Wife confronts brother about her husband’s affair

Just one quick look at the face of Kelly Ann and I knew there was something seriously wrong.

She had apparently been beating on my door for a few minutes. I had been dead to the world, a late, late night. My wife Caroline was at her mother’s beach house for the week and I had slipped off to the horsy track for some R and R of my own.

I thought I heard knocking, but thought it was a dream. It was so insistent, though, that ultimately it startled me awake and I stumbled to the front door.

“You Sniders are all the same, a bunch of bastards,” said Kelly Ann, my brother’s wife of 10 years, just before she slapped me. “I bet you talk about it when you play golf. You two are so fuckin smug…bastards.”

Admittedly my brain was still not engaged, but I had no idea what was going on.

“Calm down, Kelly, lower your voice…calm down.”

“Calm down my ass, Jon, you and your brother have and always will be bastards. You can’t let good enough alone,” said the woman.

Somehow I got Kelly Ann into the living room. Her face was red from screaming, and I wondered what the neighbors were thinking. I hadn’t seen her this mad since, well, since we broke up 12 years prior. Or should I say, since I walked away from what was starting to be a good relationship.

You see, Kelly and I were friends in high school. Not best friends, but friends. We ran in the same crowd, we had many of the same likes and dislikes. We each had a number of unsuccessful dates with others, and would commiserate now and then on what was wrong with the people we chose to go out with.

After one of those sessions, I asked her out. She accepted, and for the second half of our senior year in high school we were inseparable.

On the night of our senior prom, just a week after her 18th birthday, we took our relationship a little further. Until that time we’d make out, heavy petting so to speak, and she allowed me to fondle and later kiss her luscious breasts. But nothing more. I went home with many a night of blue balls, but I understood her concerns. Two of our classmates had to finish the year in an alternative school after getting knocked up.

“That’s not happening to me,” said Kelly Ann. “I know it’s tough on a guy, I hear guys talk, but getting pregnant will ruin a relationship. We have college and lots of time after to do all that stuff.”

I’d press the issue, constantly, and on the night of the prom we snuck out a side entrance for a little make out session. On that night Kelly Ann let me feel her panties…not under them, but her warm, moist core. I fingered her to her first orgasm that night without touching bare pussy.

After coming down from her high she was startled to see my erect dick. I had taken it out of my pants while playing with her, and she couldn’t take her eyes off it. “Does it always, uh, throb like that?”

“No Kelly Ann, but it does when I think of you.”

She looked around, then back at my cock. “Can I touch it?”

Is the Pope a Catholic?

Kelly Ann slowly reached over, almost as if she was afraid of getting a shock. Well, in a way, I guess it was a certain kind of shock, in that she had never seen a guy’s cock and surely hadn’t touched one. She snaked her hand along my thigh, creeping along until her fingertips inched their way toward my dick.

If watching her slip her hand to my dick got me hot, having her touch me nearly got me to explode. My cock throbbed as she slowly, tantalizingly held my dick in her sweet little hand. “It’s hard, yet it’s soft,” said the girl.

She slowly began stroking me, up and down. “Does this feel good? Is this jerking you off?”

I nearly laughed, and would have except her hand felt so good, so very good. On the third or fourth stroke I began to spurt hot cum all over the car seat. Kelly Ann pulled her hand away, but not before some of my stuff got onto her hand and wrist. She quickly reached into her pocketbook for a Kleenex or something and wipe off my cum.

“That was quite a show, Rob!” said the girl with a smile.

“It was awesome, Kelly Ann, thank you,” I said, pulling her closer and deeply kissing her. We held each other for a while before sneaking back into the prom before anyone knew we were missing.

That was the first of many nights when we’d find a secluded place to make out. We never did screw, only hand jobs, and boy could she give them. The action continued until she went away on summer vacation and, well, I was weak.

I’d been flirting with a girl at the Dairy Queen, and as luck would have it she got off work while I was in the parking lot with a couple guys. Christine gave me a wave and walked off to her car, only to find it with a flat tire.

