Wife forced to humiliate herself for cash

When the call came a couple weeks ago, it wasn’t really unexpected but in many ways it was a surprise.

My wife called from her house in New Jersey, made idle chit chat for a couple minutes, and then said she’s be in my neck of the woods in a little over a week on business and wanted to know if we could get together.

Okay, I know you are asking…If they are married why the formality.

Good question. We’d been separated more than two years, and she had moved to our quaint little beach house on the Jersey shore while I remained in the DC suburbs and continued my life as a mid-level manager at a defense contracting company.

It was all because of our two kids, who would die if their parents split up. So, the agreement was that we’d make nice, be separated because of our jobs, and the “kids” – one working in Cincinnati and the other going to college at Virginia Tech, and we’d get together as a family for holidays and special occasions.

Can’t say it wasn’t workable, because it was. Devon and I had grown to hate being together, but could live with a few days a year. Financially, we had lawyers draw up agreements that I’d fiscally take care of the house mortgages, but each was responsible for day-to-day expenses. It became a marriage of convenience.

The love was gone, and, quite frankly it had left long before the separation. I knew

Devon was blowing her boss at the time, William, on a regular basis. She told me so, right after catching a young lady named Melissa and I fucking at a local park. That might have been the back breaker.

To many, we seemed civil to each other, but at the time hate was not too strong a word. Thus, the separation worked well. Devon had no problem getting a job selling real estate at the Jersey shore, I kept plugging away in DC and the kids never let on they knew anything was amiss.

After the call I was sipping a Pino noir and thinking about Devon. She was still a bit of a looker at 49, but was constantly worried about turning 50. Thus, a personal trainer and multiple workouts a week helped keep her figure mature but attractive. Her 36D top was eye-catching to guys, and while she had the extra poundage that comes with age she was still a damn good looker.

I imagined she was playing the Jersey field. I don’t think there was anything serious, but knowing her I knew she was available if guys asked. I wondered how she was in the sack, because that was something missing over the last five or six years we’d been together. She made up for it with William, and the diary I found described. William, married father of three, enjoyed Devon’s oral talents several times a week and had a penchant for bending his over his desk and banging her on a regular basis.

I’d be willing to bet the two got together after the move, as he was a gambler who favored Vegas and Atlantic City casinos more that the more local ones. So I imagined Devon hooked up with her former boss in AC as well as was available to local beaus.

Still, I wondered what she wanted to meet about because our Christmas holiday week with the kids shed nary a hint of anything she’d want to spend time with me about.

But then, Devon was always one for surprises.

We met Tuesday afternoon in DC just after her arrival. Her conference was two days, and our lunch talk was benign. After we walked along the monuments and sat near the Smithsonian. That’s when she confided that sales were way down because of the economic downturn and less people having the wherewithal to have a second home at the beach.

Prices had dropped, but even that barely helped sales. And most people negotiated with agents to lower their commissions or not get the business. Things needed to be fixed at the house, her car was a disaster and it was a necessity and, well, she had maxed out her credit cards. Along the way she had lost money on a get rich quick scheme recommended by her friend. All added up to big problems.

She was in a deep hole, and wanted to visit her favorite banker – me.

It became a heated conversation, as I pointed out the terms of our deal. Besides, I wasn’t exactly flush with cash given tuition payments and mortgages.

Long story short, we were at an impasse.

There was a pause in the conversation, each of us looking uncomfortable. The silence went on for a while before Devon broke the spell.

“Okay, Rob, I know what you are saying. I also know I am getting desperate. You have me over a barrel. I’m not looking to prostitute myself but here’s my proposition: come to my room tonight, I’ll do what you want, and in return you take care of my car problems and give me a loan against my end of the house to get me over the hump. When things get better I’ll pay you back.

Staring at her, my first thought was to tell her to go to hell. But my second thought, spurred on by the desire to sample what I used to get for free, overwhelmed me. We shook on the deal and agreed we’d meet at 8. I’d be staying the night. She’d be doing things she hated.

