Wife catches her husband in a compromising position in his office

“I don’t understand,” said Lori. “You get excited by
thinking about watching me have sex with someone else,
but you would be devastated if it ever happened.”

“I didn’t say it made sense,” said Edwin.

They were covered with sweat and lying next to each
other after one of their athletic lovemaking sessions.
Even though they were exhausted and knew they were
finished for the night, they both didn’t want to give
up yet. Whenever this happened, they found that they
could often continue the excitement for a while with
conversation, or as they called it, verbal

“At least try to explain it a little,” she said.

“OK,” he said. “For men, the visual is a big part of
sex. That’s what makes us sniff around women in the
first place. When I’m making love to you, I love to
see as much of me and you as I can. That’s why I love
Rockygy style. You don’t like it, because intimacy is
important for women, and you want me face to face with
you and are turned off when I’m behind you, unless
we’re spooning and our faces are close.

“So if I watched you with another man, I could see
everything in every position. I could watch him pull
your cheeks apart and see your anus spasming when you
came. I could see him sliding in and out of you with
your juices covering his penis. I imagine his penis to
be a lot thicker than mine and really opening you up,
so I would see your pussy being pulled wide as he came
out of you and then snapping back. I would see your
face getting red and watch your tongue as you pant
like a bitch in heat. I would see your beautiful big
breasts flopping like crazy as he pounded you.”

“Wow!” she said. “That’s really vivid! Even though I
can’t relate to any of that, I can feel how much you
want it. So then why would you be devastated?”

“Because in order for that to happen, I would have to
be a cuckold,” he said. “I would have so little
respect for myself that I would let another man have
sex with you while I watched. I would be totally
humiliated, but I couldn’t even blame you or him. I
would be disgusted with myself and hate myself for
being less than a man.”

“You are so complicated, Edwin,” she said. “I am so
satisfied with our sex life that I can’t even imagine
why you wouldn’t be.”

“Don’t take this the wrong way, Lori,” he said. “I’m
just sharing some of my crazy thoughts. I love our
life together.”

“So do I,” she said, “but that’s not what this is
about. To me, whether it’s sex, food, money or almost
anything, it’s the same. When someone has nearly
everything he or she wants and still isn’t satisfied,
that person’s a pig. A pig is greedy. A pig always
wants more. A pig is never satisfied.”

“Are you calling me a pig,” he said.

“I don’t know,” she said. “You tell me. You married a
woman who loves sex almost as much as you do. Isn’t
that rare with women and men? How often do I turn you
down? You know I have to be really exhausted or sick.

“I give you oral all the time, and even though you
know I hate the smell and taste of come and ask you to
pull it out before you come, I put up with your
accidents. I don’t make a big deal out of them, even
though you hear me gagging and sometimes even running
to the bathroom to throw up. Sometimes I think that
gives you pleasure, but please don’t tell me if it
does, because I prefer to think you’re not that sick.

“Maybe you miss seeing my vagina stretched by a thick
penis, but you have no complaints about how it feels,
because I envelop you with my warm, moist muscles and
do things to you that most women can’t, simply because
I’ve taken the time to learn how.

“And then there’s the anal. I give it to you, and not
just once a year. Sometimes you act like a greedy pig
and expect me to give it to you every time, and then
you sulk when I won’t. Well, you know I don’t enjoy
it. Apart from the physical discomfort, in my mind,
I’ve never gotten over the feeling of being degraded
when you’re doing it to me.

“You have lucky genes. I know you’re sensitive about
your slimline penis, but you don’t realize how
fortunate you are. It’s just perfect for me. It’s
long, but not too long, so it doesn’t hit my cervix
when you’re in my vagina, and it’s not too thick for
my anus.

“Some of my friends have problems with their overly
endowed husbands and boyfriends. When I take you in my
rear, it’s still plenty uncomfortable, but there isn’t
the tremendous pain my friends have described when
they complain about anal. So I handle it, and I don’t
complain. Just ask any of your buddies how often they
get it, or if they get it at all.