Mr. Helpful, that’s me, offered to change her tire and she took me up on it. As a thank you, she offered to buy me breakfast the next day. Something clicked, and that night we had dinner and went to a movie. In front of her house afterward we made out for a couple minutes before she said she had to go.

“I can only stay out her five minutes before my dad turns the light on. That means I have to hightail it into the house. It’s a couple minutes and if he comes out I won’t be able to see you again.”

With that Christine reached over, unzipped my pants, and pulled out my cock. She bent over, and began sucking me off. I couldn’t believe it. As blowjobs go, it wasn’t all that good. But at the time, with nothing to compare it to, I loved it.

My dick jumped in her hot wet mouth, and I came in her pretty mouth just as the light went on at her house. “I gotta go,” said Christine, lifting herself up and opening the door. “Call me.”

Of course I did, and we became inseparable. I broke up with Kelly Ann on her return from vacation, spending the rest of the summer getting my hose cleaned by the cute little red headed Christine.

The story would have ended there, except that my brother Rick returned from the service over Christmas, getting his discharge in June. Somewhere in there he met up with Kelly Ann and the two began dating. That summer Rick admitted in a drunken state that he’d fucked Kelly Ann, something she confirmed when we ran into each other one day at the mall.

We hadn’t really spoken since our breakup, as Kelly Ann was totally pissed. When she saw me at the mall she laughed and commented on how Rick was so very sensitive, so much nicer than me. “Oh, and he’s got a bigger cock,” snarled the girl. “And he’s a great fuck.”

With that she turned and walked away, deliberately swaying her hips in a way that brought my cock to attention. I was so very jealous of my big brother, but what could I do. I had broken up with Kelly Ann, and in a cad of a way.

My brother loved his girlfriend, and they were married a year later. A June wedding, with Kelly Ann absolutely beautiful. I couldn’t get a date for the wedding, but did meet up with one of the bridesmaids — Caroline — and we began an e-mail/phone relationship while I continued college.

Three years later, we were married. Since then Rick and Kelly Ann had two kids while Caroline and I were “still trying.”

So what in God’s name was Kelly Ann doing at my house, screaming and cussing on this rainy summer morning?

Kelly Ann sat in the living room, livid, staring daggers at me as I left the room to grab a towel to allow her to dry off. She must have walked the two blocks to my house in the rain, something that in my tired state I hadn’t noticed at first.

“He’s fucking his secretary, and you didn’t tell me. That makes you a total asshole, Rob, and when I get through with you I’m gonna cut his dick off.”

Ouch, the thought of those words brought chills to my body.

“What are you talking about, Kel? Rick loves you, he wouldn’t.” I surmised she found some innocent lipstick on a shirt collar or something and had misinterpreted that into a full blown affair. Maybe something accidentally incriminating but not true.

“He’s doing her, I have proof?”

“What proof,” I asked.

She reached into her pants and pulled out a zip drive. “This proof. It’s all on here.”

I looked at the woman and immediately knew there must be some explanation, because I had no idea of Rick straying outside his marriage. But at the same time Kelly Ann was insistent, so maybe there was something going on.

“Look Kelly, I don’t know anything about any of this. As far as I know, Rick has been totally faithful to you.”

Kelly Ann started balling her eyes out. She began crying a river, stuttering words, alternating curses with blabber. I went over and sat next to her on the couch, pulling her close, comforting her.

“Oh, Rob, what am I going to do? She’s young and pretty and I’m an old hag.”

Telling her she didn’t have a clue, I said how lovely she was. How her body was hot, and that guys stare at her when she walks down the street. “Heck, Kelly, I heard one of the neighbor kids call you a MILF the other day when he was talking with a buddy. And you are, you are very attractive and look wonderful.”

“Thank you, Rob, I needed that. But what am I going to do?”

I told her it was probably nothing, that she misinterpreted things or something like that. She looked at me, shook her head, and replied there was no mistake. The proof was in her hand.

