Wife enticed to get fucked by a bull

Once we got to my place, my wife and our new friends settled around the table while I went to get some wine. After we gobbled down 5 glasses each things took an unexpected turn. Karen started orienting the conversation towards sex and bragged about Jason’s (her boyfriend) big cock and, which got me uncomfortable, but as I looked at my wife her reaction was stoic. I guess drinking for the first time in 5 years got her orientation and judgement impaired to some point, but not me. I was a natural drinking machine. Karen was explaining her boyfriend’s attributes and how their sex life was raunchy and adventurous.

“I met Jason a few years ago and I must admit that although he’s cute and all, it’s his attributes that got my attention.” Sipping her drink.

As the conversation focused on Jason’s dick I go more and more weary where this was heading because I was jealous by nature and I didn’t like this conversation at all. Karen continued her conversation even with my apparent nervousness.

“I love his thick cock, I just love it, can’t get enough of him and joining a swingers club is the best thing ever.” She said.

When she mentioned swingers club I got nervous, but I didn’t even have time to react because my wife uttered a sentence for the first time.

“Swingers club, what’s that?”

Karen and Jason both looked at each other and smiled, almost like a mocking smile. Then Karen explained to my wife (Isabelle) the nature of this club.

“Come on Isabelle don’t tell me you’ve never heard about swinging? Well, it’s when couples meet other couples or single people to enjoy each other’s company.”

Still perplexed and unsatisfied with the answer my wife asked for clarification.

“What do you mean by each other’s company.” She asked with a wasted look on her face.

Karen explained to us what they do in these clubs and as she continued her explanation I noticed my wife take interest because she stared intensely at her and Jason. Then out of the blue Karen asked.

“Would you like to see our profile on the website?”

My wife and I both looked at each other and seeing my wife speechless, I decided to say something.

“I don’t know Karen, I don’t think so.” I said.

Then she looked at us intensely.

“Come on Ian (my name), we’re just looking at pictures. We’re not suggesting swapping with you two.”

Still nervous about this suggestion I looked at my wife for support when she uttered.

“I guess looking would be okay, I mean it’s not like we’re cheating or anything.”

My heart broke when she said this, but after much thought about it was like watching porn. There’s no harm in watching porn so I agreed.

I got my laptop and Karen logged on to the swingers website and soon enough we got to see their profile. After a few clicks an album appeared and she quickly picked one labeled big cock Jason. At this point we had gotten onto the couch with Karen was holding the laptop with Jason on her right, my wife to her left and me on my wife’s left. My wife and I were dismayed and in aw when we saw a picture of Jason sitting on a chair with an erection. It was white, long, uncut and thick, with a thick capsule of bulbous head. We continued with this discovery tour of Jason’s huge cock and I must admit he appeared big, but it wasn’t until a particular picture showing his measurements that I realized just how big he was.

His penis was on the table, fully erect with a measuring tape on the side reading 9.9 inches and in the other pictures it showed a girth of 7.2 inches. This guy was a monster compared to me and I knew this, so did my wife, because we measured my penis once for fun and my measurements weren’t nearly as imposing. Indeed, my measurements were only 5.8 inches in length and 5.5 inches in girth and seeing my wife’s reaction on her eyes and her jaw dropping got me really uncomfortable.

That’s when Karen started talking to my wife with her left hand on my wife’s right thigh.

“So, what do you think Isabelle? Is my husband big or not?”

My wife took a few seconds to respond as she looked at Jason’s penis displayed on the giant screen.

“Um…yeah it’s huge.”

I don’t know why but hearing my wife’s words stirred my cock inside my pants. I blamed the alcohol because it usually got me hard, but I didn’t even have time to process this moment when Karen spoke.

“If I may ask and you can refuse to answer if you want, how big is your husband?”

I quickly wanted to change the conversation but my wife quickly told her my measurements and just when I expected them to burst into laughter.

“That’s just about average and it’s perfectly respectable. There’s nothing to be ashamed of because my boyfriend is classified as being an exception. If you want I can show you.”

