Whole Night My Father Fucked Me

It was a normal Friday and I had just came home from School. My parents weren’t home yet, as they were working, so it was just me and my Rocky Milo. As usual, Milo jumped at me excitedly as I came through the door, which I wouldn’t of minded if he wasn’t so big! He could’ve easily knocked me over if I wasn’t leaning against the door.

I started to walk up the stairs and he came up behind me and dug his face in my ass to get a sniff. I pushed him away instantly, but I won’t lie the pressure and warmth did feel really nice. I eventually got to my bedroom and shut the door, so that he couldn’t come in. I dropped my bag on the floor and flung my shoes across the room, before flopping onto the bed. I pulled my phone out and start looking through Instagram, as I usually would, but I couldn’t get that feeling of Milo out of my head. Just thinking about it was turning me on. I tried to keep looking at my phone, but just imagining what would’ve happened if I didn’t stop him was distracting me. I had to do something about it.

I switched my phone to the Safari app and started searching the internet for sex stories. My internet blocked any porn I tried to find, so this was the next best thing. I eventually found a website about beastiality stories and started looking through the different titles and descriptions. One of them stood out to me. It was about a girl getting raped by her Rocky and it really turned me on and I had to relieve myself.

I didn’t have any sex toys, considering I was only young, and touching myself didn’t really get me off, so I tend to rub my clit against something until I orgasm. I can’t complain. I picked the corner of my vanity for this “session”, so I placed my phone on it facing me and positioned my slit on the corner of the vanity. As I read the story, I imagined the scene and it happening to me and I humped away until I orgasmed. Usually I have to wait a while to calm my body down, but I was still ready for me. The only bad part was: my clit was sore and if I humped my vanity any more it would start to hurt. That’s when I heard Milo whining outside my door.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do exactly, but I opened the door and let him in. He got excited and started sniffing me all over again, but the scent of my pussy must have been strong because after a few seconds he buried his head into my crotch and I felt him lick me. That feeling of his rough tongue against my pussy through my leggings was amazing and I needed more. I lay back down on my bed, spread my legs and allowed him to do his thing. Although it was nice, it was getting blocked by the material of my leggings. My parents wouldn’t be home for at least another 30 minutes, so I thought why don’t I just take them off.

I removed my leggings and spread my legs again, with only my panties on this time. It took a minute or so for Milo to realise I was inviting him back, before he stuck his face in all over again. I let the licking continue for another few minutes, but I needed- no I craved more. I removed my panties and that’s when the real fun started. I was pleasantly surprised when his tongue entered my vagina. I wasn’t expecting it, but oh I definitely wasn’t going to stop it. I put my hand on the back of his head and spread my legs even more.

After another few minutes I came and Milo licked all of my juices up. I couldn’t handle any more, so I closed my legs and ushered him out of the room. I quickly got into my pyjamas, a loose t-shirt and booty shorts, and sat back in bed before my parents came home.

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