Smiling to myself the rest of the day I couldn’t help imagining the humiliating actions I’d have her do. If she wanted the loan, she’d earn it!

# # # #

Like clockwork I arrived at her room at 8. She was adorable in her black dress, sexy but proper.

Wasting no time, I merely said hello, then told her to get onto her knees and deal with the first thing that popped up. The blood flushed her face, but the knowledge that she was performing to get out of her financial jam incented her to do as directed.

“Aw, come on Rob, you don’t have to treat me like a hooker.”

Smiling, I said that she said “anything” so here I was.

She shook her head and dropped to her knees. Blow jobs were not her thing. Oh, before marriage she pleased me that way, but once she got that wedding ring oral sex was beneath her. Tonight was different, she had to perform.

Once on the floor she unzipped my trousers, reaching into my boxers to release by cock.

Stroking it, she looked up at me and said she thought we’d at least have a drink before doing the naughty stuff, but I merely replied, “lick my cock.”

Clearly not enamored by the idea, she still began licking my manhood and getting it to rise somewhat from its tighter confines. She licked a bit before ovaling her mouth and slowly sucking on my tip. Then, for the next minute or so, she alternated licks with sucks.

Devon had never been an enthusiastic cock sucker, but for the first few years of our marriage she did her wifely duty.

That slowed after a few years, as she just didn’t like sucking cock and felt it was something a wife should not have to do. Or, so she said. I later found out that when she cheated on me oral sex was always on the menu. So now, I liked watching her.

I so much enjoyed the view, but I had lots of plans for the night. After she’d blown me for a few minutes I told her to stand up. I thanked her for the effort before getting presentable and inviting her downstairs to the bar for a drink.

This was going to be fun! She was somewhat confused, but complied.

Downstairs we ordered and surprised the waitress who noticed my hand well up under

Devon’s dress.

“That was embarrassing, Rob, can’t you wait until we are behind closed doors.”

My reply was simple. “Nope.”

One drink became two, and in that time I told her that age had taken its toll on my sexual function. “It’s hard for me to cum, so you are going to have your work cut out for you tonight, my dear Devon. It’s not like the old days when I had a hair trigger movement to set off my orgasm.”

She looked as if she hadn’t believed me, but after a bit of talking admitted she found it strange that I hadn’t gotten rock hard right off in the room earlier.

“You are going to work for it tonight, babe.”

Devon smiled and said she was up for the challenge. She didn’t want to comply, but she would since I “had her over the barrel.”

We finished out drinks and headed toward the elevators, the waitress catching my eyes and smiling a knowing smile. Seeing several guys talking, I mouthed “watch this” to them. Alone, Devon and I started up but slowly as I hit a couple buttons to stop the elevator on purpose.

At the third floor I lifted her dress, showing her panties in full glory as the elevator doors closed and we moved to our next stop. I noticed the guys looking from the atrium below at the sight. At the seven floor I told her to get onto her needs and slipped my cock into her mouth as the elevator rose to floor 11 – a floor I hadn’t pushed the button for. Devon quickly arose as the doors opened, and a couple entered with knowing smiles.

We left on the 19th floor, and as the doors closed I could plainly hear the woman say,

“Well, I guess they got a room.” Devon was embarrassed, I merely smiled.

Back in her room I decided to switch things up to add to the humiliation.

“Remember when you came home that night from our date late, the time your dad was waiting for you. Remember what happened?” I smiled as her mind wandered and then she frowned.

“Rob, you wouldn’t,” was her soft reply.

Motioning her over, I said “I would.”

I remember that night. Mr. Gordon was extremely mad, giving me a piece of his mind. He shut the door and I left, but the next day I found out her dad had given her a bare ass spanking with her mother watching. She said her ass still hurt that next day.

