puppies when I said that.

Then Don said, “You can’t leave yet. We still have all these drinks to finish first.” I looked down and there were about six or eight rusty nails on the table.

I said, “Tell you what, I’ll finish two more then I’ve got to head up. I want to use the pool and hot tub.”

As I went to slide into the booth, the young man with Don, Kevin was his name, took my hand and said, “My dance,” and took me out to the dance floor. Over the next hour or so I was kept busy with one or another of them dancing like I hadn’t danced in years. I’d come back to the table and a take swallow of my drink and head out with another fellow to dance. We danced fast ones and slow ones and boy could those young men make me feel like I wasn’t as old as I really was.

Finally, I told them it was time to go as I figured I needed to sober up and the pool would help. They reluctantly agreed and I headed back up to my room.

As I opened my suitcase looking for my suit, I found that Allan had packed my string bikini instead of my one-piece suit. That imp I thought. Well at least he might like the fact that these young men had gotten my juices flowing if nothing else.

I put on my suit and a cover-up and headed down to the pool. Once there, I dove in, the cool water rejuvenating my brain, at least it seemed to help. I swam a couple of laps and then climbed out and into the hot tub.

As the heated water engulfed me, I heard some hoots and hollers as Paul, Don and Kevin came stumbling into the pool room. They all had a glass in each hand and Paul had one in each pocket.. “We brought you something to drink,” Kevin said as he handed me another rusty nail.

“Don’t you boys ever give up?” I said. I looked at them then continued, “Too bad you don’t have suits or you could join me.” Well that was the wrong thing to say as they all just dropped their clothes except for their underwear and hopped into the hot tub with me.

I leaned back against the jet, aiming it at my shoulder which I injured many years ago in a car accident and mentioned it to them.

Paul said, “Here, let me help.” He then turned me and began massaging my shoulder and back. Damn that felt good. His strong hands were working on my back when Don took my foot and began massaging it.

“Damn, are you boys trying to spoil me or what?” I asked. Kevin then took my other foot and after he worked on my foot, started on my legs. When he did, so did Don. Damn their hands stroking up my inner thighs felt good.

I was in a sort of sinful bliss when all of a sudden, the maintenance man came and saw that we had drinks in there and the guys didn’t have suits on. He threw a tizzy fit and expelled us from the pool area. We left giggling like a bunch of school kids, the guys just pulling on their trousers and carrying the rest of their belongings.

We entered the elevator trying to make a hasty retreat, when someone yelled, “Don! Hold the door.”

This mountain of a man entered the elevator with us and gave us this sort of funny look. Here I was with these young men, all of whom were only partially dressed and I in my bikini. I could only wonder what he thought was going on. Don spoke, “Kelli, this is Joe, my boss. Joe, this is Kelli and her friend Paul.” It seems that Don and Kevin work for Joe. He is a successful manufacturer of food processing and harvesting equipment.

“And what are you kids up to?” Joe said, giving us this condescending look. Don explained that they had kicked us out of the pool room because we had drinks in there.

“Well, ya’ll better come up to my room and have one. I won’t kick you out.” Joe said. Now Joe’s about my age, ruggedly handsome, 6’5″ and 275 lbs. but he seemed nice enough. I just went along with the crowd and we went into his suite. Damn, I thought my room was nice but his was really fine. It even had its own Jacuzzi in it and not just a little bathtub either.

We made small talk as Joe made us all drinks. He had this really well stocked bar of which we made good use of. I sat down on the edge of Joe’s bed with Paul and Don on either side. Joe and Kevin were sitting down facing us and we were making small talk and cracking jokes when someone brought up the subject of sex.

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