My wife was shocked at this bold suggestion and turned her head towards mine. We wanted to exit this conversation but just as we were going to refuse she talked to us.


We turned our heads toward the couple and that’s when we saw that Jason’s semi-flaccid penis was out and about. I don’t know why we didn’t protest and put an end to this. My wife and I both stared at each other as Karen rubbed the penis until it was semi-erect and we both gasped at the sight of this monstrosity. From where I was sitting I could make out the smell of sex and we heard the audible slurping sounds coming from the hand job as Karen spat on the cock to make it slippery.

It’s with mixed emotions that I continued to watch the couple doing their thing and with horror as I saw my wife literally drool. She was just fascinated by this monster dick that she didn’t even bother to protest, but instead leaned in closer to watch as Karen talked to her.

“You see Isabelle there’s nothing wrong with watching a beautiful big cock. It’s even considered therapeutic by some people to do so. I hope we’re not creating tension in your couple?”

“Um? I don’t know, what do you think Ian?” she said as my wife turned towards me for guidance.

“Uh? I guess it’s okay if it’s just looking.” I said with some hesitance.

I was pissed off at her for putting me on the spot but after thinking about it for a second, it seemed okay. I mean she was just going to look and nothing else would happen.

“Fine, well why don’t I get out of the way so you can get a better look.” Karen said as she got up and Jason scooted up on my wife’s right side. Now the positions had been shuffled to place us in the following order: Karen, Jason, Isabelle and me.

I didn’t like where things were heading at this point, but what choice did I have now that I’ve agreed to go ahead with this “exploration.” So, I decided to follow the game plan, but what worried me now was the proximity of this man’s horsy sized penis to my wife, only inches from her. Karen continued her talk.

“Get your cloths off honey.”

Jason got up and undressed before us, facing away, and took everything off except his black jockstrap. He turned his head to the both of us and winked at my wife before slipping it off as he bend over exposing his butt crack to us. Now I’m not gay or anything but I think it appropriate to mention this man’s characteristics: 6ft2, 220 pounds of muscle, white, not hairy, dirty blond hair with some slightly hairy complexion on his ass, pubic area and balls.

“Wow! Show them baby!” Karen shouted.

Once his jock strap removed he stood up and slowly turned around to face my wife and she let an audible moan escape from her innocent mouth. I was pissed off at myself for letting my wife, who was a virgin when I met her, exposed to this man’s horsy like attributes, but what got me angry was to hear my wife.

“Wow! That is really an impressive penis Jason.” squirming her legs with a finger on her lips.

“You like?” Jason said as he swung his semi-flaccid cock in front of us, not even 1 feet and a half from my wife’s face.

Even in this state his cock was easily 7 inches. We could hear his cock slap his thighs as he engaged into a conversation with his wife while me and my wife gazed onto his manhood. That’s when my wife turned to me and whispered.

“It’s so big honey, I didn’t think men’s penises could be this big. You always told me that all penises were about the same size as yours but clearly it’s not the case.”

I think Jason overheard us because he intervened or butted into our conversation.

“Well, let’s verify. Let’s measure our cocks buddy.” He said as Karen got a measuring tape.

I tried to put a halt into this strange situation but even my wife had gotten enticed and supported Jason’s suggestion. After much protest my wife placed her hands onto my zipper and within seconds got my pants down only to make the situation even awkward.

“Well, well, well. Are we excited or what?” Jason asked as he leaned forward to see my erect cock. I could make out from my wife’s right shoulder that the horsy cock had brushed my wife. I was shocked to see my wife’s reaction when this happened. She closed her eyes and bit on her lips. I couldn’t say or do anything because Karen didn’t permit me to do so.

“Well, here you go Isabelle, measure both cocks and remember you’re just measuring and not cheating. It’s not cheating if your hubby is there remember.”

I guess her intoxicated state was influencing her because she took the tape and started with me. With a disappointed look on her face she gave out the measurements: 5.8 inches long and 5.5 inches in girth.

