Wife enjoys being a bad girl

Lynn is a tall bbw aka big beautiful woman with green eyes, long black hair, forty-four double D boobs and has a big full sexy ass that was made for fucking. She’s been happly married to the same guy for ten years, they have awesome sex and life outside the bedroom together is great as well. So, what brought this on you might be asking yourself. For a couple of years now her hubby has been asking her to take another man in front of him or if the guy didn’t want to do that, she could fill him in later with the details, at first she had a problem with it but then she noticed how men were checking her out and some even made a few passes at her. This excited her and made her feel sexy so she went to her hubby and told him she’ll do it but under certain conditions. One being he can’t get jealous or she’ll call it off, two they must understand it’s only sex, three is if she enjoyed it, she can do him again if she wants and four it has to be with someone she knows well as trusts. Hubby happly agreed and the night was full of passion from both.

Though it happened, hubby didn’t get to watch because he was working but later heard all about it as she told him every detail and told him he wants to again. Hubby asked if she wanted to again, could see the look in her eye as there was a long pause before she answered in a soft sexy voice “y…yes I want to again.” Wanting to be sure if he was really ok with it she said “and it most likely won’t be the last time” and her hubby said “long as you don’t leave me out of it, I think it’d be hot.” and she agreed to let him in on it in one way or another. Meaning either in front of him or she’ll share the details after it happened.

Hubby’s at work, Lynn’s home making out with the guy she fucked last week while hubby was working then to. They both eventually got nude, let eachother’s hands explore eachother’s bodies and even soft kisses all over. He climbed on top of her entering her pussy as they looked in eachother’s eyes and he didn’t start off raming at first but took his time building up the pleasure until she finally told him to fuck her harder. She came at least two times while he fucked her pussy and though she didn’t want him to cum in her pussy, he couldn’t hold back which she enjoyed the feeling of warm cum filling her pussy. It didn’t end there as they had plenty of time before her hubby would be home, they fucked at least 4 more times and she even gave her ass to him. Again she told her hubby everything when he got home and the sex was even more hotter than last time.

A month has passed since then with her fucking her friend whenever hubby wasn’t home though she always filled him in on the details later and hubby asked her “so, when am I gonna get to watch?” and Lynn told him “maybe tonight, if I can get him too in front of you but won’t ask him directly, I’ll think of something baby.” He smiled telling her he can’t wait and she told him she can’t wait either, the idea was turning her on too.

Lynn invited the man over, he met her hubby, and they all three hung out. Every once in a while hubby would an excuse to leave the room so she could get her friend in the mood, he’d catch them making out as he looked on from the kitchen, he even seen him grab her boobs and ass a few times. One time Lynn was bending over she was standing up, her friend grabbed her ass and she turned to him asking “Is that all you can do?” Her friend tried to whisper “No but your hubby’s home tonight.” Lynn gave him a wicked smile then said “so? I like the idea of being bad while he’s in the next room, wanna be bad with me and shove that cock in my pussy or up my ass?” Seeing and hearing all this from the kitchen, hubby was getting turned on, and Lynn would smile at her hubby every once in awhile as her friend would suck her nipples. Then after awhile hubby came back in the livingroom sitting next to his wife who was between both men.

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