“So you lucked into a situation that probably every
guy you know — and most of those you don’t know —
would love to be in. So are you a pig? When you have
almost the perfect sex partner, do you still want
more? You tell me.”

“You make an interesting point, Lori,” he said, “but I
told you, a man’s dick has no feeling for what is
right and fair or what is enough or too much. I can’t
help fantasizing stuff. But if it bothers you, I can
stop telling you about my fantasies.”

“No, Edwin,” she said, “You don’t have to do that. I
don’t care how disgusting and piggish they are. As
long as they are just fantasies, they may puzzle me,
but they don’t upset me.”


“Hi Judy,” said Lori as she swept through the glass
door into Edwin’s outer office.

There was no answer from his secretary for a second,
as she looked up from her work, but Lori saw a look of
terror cross her face for a moment before she smiled.
It was a strange smile.

“I’m Lori, Edwin’s wife,” she said. “I know I haven’t
been here in a while, but I’m sure you remember me.
I’m sorry to be so rude, but I’m in a rush.”

“Oh, I know you, Mrs. Simmons,” said Judy in a strange
voice. “I’m sorry. You startled me.”

“Is Edwin in his office?” asked Lori.

“Uh, no, that is, I don’t think so,” said Judy. She
was trying to sound pleasant and relaxed, but Lori
could see she was tense.

“You don’t know?”

“Uh, I was in the restroom, and then I had some work,”
said Judy. “He hasn’t called me in. He could be in a
meeting somewhere.”

“Then I’ll just drop these tiles off on his desk so he
can look at them and call me later,” said Lori walking
toward the door. She tried to turn the handle, but it
was locked. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Judy
jump up and come toward her. “Don’t bother, Judy,” she
said. “I have a key Edwin gave me a long time ago.
Here it is.

“No, Mrs. Simmons, don’t–” said Judy in a panicked
voice, but she stopped as she saw Lori open the door
and stride in the room with her bundle.

Lori walked a few steps before she saw him. Edwin was
sitting behind his desk but shifting around in his
chair. He saw her and his face changed. He was staring
at her in shock. She saw his face was red. He was
trying to speak, but no words came out.

“I thought you were in a—” Lori said, and then she
stopped. Something was wrong in the room. Now she
realized that his secretary had been frightened when
she arrived and wasn’t trying to open the door for
her, but trying to keep her away from the door. And
whatever had frightened his secretary was also
frightening her husband. His red face was turning as
pale as if he had seen a ghost.

She looked around, but she didn’t see anything. It was
just his office, with the desk he was sitting behind,
a small conference table, a couch, some chairs and
some shelves filled with books and memorabilia. It
didn’t look different than the last time she had been
there five years ago.

As she turned her head back to her husband, who had
stopped squirming and was now starting to look more
normal, she saw it. It was a little flash of red.
Something red had just moved so slightly that it was
barely perceptible but she saw it out of the corner of
her eye, and she realized that the red was moving in a
place where there shouldn’t have been any red or any
movement. She took a step toward Edwin’s desk, and the
red was gone.

But then she took a step back and bent down. It was
there, barely visible below the desk’s modesty panel.
Now she could see the red clearly. It was a red pair
of women’s shoes, and there were feet in them.

Her jaw dropped, and her eyes opened wide. She slowly
straightened and stood frozen for an instant looking
at Edwin with astonishment. He opened his mouth to
speak, but all he could say was, “Lori,” before she
dropped the tiles on the floor, turned and ran out of
his office.

He called her at home throughout the afternoon, but
she didn’t answer. He wondered if she would be there
when he came home. She was, but she wasn’t talking to
him. They made it through dinner without exchanging
more than a few sentences. When she said, “Would you
like more potatoes?” he expected her to start stuffing
potatoes down his throat until he stopped breathing.
But she didn’t.

Once he asked her if he could explain something, but
she screamed at him, “Shut up, Edwin! Just don’t say
anything.” After that, he didn’t attempt any

It was like that for two days in the morning and the
evening. They slept in the same bed, but it felt to
him like she was sleeping in another country. The next
day was Saturday, and when he walked in the kitchen,
she looked the same way as she had the last two days.
Her eyes were red and puffy, and her face was pale.
She brought some coffee to him and then sat down
facing him.

