Wife and I had fun with her brother’s wife

My sister-in-law Susie, (my wife’s brother’s wife) has been good friends with us ever since their wedding. My brother-in-law is another matter. He’s been a horsy’s hind end on more than one occasion and is really not well liked among most of the relatives, even his mother. He’s famous for borrowing money and never paying it back.

Well last month Susie called, asking to visit us for a few days, saying she needed a break from him. My wife, Val, gladly accepted. Susie is a nut, always has a wisecrack or dirty joke to share and we really enjoy her, only if she had better choices in men – LOL.

Susie showed up on Wednesday afternoon and we stayed up late, catching up on all the gossip, drinking and telling jokes. Thursday, Susie and Val spent the day visiting our grandkids and shopping.

On Friday, we all went out to dinner at the country club and Susie was infatuated with our server, a 20 something, handsome, well built young man. She was looking at him like a hungry lioness looking at a fresh kill. As we were finishing dinner, Val said to Susie, “Now Susie, when he asks us for dessert, you can’t say you want him.”

This embarrassed Susie a bit and she said, “Is it that obvious?”

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

Hanging her head some, Susie said, “Well Glen, it’s just that Tom has really been neglecting me… in the bedroom, that is. He just isn’t interested anymore. I’m so frustrated that I have trouble sleeping. Last week I went out to Victoria’s Secret and bought this sexy camisole and crotch-less thong just to try to entice him. I fixed my hair, nails and makeup before coming to bed.”

All he did was say, “Gee, you look like you have a date. Anyone I know?” and rolled over and went to sleep.

Wiping a tear from her eye, Susie said, “I went downstairs and cried myself to sleep on the couch. We haven’t had sex in over a month and it was two months before that. Tell me, am I that bad looking?”

Well let me tell you, Susie is a doll, not a ten mind you but for someone her, rather our age, she’s very well built. I’d say about an 8½ and imagining her in that camisole and thong sure put the starch in my old pecker.

Val just shook her head and said, “Sounds like he’s getting it somewhere else. I know if Glen doesn’t get it a couple of times a week, he’s a real grouch.”

Susie’s jaw dropped. “What do you mean a couple of times a week?” she said, “After our first year of marriage the best Tom did was once a week and then about a year ago, he almost stopped completely. I have to almost rape him to get any. Lately if I want to be satisfied, I end up using a vibrator when he’s not there. Do you really think he’s been screwing around on me?”

Val said, “It sure sounds like it to me. Have there been any other signs? Is he working late more often or taking more out of town trips?”

Susie just hung her head for a bit then grabbed her drink and gulped it down in one fell swoop. She motioned to our waiter and ordered another. More tears came to her eyes as she bit her lip and nodded. I got up and put my arms around her to comfort her. She hugged me so hard and long that Val finally broke us up saying she was tired. We quickly finished up and headed home.

Once at home, the ladies kept me busy filling their drinks as Susie related to us some of the signs of Tom’s infidelity. Pretty soon they were both somewhat hammered. I suggested that we all head to bed and continue our conversation in the morning and they agreed.

Val gets very amorous when she’s drinking and tonight was no exception. We were lying in bed naked, engaged in foreplay when we heard a loud, “Fuck! Son-of-a-bitch!” coming from Susie’s room.

By :R69runner

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