Wife comes home full of another man’s cum… hubby loves it!

Jen calls me from work to tell me that she has a date with another man tonight, my stomach churns with anxiety as she tells me he is taking her out to dinner and for drinks tonight. This is what I have wanted for so long, but now it’s out of my hands and I am nervous and excited in equal measures.

Jen showers and dresses for her man, one of the bosses at her work place. Sexy undies, short sexy dress, the obligatory high heels, red lips – the full works. A car pulls up at the allotted time, and in a whirl sexy scent and clicking heels, she’s gone to him.

Sitting at home for two hours, my cock hard, taking all my effort not to stroke my cock to orgasm, my phone bleeps, a text from my sexy Jen. The screen lights up with the words: “Dinner finished, heading to his place to open a bottle of wine, I’m so turned on, my knickers are wet” Thirty minutes later, the next text comes in, “OMG, his cock is huge… wish me luck!”

Snoozing in bed, it’s 1.30am now, I hear her key in the door, she’s home. Jen comes into the bedroom, a heady smell of perfume mixed with after shave, wine and a strong smell of sex follows her. Within seconds, she’s in bed next to me. I kiss and hold her and she tells me how he used her, fucked her like a little slut, how she did things for his big cock that she’s never done for me and never will. By now my cock is straining, hard as rock, dribbling pre-cum and twitching. I feel her pussy, it is swollen and red, oozing

Then the bombshell, she says that Gavin said “I bet your husband will want to lick and suck my cum from your pussy when you get home” – “is that true?” Jen asks me, with a wicked grin.

I can’t deny it, the idea has turned me on for years, and here is my sexy (now slutty) wife, with a cum filled pussy, offering me the opportunity I have lusted after for so long. “He’s right” I tell her, “I do want to do that” my eyes bowed in shame as she laughs at my predicament.

“Well”, she say’s, “he’s programmed his number into my phone here, and he says if you want to eat my cream pie pussy, you’re going to have to call him and ask his permission in person”. I am crimson with shame, but take the phone and press the dial button, after two rings, he answers, “so, you fucking wimp” he say’s “I was right, you do want to suck my cum from your slutty wife, don’t you – well, let’s hear you beg”. “Beg” I say, “yes” says Gavin “beg”. “please sir, may I have your permission to lick all you hot spunk from your sluts pussy?” After a short pause, he tells me to hand the phone to Jen, I do as I am told and Jen and Gavin chat like excited school kids for about one minute.

“Go ahead” says Jen, spreading her legs wider that I have ever seen her do before. I crawl and assume the position, the pungent smell of sex hits me, am I really going to do this I ask myself. “get to it” says Jen. I extend my tongue and tentatively push it into her gaping cunt, the trickling cum makes contact with my tongue and tastes warm and slightly bitter. Jen grips my head with both hand and pushes my face full on into her dripping cunt. I can hardly breath as I lap up his cum and her juices, all the while my cock is bouncing and I’m nearly cumming myself as I clean up her sticky messy cum filled pussy.

Once finished, I climb up ready to penetrate my wife, but she says “oh no, sorry, Gav says you’re not allowed to fuck me and I’m not allowed to touch your little useless cock, we agreed that on the phone, didn’t you hear us”.

Jen sees my look, and takes pitty, “OK she says, picking up her cum and juice filled knickers from the floor, I said I would not touch you cock, but I’ll keep my word to Gav and use these instead”. Jen takes the sodden knickers and wraps them around my throbbing shaft, they feel cool and damp, using them, without hand contact, the slowly jerks my cock as she recalls to me how Gavin fucked her twice, used and abused her, tied her hands while he fucked her. Within 60 seconds, my cock pumps what feels like a gallon of steaming hot seed six inches into the air. My hot cum splashing onto my chest, thighs and dribbling over Jen hand an her panties.

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