Tonight, we’d have a bit of a replay, as while I’d asked to give her friendly spankings over the years she never acquiesced. She didn’t have a choice tonight.

Over my knees she went, and I fondled her butt for a bit before lifting her black dress over her ass. Soon I was slipping down her panties, admiring that cute ass. Then, it was down to business as I began spanking her ass like an insolent teen. Her ass reddened and I loved the power and the excitement of making her cry. Damn, that was hot.

Her ass warmed to my ministrations, and her cries for be to stop went unheeded. I enjoyed swatting her bare ass, which was now crimson. It felt so good having the power to make her do the things I wanted her to do.

After a couple dozen strokes it was time to move on.

I laid down on the bed and told my wife to get to work. She commented I wasn’t wasting any time, but didn’t dally, removing my pants and slowly and deliberating rubbing my midsection. My cock stirred with her actions, and I had to smile as she worked her magic.

Soon she drew down my boxers and admired my cock. “He looks like he likes it,” said Devon about my half-mast dick. “I think he still likes me.”

Slowly stroking my cock, Devon said little nothings, gibberish actually. I asked her if the current boyfriends had big cocks, and she told me some did, some didn’t. That got me stirred up.

She began licking my cock while holding the base, using a little up and down motion to help me along. It felt oh so good and I was enjoying the ministrations. Soon she was sucking the tip and I had to admit it felt great knowing she was doing something she had to dislike but had to do. A certain kind of power job for me.

Devon sucked my dick for the next 15 minutes, keeping it hard but not bulging. I don’t know, I just couldn’t get worked up, something that had Rockyged me for the last year or so. Still, I loved her mouth on my cock. The wetness bathed my cock.

Sensing she was getting a little tired, I told her to suck my balls, and she moved downward to lick the meaty sacks. After a bit I took a pillow any placed it under my ass, lifting my legs, and directed her to lick my ass.

“No fucking way,” said Devon.

“My way or the highway,” was my sleazy response. Ass play was a definite no in the past, and apparently Devon still didn’t want to do. Still, she was in a predicament, and I relished the sight of her slowly succumbing to my orders.

I swear her nose was lifted in disgust. I saw she was reluctant to do anything back “there”. Still, she considered her situation and I watched as she had a disgusted look but moved toward my behind.

She kissed around my ass, then moved her lips toward the crack and worked there for a while before her tongue snaked its way toward my asshole. I moaned as she got closer, and began stroking my dick as she slipped her tongue into my dirty hole.

That tongue went places it never had before, swirling around my ass hole bringing moans from deep inside me. I was on cloud nine as my wife ate my ass, and my cock found a new, hard, place as I stroked it.

Devon had her tongue in my ass and I moved in turn to her fucking motions. Damn, the sensations were amazing. I’d never had anyone fuck my ass with her tongue. It was getting me hotter and hotter by the second.

It was not long before I couldn’t take it anymore. My cock was bulging and full of sensations. My ass was still tingling from Devon’s licking it like a lollipop.

“Devon, get up here,” was my next command. She removed her mouth from my ass. She then rose up away from my ass. I rose as well, and soon her face was directly in front of my bulging dick.

I might not have been rock hard, but my stroking had felt great. Watching her work my ass helped the sensations as well. Once in front of my cock I stroked a few more times and then my cock began shooting its hot sticky sauce, spurt after spurt, onto her surprised face. I coated her face with my jizz as she looked aghast. It was a sight to behold, priceless and I loved it.

Devon had this incredulous look on her face, eyes closed because of the sticky stuff on her eyelids.

“You’re a bastard, Rob, you know I hate it on my face,” said the woman, trying to lift her hands to wipe away the sauce. I, though, held both and let the coating sink in.

After a bit I reached over and rubbed the stuff all over her face, basking in the thoughts of humiliating her. It was quite nice, actually. She was very quiet as I did my deed on her.

It was the start of a humiliating night!

By :JRob

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