Wife at first loves husband’s Vasectomy

When I met my wife Tara she immediately loved the fact that I had a vasectomy. She was so happy that she came over almost every night getting her hot, wet, wonderful pussy filled to the brim with infertile spunk. Within a month Tara was off the pill and moving in with me. And well, we seemed so compatible that we decided to get married not long after.

Our first few years together were magical. The sex was great; when we met I was Thirty-two, she was twenty-four and on fire in bed. However by our third anniversary the magic was almost gone. Then one night, all in tears, my wife confessed that she wanted children after all. But I couldn’t give her any, she cried! I held her in my arms and told her honestly that I’d love to raise a family with her, unlike my first wife, saying how sorry I was that I had that vasectomy.

Feeling totally inadequate I suggested that she find someone else to get her pregnant for me. I could tell that Tara loved my idea as she immediately fell into my arms kissing me asking if I really meant it. So without a second thought I said,”…sure honey, fuck as many men as it takes as long as you don’t fall in love and leave me.” With a mischievous smile she reminded me that she’d been with lots of men before we met. Telling me with pride how most of them were one night stands. I told her that I thought that it would be better if she’d go back to being a horny slut so she wouldn’t fall in love. And her hot past experiences of getting picked up at bars helps. Also by being a sperm craving slut she’d have a better chance of getting pregnant. And we wouldn’t know who the father was that way. Tara rode my cock like a carnival ride with her sopping wet pussy, telling me how much she loved my ideas. I knew then that we found our solution as we had one of our most memorable sex filled nights

The next morning in the light of day the thought of Tara getting impregnated by perfect strangers had us both nervous and full of lust at the same time. However, Tara’s transformation from monogamous to promiscuous, turned us both on. The more she got ready for other men the more I wanted her myself.

Tara spent the next day Friday going from dull and mousey to wicked and wild. Meanwhile I was at work stuck thinking about it. When I left that morning she said that she’d be out all day shopping for a whole new wardrobe. She told me that she needed the right clothes and shoes if she wanted men to think that she’s an easy slut.

While she was out, besides a new wardrobe, she also got her long dark hair trimmed, styled and dyed blond. When I got home that evening I was shocked by my wife’s new beautiful blond hair cascading over her shoulders. Tara not only shaved her legs she also trimmed around her pussy until she was down to a small patch of fuzz. That night Tara went out wearing this shear cotton top with no bra to restrain her big bouncy boobs. She also wore a short plaid skirt and thong that didn’t hide her cute butt much either. She had on a pair of two-inch high fuck-me pumps that helped real nice. I had no idea that my five foot six, hundred and twenty pound wife could look so hot standing there all made up in the doorway ready and eager to start breeding, looking like a cheap whore. I loved it.

I actually enjoyed driving Tara to that dance club that night because of how excited she was that perfect strangers were about to pump her married pussy full of fertile sperm. She was on fire with lust eager to breed. I’d never seen her that randy and wild but I liked the new found sense of sexual confidence she had. I also loved how she looked like an absolute tramp with her round ass and big boobs there for all the men to stare at.

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