With that she asked me to boot up my PC, and soon we were looking at dirty pictures on my computer. There were several folders. In several an unknown guy was getting a blow job, several from a red head with a devious smile, several from a brunette. In others there were pussy shots. All girls were the same pose. In each the girl was laying back with her face obscured, but her panties were down below her spread legs and her pussy wide open.

These weren’t the same girls. One had a bushy crotch, while another had a heart-shaped design on her blonde tuff of mound. Another had a Mohawk while another was bare as a baby’s behind.

Still, no evidence Rick was anything except a guy who liked to look at girls. My thought was he downloaded the photos off the internet. I had no problem with that, even if it was kind of ironic the girls were in the same pose with their panties in the same position.

Until the video clip, that is. In this one Rick’s secretary, Michelle, was bent over an office desk looking straight at the camera. She was in a green sweater and nothing else. A man was behind her, banging into her pussy. No question it was Michelle, I’d seen that face numerous times when I visited Rick’s office, and I know when I called in her sexy voice made my dick jump. Of course I hadn’t seen that pretty face in this way before.

Michelle was enjoying the fuck, clearly, as her moans and words said so. Her face was contorted all over and in so many varied “looks”. There were smiles, grimaces, frowns. She’s grunt, gasp and groan as the cock pulverized her pussy.

A minute into the clip the guy pulled out, shuffled to the side, and Michelle opened her mouth and got several blasts of cum on her face. Three things struck me. First, how pretty Michelle was, wiping the cum off her face with the wrist of the sweater. Then, how hot it was watching her slide up her panties and pants, wiggling into them.

The other revelation was the tattoo on the ass of the guy as he turned from the camera. That was a telltale sign of Rick’s tattooed ass, a result of a night of drinking in Bavaria.

Kelly Ann began crying all over again, but this time I couldn’t calm her down. She picked up a glass and threw it on the floor, screaming how she was going to cut his cock off and punch Michelle in the cunt.

I walked Kelly Ann to the couch and told her to sit down. Feeding her a stiff tumbler of scotch, I told her to sit still while I cleaned up the mess she had made. After I did, I suggested she lay down a bit. We walked to the guest room, my arm around her, and I said it would be okay.

I asked if she wanted a shower, and she did. “Would you like me to get some of Caroline’s clothes for you to wear?” I asked, thinking of a nice baby doll nightie.

“No, Rob, that would be, uh, too personal. I’d feel odd.”

She went into the bathroom, locking the door, while I decided to offer her a large tee shirt of mine and some red plaid boxers. I laid them on the bed and left. Later, looking into the room, I saw her in my clothes and smiled. She was asleep, but her behind sure looked good in the boxers!

About two hours later Kelly Ann awoke to coffee brewing, stumbling into the kitchen. She looked adorable.

“I can’t afford a divorce, I don’t have a job, I have two kids, we’re in hock up to our ass,” said the girl, skipping any small talk. . “I’m such a loser.”

It took a while but I convinced her she was anything but. A loser, and I assured her I knew nothing about Rick cheating on her.

“He hardly ever makes love to me — once a week maybe — and yet he’d fucking half the girls in the city,” said the incensed wife. “I ought to teach him a lesson. I ought to fuck a few of his friends and make him pay, the bastard. How about if I fuck his boss?”

That would get any man’s attention.

“You can’t do that, Kelly Ann, what about the kids? You can’t take the chance. You have to work on getting him back, but in the right way.”

“He has to pay,” said Kelly Ann.

The girl was hurt, vulnerable. I’m a guy.

That gave me an idea.

“You know, Kelly Ann, it would be right of you to fuck a friend, but it would come back to haunt you. I think I have a better idea.”

“Oh? What?”

“You need to fuck someone close to him, make me pay. close to home. Like, now don’t take this wrong, like with me!”

There, I can’t believe I said that. Neither, apparently, could she. Her eyes opened wide, she stammered something, and then smiled. :”That would be appropriate, wouldn’t it. I hated Caroline, she stole at least two guys from me before getting you, and Rick was always inquisitive at what you and I had done when we were dating. He was happy we hadn’t, well, had sex. I think if we had he would have never married me.”