“Your secretary knew, and that means every woman at
the office knew,” she said. “Didn’t you ever think
about how your employee could decide to blackmail you
or sue you for harassment, and how that could end your
career and ruin our lives even more than you’ve
already done?”

“She’s not my employee,” said Edwin. “She’s my boss.
It started with her harassing me six months ago,
demanding I give her oral in her office. I thought
about telling you, but I knew you’d want me to quit,
and the way things are, I knew I wouldn’t be able to
find something that paid this well. She knew it, too.

“She was the one worried about harassment, so she
started coming to my office and insisting on blowing
me. She made sure my secretary found out, so everybody
would think our thing was something mutual.”

“So you’re saying, you’ve submitted to her blowjobs
for me,” said Lori. “You hated every minute of them,
and were just trying to protect me by not telling me
anything about it. You lying pig.”

“No, Lori,” he said, “I won’t try to fool you. You
know those blowjobs weren’t a hardship for me. I
enjoyed them, and I gloated when I would think about
the fact that in this economy, I could keep a lock on
my job by giving her head and enjoying her blowjobs.
And it was even exciting to keep them a secret from
you. There. I’ve told you the whole truth. And I know
it was wrong and a betrayal of our marriage, and I’m
really sorry, and I hope that as much as I dishonored
you, you won’t kick me out, although you have every
right to. I know you don’t trust me anymore, but if
you’ll give me a second chance, I promise it will
never happen again. I’ll show you how much I love you
and try to win back your trust.”

“Every woman in that office knew what you were doing,”
she said. “When I would meet them at an office event,
they were looking at me and thinking what a stupid,
pitiful creature I was. You totally humiliated me in
their eyes. I can’t go on with you this way, but I
don’t know what to do. I should just divorce you and
walk away, but for some reason I’m not thinking about
that yet. I probably will, but I don’t want to do it
until I’m less emotional about this.

“All I know is I don’t want to talk any more about
this right now. I have to think, and if you want any
chance at working this out, you’ve got to give me
space and time. When I’m ready to talk, I’ll let you

“OK,” he said quietly.


Things started defrosting in two weeks. After a month,
it seemed like their lives had returned to normal.
Lori seemed to be the same as she had been before her
discovery, including her sex drive. One night, he
thanked her for giving him a second chance.

“I haven’t given it to you yet,” she said pleasantly.
“You’re going to have to earn it. You’re probably
thinking you got a free pass because I’m happy. But
the reason I’m happy is because I’m working on
something that you’re going to have to do to pay for
what you did to me. I’m excited about it because it’s
getting closer, and the closer it gets, the happier I

“It’s going to be as surprising to you as what you did
was surprising to me, and there are other things in
common, too. But I will tell you this. You’re not
going to enjoy it, and that’s an understatement. So
you might want to start thinking about what we have
and how much it’s worth to you. Because I’ve made my
decision, and you’ll have to make yours. I don’t think
yours will be easy.”

What she said made him uneasy, but even though she
said whatever she was working on was close, Lori
didn’t mention anything for nearly three more weeks.
While he was waiting, he didn’t enjoy himself with her
as much anymore because he was wondering what she was
planning. And whenever he noticed that she was smiling
at him for no reason, a chill ran through his body.

She ended the suspense on a Monday night after dinner.
“It’s time to start talking about our future,” she
said. “I’ve done a lot of thinking and planning. The
planning took much longer than I thought it would, but
I wanted to make sure everything would be just right.

“Depending on what you decide, all the planning might
go down the drain, but I don’t regret a single minute
that I spent on it, because doing it forced me to
think about you and about us and made me understand
just how much it hurt me to learn what a pig I had
married and what it would take for me to continue to
live with that pig.”

The words hurt Edwin, but only slightly, because he
was much more scared than hurt. What scared him was
the tone of her voice. It was the same tone that she
had used when they were talking about their day at the
office or their plans for Saturday night. It was her
normal, pleasant tone with not a tinge of anger, and
it didn’t fit at all with what she was saying. She
sounded psychotic.

