Wife enticed to get fucked by a bull

Once we got to my place, my wife and our new friends settled around the table while I went to get some wine. After we gobbled down 5 glasses each things took an unexpected turn. Karen started orienting the conversation towards sex and bragged about Jason’s (her boyfriend) big cock and, which got me uncomfortable, but as I looked at my wife her reaction was stoic. I guess drinking for the first time in 5 years got her orientation and judgement impaired to some point, but not me. I was a natural drinking machine. Karen was explaining her boyfriend’s attributes and how their sex life was raunchy and adventurous.

“I met Jason a few years ago and I must admit that although he’s cute and all, it’s his attributes that got my attention.” Sipping her drink.

As the conversation focused on Jason’s dick I go more and more weary where this was heading because I was jealous by nature and I didn’t like this conversation at all. Karen continued her conversation even with my apparent nervousness.

“I love his thick cock, I just love it, can’t get enough of him and joining a swingers club is the best thing ever.” She said.

When she mentioned swingers club I got nervous, but I didn’t even have time to react because my wife uttered a sentence for the first time.

“Swingers club, what’s that?”

Karen and Jason both looked at each other and smiled, almost like a mocking smile. Then Karen explained to my wife (Isabelle) the nature of this club.

“Come on Isabelle don’t tell me you’ve never heard about swinging? Well, it’s when couples meet other couples or single people to enjoy each other’s company.”

Still perplexed and unsatisfied with the answer my wife asked for clarification.

“What do you mean by each other’s company.” She asked with a wasted look on her face.

Karen explained to us what they do in these clubs and as she continued her explanation I noticed my wife take interest because she stared intensely at her and Jason. Then out of the blue Karen asked.

“Would you like to see our profile on the website?”

My wife and I both looked at each other and seeing my wife speechless, I decided to say something.

“I don’t know Karen, I don’t think so.” I said.

Then she looked at us intensely.

“Come on Ian (my name), we’re just looking at pictures. We’re not suggesting swapping with you two.”

Still nervous about this suggestion I looked at my wife for support when she uttered.

“I guess looking would be okay, I mean it’s not like we’re cheating or anything.”

My heart broke when she said this, but after much thought about it was like watching porn. There’s no harm in watching porn so I agreed.

I got my laptop and Karen logged on to the swingers website and soon enough we got to see their profile. After a few clicks an album appeared and she quickly picked one labeled big cock Jason. At this point we had gotten onto the couch with Karen was holding the laptop with Jason on her right, my wife to her left and me on my wife’s left. My wife and I were dismayed and in aw when we saw a picture of Jason sitting on a chair with an erection. It was white, long, uncut and thick, with a thick capsule of bulbous head. We continued with this discovery tour of Jason’s huge cock and I must admit he appeared big, but it wasn’t until a particular picture showing his measurements that I realized just how big he was.

His penis was on the table, fully erect with a measuring tape on the side reading 9.9 inches and in the other pictures it showed a girth of 7.2 inches. This guy was a monster compared to me and I knew this, so did my wife, because we measured my penis once for fun and my measurements weren’t nearly as imposing. Indeed, my measurements were only 5.8 inches in length and 5.5 inches in girth and seeing my wife’s reaction on her eyes and her jaw dropping got me really uncomfortable.

By : Roots32

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