Wife confronts brother about her husband’s affair

Just one quick look at the face of Kelly Ann and I knew there was something seriously wrong.

She had apparently been beating on my door for a few minutes. I had been dead to the world, a late, late night. My wife Caroline was at her mother’s beach house for the week and I had slipped off to the horsy track for some R and R of my own.

I thought I heard knocking, but thought it was a dream. It was so insistent, though, that ultimately it startled me awake and I stumbled to the front door.

“You Sniders are all the same, a bunch of bastards,” said Kelly Ann, my brother’s wife of 10 years, just before she slapped me. “I bet you talk about it when you play golf. You two are so fuckin smug…bastards.”

Admittedly my brain was still not engaged, but I had no idea what was going on.

“Calm down, Kelly, lower your voice…calm down.”

“Calm down my ass, Jon, you and your brother have and always will be bastards. You can’t let good enough alone,” said the woman.

Somehow I got Kelly Ann into the living room. Her face was red from screaming, and I wondered what the neighbors were thinking. I hadn’t seen her this mad since, well, since we broke up 12 years prior. Or should I say, since I walked away from what was starting to be a good relationship.

You see, Kelly and I were friends in high school. Not best friends, but friends. We ran in the same crowd, we had many of the same likes and dislikes. We each had a number of unsuccessful dates with others, and would commiserate now and then on what was wrong with the people we chose to go out with.

After one of those sessions, I asked her out. She accepted, and for the second half of our senior year in high school we were inseparable.

On the night of our senior prom, just a week after her 18th birthday, we took our relationship a little further. Until that time we’d make out, heavy petting so to speak, and she allowed me to fondle and later kiss her luscious breasts. But nothing more. I went home with many a night of blue balls, but I understood her concerns. Two of our classmates had to finish the year in an alternative school after getting knocked up.

“That’s not happening to me,” said Kelly Ann. “I know it’s tough on a guy, I hear guys talk, but getting pregnant will ruin a relationship. We have college and lots of time after to do all that stuff.”

I’d press the issue, constantly, and on the night of the prom we snuck out a side entrance for a little make out session. On that night Kelly Ann let me feel her panties…not under them, but her warm, moist core. I fingered her to her first orgasm that night without touching bare pussy.

After coming down from her high she was startled to see my erect dick. I had taken it out of my pants while playing with her, and she couldn’t take her eyes off it. “Does it always, uh, throb like that?”

“No Kelly Ann, but it does when I think of you.”

She looked around, then back at my cock. “Can I touch it?”

Is the Pope a Catholic?

Kelly Ann slowly reached over, almost as if she was afraid of getting a shock. Well, in a way, I guess it was a certain kind of shock, in that she had never seen a guy’s cock and surely hadn’t touched one. She snaked her hand along my thigh, creeping along until her fingertips inched their way toward my dick.

If watching her slip her hand to my dick got me hot, having her touch me nearly got me to explode. My cock throbbed as she slowly, tantalizingly held my dick in her sweet little hand. “It’s hard, yet it’s soft,” said the girl.

She slowly began stroking me, up and down. “Does this feel good? Is this jerking you off?”

By :JRob

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