“Now turn your head baby and measure mine.” Jason said as he brought his penis closer to about 10 inches from my innocent wife’s face. Just as my wife was going to measure him Jason spoke.

“Oh man! My cock went flaccid.”

That’s when Karen grabbed it and started stroking him in front of my wife’s face. At this point my wife was just staring at his dick and he somehow had managed to move forward and now his cock was 7 inches from my wife’s face and yet my wife didn’t budge a centimeter.

“You like what you see Isabelle? I mean who could blame you; research does suggest that most women crave for a big cock. Not that you want this one because you’re a faithful wife and everything.” Karen said as she pulled the foreskin back to reveal the bulbous head.

As I looked at my wife I could tell she wanted to taste this monster badly. By the look in her eyes, her deep breathing and her opened mouth I knew she wanted to let all her inhibitions loose to taste this stranger’s cock and enjoy his juices. Seeing that my wife was completely under the spell of the cock Karen suggested something to the both of us.

“Why don’t we all get undressed, I mean you’ve seen my man naked why wouldn’t he be able to do the same?” She said while stroking him in front of my helpless wife’s innocent face.

I hated Jason for his cockiness by the way he stood like an Apollo god in front of my wife, with hands to his waist, like he had just conquered a new territory.

Now don’t get me wrong, I was still jealous but since Karen and Jason promised not to engage into sex I felt safer. So, in the spirit of the moment and experimentation, and the fact that my wife was so intrigued by this man’s horsy penis I decided to ask her.

“What do you think Isabelle?”

Coming out of her trance she spoke for the first time.

“What? Uh? I don’t know about this baby I think we should go home.” She said as she stood up and headed for the door.

I found her so cute to be this distraught and confused, but I especially got excited at the possibility of showing her virgin and sexy body to this sexually active couple. At this point the idea of seeing her tight pussy, because she does have a tight pussy, being stretched to its’ maximum got me extra hard for some reason. However, this was only a fantasy at this point and nothing more, I would never let another man’s dick touch my wife’s intimate parts and risk impregnating her, especially when I didn’t have any condoms at home and her pills were questionable at this time of the month.

To make things simpler I would describe my wife as the exact replica of Coco Austin minus the blond hair because she was a brunette. She was especially attractive tonight because she was wearing a one piece, skin hugging, white robe that really accentuated her curves. She would wear this robe for me on the weekends when we went out to the clubs, she didn’t know this but I secretly liked the idea of men looking at her. I quickly stood up and followed her to the other side and started talking to her.

“Is everything okay honey?”

She turned around.

“What do you mean? These “friends” of ours want to see us naked, it just doesn’t seem right. I don’t want to, it’s wrong.” Distraught.

We talked for about 5 minutes and weighed the pros and cons of going ahead with this idea. We both agreed that this idea was totally sexy but risky at the same time because of where it could lead. However, I managed to turn the conversation on Jason’s cock and I saw my wife’s interest rise and she stared to lean towards going with the idea because of Jason’s horsy like cock. Seeing her agree to some extent I decided tell her something.

“What if we set some ground rules with them, would that make it less weird or scary for you?”

With an unconvincing look she responded.

“Well, if you really want this honey then yes.”

I went to speak to them and they readily agreed. They quickly got undressed in front of me without any hesitation. Loved his wife. Karen was your typical housewife; big breast, small waist and big ass, with some stretch marks due to her child bearing past, but she wasn’t ugly or anything, she was a hot M.I.L.F. I looked at Jason and noticed his cock had gone flaccid, probably from the entire wait. To avoid my wife from refusing I quickly undressed and called her to come in. Once inside, my wife saw us nude, she was completely taken by surprise and to help her ease into the moment Jason dimmed the lights and lite up the fireplace and the ambience was very erotic.

Seeing her immobility I walk towards her with my cock fully erect, I guess she noticed because what she said really got me going.

“You’re really into this moment aren’t you honey?”

I looked at her passionately and kissed her before saying.