“Let’s talk about costs first, Edwin,” she said. “I
had a free consultation with a top divorce attorney
that one of my friends had used, so I can show you his
estimate of what the process would cost. It’s a lot,
but he said our situation is fairly simple because we
don’t have children or complicated finances.

“My alternative plan would cost almost as much as the
lawyers. You’ll have until tomorrow night to decide
between them, because if you decide on the second
plan, I will need time to get it set up for Saturday
morning. I’m not going to give you a lot of
information tonight, only enough for you to be able to
understand and decide. If you think I’m not being
fair, I’m willing to listen, and maybe I’ll make some
adjustments, but I doubt it. I’ve gone over this
enough times to know exactly what I want to do.

“On Friday night, we are going to spend the night at a
hotel. After breakfast Saturday, we’ll come back to
the house. It will give Iris and Misty time to turn
our bedroom into a movie studio. They’re my friends
who do wedding videos, and they also do private erotic
videos for couples. But Saturday morning for three
hours, they’ll be shooting a hardcore porn video in
our bedroom.

“It’s not going to be mainstream porn. They will be
recording me as I hurt and demean and humiliate you in
horrible ways. The only thing I promise is that I
don’t intend for anything I do to damage you
permanently, so I’ll be careful. But I know that
accidents can happen, and I thought about certain
parts of the video script really hard. In the end, I
decided that I would take chances — like you did.

“I’m confident that any injury you suffer will heal in
a month at most, but as you know, nothing is 100 per
cent certain, so if you decide to go through with
this, you need to think about that.

“So plan on three hours of hell. But there’s more.
After it’s over, I’ll explain a few things that are
going to change around here. Since I feel that
everything else we have together is almost ideal, most
of our life will stay exactly the same. The only
things that will be different will involve our sex
lives. I didn’t think that was a problem until you
showed me that I had married a pig. So there will be
some adjustments, and you’re not going to like them.

“So you need to understand that even if you get
through Saturday morning and recover, there will be
ongoing things that you will hate. No, I’m not going
to put a chastity belt on you, because I think you
know that if you ever humiliate me again, there will
be only one choice for me: the lawyer. I’m not
concerned at all about when you’re in the office or on
a business trip.

“And I’ll promise you now that most of our sex life
will be as good as it is now, and I hope that the two
of us can continue to make it even better, like we’ve
been doing. But probably at least once a month you’re
going to be going through a mini-version of Saturday
morning. Sometimes there might be some pain. But there
will always be plenty of degradaton and humiliation.

“So there you have the choices. The quick and painless
one is the lawyer. The other one will last the rest of
our marriage, which to me means the rest of our lives,
because except for being a sex pig, you are my ideal
husband, and I know you’ll be a wonderful father to
our children.

“Do you have any questions?”

“Yes, two,” he said. “Can you give me at least a
couple of examples of what you’ll do to me on
Saturday? And what if I back out at the last minute
Saturday morning because I just can’t go through with

“I think you know the answer to both of those
questions, Edwin,” she said. “No, you won’t get any
more information from me. For the rest of the week,
you can imagine the worst things I could possibly do
to you. Maybe what I do won’t be as bad, or maybe it
will be worse.

“Are you going to brand me or castrate me?”

“Well, I guess we just found out that you think I’m
capable of being a bigger monster than even I can
imagine. Wow! First of all, those things are
permanent. And secondly, I still love you. I’m not
torturing a terrorist.

“As for your second question, you’re going to be able
to back out on Saturday morning, right up until we get
started. All it means is that the money I spend on my
plan will be wasted, because we’re going to have to
spend money on lawyers anyway. But once we begin, your
options are over. Here’s one more thing to think
about. I can promise you that during those three hours
there will be at least one time — and probably lots
of times — where you’ll be wishing you went for the
lawyers. I’m hoping that eventually — it might take
many months — you will think I was worth it, but you
won’t feel that way on Saturday.

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