Wife forced to take hardwood from BBC

My wife and I bought a cottage, the thought being we could fix it up and make it our home for when we retire. She is 46 and I am 48.

We have family in different trades and offered them help as well as time at the cottage as part of the payment, and that we would provide all the food and booze and cook for them. It turned out to be a fantastic agreement and we were able to get lots done at a big discounted rate.

We got the roof done, plumbing and electrical. The last thing we needed was to redo all the floor with hardwood and remove all the different types of flooring throughout the cottage.

I asked my cousin if he knew anyone who could do our floors properly and might be ok with our deal that we gave everyone else? Now he does electrical work for some big builders back in the city and told me that the flooring guy they used was super cool and that he was a little older then us and had done well in life and would probably give us a great deal for some time at the lake as he worked cause he loved it, and that he really didn’t need the money.

So he gave me Mike’s business card and told me he would call him first to tell him I was his cousin and to give me a great deal.

The next day I called Mike to introduce myself, he told me my cousin had called him to squeeze him for a great deal and then laughed a big belly laugh. He sounds like a great guy. I made plans to meet Mike with my wife to go over options as well as drop off the floor plan so that he could figure out what materials he needed as our cottage was close to 2 hours out of the city and he didn’t want to have to drive back in if he didn’t have too.

We met at his little shop, it had a tiny front office to meet in and the rest was warehouse. When we walked into the office we could hear a chime ring in the warehouse and a few seconds later Mike walked in with a big grin and shook both our hands and told us he was pleased to meet us and that he enjoyed working with my cousin saying he was a super guy.

Mike looked at our plans and told us he had several different types of wood to choose from, and then said for steak dinners and beers at the end of the work day enjoying the water front, he could give us a fantastic deal and showed us the price he would charge. Our eyes bugged out which made Mike laugh his big laugh again. It was a third of the cost of all the other quotes we had gotten.

Mike got up and opened the door to the warehouse and said, lets go find you some hardwood that you will like! We looked at a few options and my wife found one she loved. Mike said great choice and that he could fit us in anytime we wanted as he usually took the summer off seeing how he didn’t really need the money and should be retired at his age of 60, but loved working and couldn’t give it up just yet as he was still able bodied to do the work.

Let me tell you about Mike, he is a 6 foot black man, slender with broad shoulders and short salt and pepper hair. He looked way younger then 60. And he had huge rough hands from working hard his whole life.

My wife and are chubbier then we would like, she is 5’2″, shoulder length dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, 38D tits with big areola’s and large nipples that she absolutely loves to have pulled and roughly twisted during sex. She has a big fat ass that she hates that I love to plow into from behind. She is blessed with agelessness and looks 10 years younger then me. And maybe her best attribute is her cock sucking mouth. She loves giving blowjobs and deep throats me everytime.

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