“I guess so, I mean this is hot, don’t you find it hot?” I said as I slowly removed her clothing.

“I guess I’ll go ahead with it if you find it hot baby, but yes, I do find this very erotic and exciting. Not that I want Jason to put that thing inside me or touch me with it because I love you Ian.” She said with a very serious look in her face.

To which I responded teasingly.

“Well, who could blame him if he tried because any men would kill to get their penises, especially Jason, inside you, but I can’t allow that. Although I wouldn’t mind his thing touching your body without any penetration.”

I expected some kind of backlash from her, but her next response really surprised me as I removed her last piece of clothing, the G-string.

“Really? Well let’s see where this leads and maybe I’ll realize your fantasy, I mean I did promise to make you happy when we got married. But I won’t let him penetrate me, that would be cheating.”

I then pushed the envelope a bit.

“Well, it’s not cheating if I’m present.”

She looked perplexed after my last comment and before she could respond I grabbed her by the hand and we both jolted into the living room. Needless to say, the couple were excited to see my wife naked and Jason couldn’t stop complementing her. To make things even sexier he hugged my wife firmly and his cock pressed onto her stomach. My wife looked relaxed in this position as she placed her face onto his muscular chest as they both remained in this position for a good minute. At one point I felt uncomfortable and I guess Karen saw me and began talking to me.

“Well, well. I think your wife likes hugs.” Giggling.

My wife realized the awkwardness of the moment and unlocked from the bear hug and pulled herself away from him. When Jason pulled away we noticed that his cock was semi-flaccid and shinning with his pre-cum, which had been partly slobbered onto my wife’s stomach.

Part 2

Karen suggested we head to the bedroom to make ourselves more comfortable. We got onto our king sized bed and we started the fireplace to make things sexier and dimmed the lights slightly. We, Jason and I, were directed to lie on our backs.

“Good. Why don’t we give them hand jobs Isabelle?” Karen suggested.

Isabelle did as she was told and got between my legs and on her knees and started pumping my cock with her right hand. We constantly peeked at the couple on our right, only a foot from us, as Karen gave the best hand job ever. She had a way to give them, with her tongue placed under the bulbous giant head as she pumped him with her right hand. The moans from Jason were very loud as he directed his attention down at my wife, with their eyes interlocked as if it was my wife giving him this incredible hand job. Seeing him watch her my wife started pumping my cock faster and even began copying Karen, but my cock was no comparison to this monster, Karen exclaimed.

“Hum! I’m pretty sure it’s at 9.5 inches now, love the taste of my man!”

My wife shifted her eyes back to the stranger’s shaft and moaned when she saw his thick and long cock. To which Jason responded.

“Love what you see?”

My wife turned back to him and nodded. Her response prompted Jason to scout over closer to her face until his left thigh came into contact with my right thigh. Now my wife’s face was less than a foot from the monster cock. He grabbed his cock and started swaying it around and even occasionally accidently slapped my thigh with it, dangerously close to my wife’s face. My wife was taken by surprise and I guess Jason couldn’t take it anymore.

“You know just like your husband said later, touching is not cheating. I mean your husband wants you to touch my cock; I overheard your conversation later on. So, what do you say, do you want to feel this big cock between your hands? Come on!” He begged.

My wife turned to me for guidance and I told her it was okay if she was okay with it. She didn’t seem sure about the idea, with her catholic roots and all. Seeing her hesitation Jason grabbed her left hand and forced it onto his shaft. At first my wife refused a couple of times trying to pull her hand away but after much enticement she agreed. At first she took time to discover this new cock and I even moved aside to let her lay beside Jason’s left muscular thigh. You could hear Jason trying to convince her to play with it and even do more. At this point his cock had gone semi-flaccid and rested on his pubic area towards his belly button lengthwise, and even at this state is was easily 7 or more inches. Jason had now put some pillows on his back for a makeshift chair and with his left hand patted my wife’s on the back of the head trying to push her face onto his cock. My wife refused and Jason spoke.

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