Wife finds good sex with black lover and humiliates husband

It was the Saturday night before our first anniversary.
I climbed on top of my young wife Beth and stuck my
dick into her for our usual once a week fuck.

She was a virgin on our wedding day and has never shown
any signs of enjoyment or even that she noticed that I
was between her legs. I would just take my pleasure
then roll over and go to sleep.

But not this time.

She grabbed a handful of my hair, pulled my head back
so that she could stick her face into mine. I was
stunned by her outburst.

‘Get the fuck off me! And get that shrivelled up shrimp
dick out of me!’ Stunned, I rolled off her.

‘Whaaa! What’s up Hunny?’

‘You! It’s you what’s up! You have stolen a year of my
life. Twelve months wasted on your pathetic attempt at
love making. No! Not love making, just selfish sex.’

‘But.. but I…’

‘Shut the fuck up!’ She screamed at me as she brought
her legs up and kicked me out of bed.

‘Go sleep in the guest room before I do you some

I slumped off to the other room dazed at this sudden
turn of events. I had no idea she wasn’t happy.

After a short while I was on my way to the bathroom
when I thought I could hear her voice. I tiptoed up to
the door and listened. She was on the phone talking to

‘…I had had enough, after you had shown me how
wonderful sex can be. I just couldn’t let him use me

Someone had shown her sex. Good sex. What the hell had
been going on! A quieter mouse you couldn’t find.
Really plain, plain clothes, no make up; no hair do’s.
I just couldn’t understand how anyone but me would even
bother with her.

‘…OK I will be right over, no it’s ok I’ll get a
taxi. Bye Lover!’

What the fuck! She has a lover. I was still standing
there stunned when the door opened and she pushed past

‘Get out of my way!’ She barked. ‘I have phoned a taxi,
it will be here in a few minutes.’

‘You can’t go out like that! In just a nightie!’

‘You’re right!’ She said as she pulled it off and went
down stairs naked. She took a raincoat out of the hall
closet. She put it on just as the taxi lights flashed
through the window.

‘You’ll need some money for the fare!’ I shouted.

‘Come out and see me pay for the taxi.’ She shouted

She sure had my interest now. I just got to the front
door as she was opening her coat and showing ‘all’ to
the taxi driver, a middle aged black man.

‘This is my fare and tip. Will you take me to my

‘You bet lady!’ He couldn’t get out of the car quick
enough. She removed the coat and lay on the back seat.
The black guy wasted no time, just got his already hard
dick out and got between her legs and gave her a fast
and furious fucking.

For the first time ever, I heard my wife moan in
pleasure as she had a climax. The guy grunted as he
filled her with cum. I had a raging hard on, I had
never been so turned on in my life, watching my young
wife being taken roughly by an older man, a black man
at that. The driver got back into the front, wiping his
cock with a soiled hanky.

‘Hang on driver!’ She said as she sat up with her legs
outside the car. She beckoned to me with a crooked
finger. I went running out to her.

‘Do you want me to return in the morning?’

‘Yes! Yes of course Dear.’

‘Then there are some things you need to do and agree

‘Yes Dear! Whatever you say Dear.’

‘First get on your knees and lick my pussy!’


‘But fuck all! You owe me! Owe me big time. NOW DO IT!’

I got down between her legs and looking at her nasty
cum soaked cunt, I couldn’t help myself as it drew me
to it. I suddenly wanted this, wanted the humiliation.
Wanted to debase myself before her. Suddenly she
appeared beautiful, wonderful, a Love Goddess. I buried
my face into her sloppy cunt and licked and slurped

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