We spent the next half hour going over the ground rules. It would be out little secret. Nobody would know, except that Kelly Ann would know every time Rick came home from an affair she’d have some of his brothers cum in her. How appropriate was that!

Wondering if she was joking, and leaving her an out, I suggested we start later in the day.

Kelly Ann looked at me, smiled a sultry smile, and asked: “Why not right now?”

She wrapped her arms around me and we embraced and kissed.

It was as if we were back in high school, as our hands roamed all over each other’s bodies and explored. We felt each nook and cranny, our breathe getting faster by the second. It seemed as if there were always several parts of us touching each other. We’d be kissing while her hands would be on my ass and mine were playing with her breasts.

Then we’d move out hands around and she’d be stroking my dick while I played with her pussy. First, I played with the boxers separating, but soon I snaked my fingers down and touched, for the very first time, her neatly trimmed box.

Playing with her pussy brought gasps and groans from deep within her. Her head moved back as I carefully caressed before moving on to playing with the lips. Then came a real finger-fucking which started knuckle deep before my finger was fully inside her.

“Oh my god that’s good,” moaned Kelly Ann. “Don’t stop!”

I didn’t, alternating slow strokes with fast ones, geared off her response. Her first orgasm came fast as I worked her clit while kissing her neck. Her facial features were contorted as she enjoyed the orgasm, ending with a grunt and then looking at me and smiling.

“That was amazing, Rob, simply amazing. I haven’t cum like that in years.”

I was on cloud nine myself, knowing I could bring her off so good yet so easily. It was a great feeling knowing I had “the touch” or whatever. It had been ages since Caroline had sounded or looked anything like Kelly Ann had at that moment.

We held each other for a while before Kelly Ann shocked me with her words. I had thought the hand action might be her limit, that the talk of doing all the way was merely a fantasy. But it was as if I had opened a new chapter in a porno novel.

“I want it like he did Michelle…bend me over the table and take me like you want too. And don’t use a rubber, do me bare back like he did her.”

I didn’t need to be asked twice. I led her to the far side of the kitchen before she could change her mind. Our windows looked out over a heavily wooded park, and I took the chance there were no walkers heading along the trail. I bent her over the large kitchen table, one that Caroline and I often sat at and had our morning coffee before heading out to work.

Just the thought of that got my dick hot, but seeing Kelly Ann bent over the table nearly got me to spurt. I carefully lowered the boxers to the floor, baring her beautiful ass. Kneeling down, I began kissing the ass cheeks, gradually moving to licks of the cleft in between.

Her asshole was right before me, and her pussy below, and I licked up and down both bringing gasps from her mouth. I slipped a finger back inside her pussy while I concentrated on licking her tangy asshole.

“Oh my, Rob, nobody has every done that….it’s so naughty, don’t stop. Kiss my ass!”

I did, and more. Kiss, lick, caress, I was all over the bent over woman. My own brother’s wife. It was more than naughty, it was outright wrong.

“Fuck me,” said the girl.

I willingly did, dropping my pants and rubbing my cock along the trail my mouth had just taken. I jerked myself off against her ass as she helped matters along by slowly rotating and wiggling her hind quarters. It was an incredible feeling, and the sensations were totally wonderful.

Kelly Ann groaned and asked if I’d fuck her. “I want it. Do it. Put your big cock in me. Into my pussy. Into my freshly trimmed pussy. I trimmed it in your bathroom just for you, just like the whores Rick is fucking. Do me like he does his sluts.”

This was a great visual. I was getting ready to fuck my brother’s wife just as he had fucked his secretary.

Holding my cock against her slit, I rubbed up and down the moist hole for a few seconds before inserting my rock-hard dick into her needy pussy. Rather than thrust inside, I slowly slid myself into her hole. I wanted her to remember how my entire six and a half inches felt slipping into her core.

By :JRob

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