Wife fulfills husband’s fantasy of her taking other men

We’ve been happily married for almost 30 years, raised three wonderful children and have four grandkids and I thought life was good just growing old with my husband. Well a couple of years ago he announces that he’d like to take up swinging. I was crushed and felt he didn’t love me. He kept telling me he did but wanted to try to put some excitement in our love life and I finally relented. We started going to some swinger’s meet and greets and dances. He’d dance and flirt and I’d just watch and sometimes get to dance but I really wasn’t interested in anyone else.

We went to a few house parties and he’d play. One time I went with this man because Allan, my husband, insisted that the only way he could play with his wife if I played with her husband. I did and it was no big deal. I told Allan later that he was a much better lover and still wasn’t that interested in swinging.

Allan found a couple of guys that he thought I’d be more interested in but I still didn’t find anybody that really sparked a fire in me or even turned me on in the slightest. Allan kept asking me to dress sexier but my conservative and religious upbringing made it difficult for me to do even though Allan kept buying me sexy clothes. I figured, who’d want some almost 50-year-old woman anyway. Well two weeks ago, that all changed.

The company I work for decided to completely upgrade their computer system and software, which required all of the regional office managers to go to corporate headquarters in Kansas City for a week of training on the new computers and software. I’m one I had to go even though I’m very computer literate and felt it was unnecessary. Headquarters set down what they’d pay for travel expenses and told us that if we could get it cheaper, we could keep the difference. On the other hand, if we went over, we’d have to make up the difference so I went online and found a great package deal. There were two flight offers that filled my bill and the one that was $25 cheaper had only a forty-five-minute layover in Salt Lake so I took it figuring that was an extra bit of spending money. My mistake.

We landed and some passengers got off and more took their place. When we taxied to the runway, the pilot announced that there was a problem and we needed to return to let the mechanics check it out. Apparently, there was an over heat light that was coming on and FAA regulations wouldn’t let them take off if it was on. The mechanics worked on it for almost an hour and then we taxied back towards the runway. Finally, I thought since now I’d get in late but at least we were on our way.

Well just as the pilot hit the throttle, that dang light came on again so he aborted takeoff and we headed back to the terminal and had all the passengers disembark. The airline official said that they were bringing in another plane from Denver to take us on to Kansas City but it wouldn’t be there for over an hour and to make ourselves comfortable.

Have you ever tried to get comfortable in those airport chairs? Well the plane finally gets there and we had to wait for them to transfer our luggage and by then we were running three hours late.

By the time I got to my hotel, it was almost one o’clock in the morning. As I walked up to the desk at this economy hotel, a little cutesy blond desk clerk said, “I’m sorry mam but we have no vacancies.”

I looked at her in disbelief and told her, “Look, I don’t have time for your games. I have a confirmed reservation and booked using my credit card. Here’s my receipt and confirmation number” as I handed her my paperwork that luckily I had printed out.

By :R69runner

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