Wife forced to perform for several Arabs

It had been nearly three hours since I dropped my wife at the hotel and the suspense was killing me. I knew she was getting fucked by two men, after all, that had been the deal, but was she enjoying it, how big were they, would she still want me afterwards? A million thoughts flew through my mind as I sat and waited, literally a million.

It was the biggest deal of my life and once completed would mean that at the grand age of 43, I could retire. I had spent six months working on the arms contract that would net the company fifty million pounds and me a cool one million in commission. It was all going great until the day of the signing. My boss John suggested I bring my wife to lunch with the customers, “add a bit of glamour,” he said. Of course, when I told Terry she was delighted and dressed just that extra bit sexy. She always was an exhibitionist.

Terry is 35 and an ex model. She’s tall and blond and has the most gorgeous figure with long models legs and a perfect 37-24-36 figure. When she walked in the restaurant wearing her high heels, transparent white blouse, black bra and short mini skirt every man in the place stopped and stared. Throughout the meal Jarmel and Dahad, our Saudi customers just couldn’t take their eyes of her and, playing the part perfectly she happily flirted with them both.

After lunch John took his leave leaving me to sort out the paperwork. That’s when they dropped the bombshell. They would only sign the contract if Terry agreed to spend the evening with them at their hotel. They left the table telling me to send her to their room at 8pm or the deal was off. That was it, no discussion, no nothing, we fuck your wife or you loose your retirement fund. We drove home in stunned silence.

“Well, I don’t know how I’m going to explain this one to John,” I said dejectedly. “Explain what,” Terry demanded. “How I lost the biggest deal the company ever had,” I replied. She came over and sat on my lap. “Who said you have to loose it?”

“WHAT! You think I’d let those two fucking Arabs touch my wife. Not even for a million quid.” She was still wearing the mini and transparent blouse she’d had on over lunch and I could see her nipples stiffen through the sheer lace bra. “C’mon, how bad can it be? Besides, you’ve always had this fantasy about watching other men fuck me. This is worth one million pounds.” It was more her fantasy than mine, ever since she watched a blue film of two men fucking some blond bimbo at the same time. My mind was in turmoil, I couldn’t believe she was actually considering it but I must admit the thought was turning me on.

Terry squirmed in my lap. “Look, how about I wear that black set you bought me, you know, the stockings, suspenders and under the nipple bra, and… I’ll wear those really high fuck me shoes. You know the effect that has on you, two seconds and it’s all over, how long do you think there’ll last, huh?” Her nipples were poking through the thin material and I was straining to keep my cock from getting any harder. “You’re getting turned on thinking about it aren’t you?” She said feeling my hard cock pressing into her arse. I must admit, the thought of these two elderly Arabs fucking my wife did have a certain appeal but I couldn’t give in that easily. “No way, anyway, my fantasy was to watch and it’s just that, a fantasy.” She slid to the floor and released my stiff member from its confines. The heat as her lips closed over the end was incredible. Her big brown eyes locked on mine as she ever so slowly took the entire length into her mouth, past the gag reflex and into her throat. If it’s one thing she excelled at, it was blowjobs.

By :Tony King

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