White wife joins interracial only swingers club

This is a true story of what happened to us about three
years ago, and continues today.

During our 15 years of marriage, we’ve been very open
with each other sexually. We watch porn movies,
pictures, erotic stories and telling each other our
fantasies. Eight months ago, we decided to open up our
sex life and seek out others to join us for sex. I
always had a fantasy of seeing my wife being fucked by
another man or men, and we decided to join a swingers
club. Two clubs were in our area, 3 and 5 miles away.
We decided to try the closest one first, and contacted
Jerry and Barbara, the host and hostess for a meeting
to find out what they offered. Barbara was a very
beautiful, tall, curvy, buxom blonde, and Jerry was
5’9″, attractive but not handsome, of medium build

Let me describe ourselves first. My wife Suzy is a
brunette, 35 years old, 5’10, 38C-28-38; her tits are
still firm and fuller than when we first met. She loves
to wear provocative, sexy, and revealing clothing, to
show everyone that she still has her curves. She’s a
housewife, but in search for a job just to keep her
busy. I’m David, 39 years old, 5’11”, and 180 lbs.,
with a cock just shy of 7″. I’m an engineer, and when
I’m not at work, I’m always looking for ways to improve
our home, wiring it for music, installing a pool,
helping the neighbors with their projects and just
basically keeping busy. We both work out twice a week
at the gym.

We met with them at a bar/restaurant at 6:00pm on a
Wednesday. They told us they hold parties once a month
for each group; couples only, singles & couples, and
bi-sexual and each group ranged in age from 20-53. The
couples group had about 50 couples. The singles group
had 30 guys and 20 women. The bi-sexual group had 30
men and women. The membership fee was $100.00, and they
would take pictures of us at the first party we
attended to be place in their quarterly newsletter with
a caption of our preferences.

We attended the couples group that very weekend and
about 30 couples showed-up. We chatted with several
couples and talked among ourselves about who was
acceptable to each of us. If I found the wife hot, Suzy
found the husband lacking and vice versa. We solved
that problem by doing some on-premises fucking with our
personal favorite man or woman and only met with
couples that we both agreed on outside the club.

At our first couples meeting, Barbara followed Suzy
into the restroom, locked the door, embraced her and
gave her a long passionate kiss. She said she hoped she
could come over some day for some 1 on 1 sex, or meet
with her at the bi-sexual meeting. Suzy had some bi
experiences, and told Barbara she was open to joining
with her sometime.

We attended the singles group the week after that, and
decided to just stick to on-premises fucking with them.
One of them was black and Suzy had sex with him and a
couple other at the first singles meeting.

The bi-sexual group met two weeks after that, and
though I was not bi or bi curious, Suzy talked me into
attending, saying that as we were now officially
swingers we need to be more open-minded about sex and
experience new things. That’s where our sex lives would
be forever altered. Suzy got together with Barbara and
another woman for some bi sex. Then Barbara and Suzy
would encouraged me to suck a young guy’s cock and then
another. It wasn’t insulting or embarrassing to me as I
imagined it would be, seeing everyone there was bi-
sexual. The hardest obstacle to overcome, was feeling
other guys cumming in my mouth, and swallowing their
cum. My wife said she always considered me as a manly
man, and wouldn’t think of me any differently now that
I was a official cocksucker.

Barbara and Suzy quickly became close friends, as they
were of similar looks and build, and Suzy and her had
the same interests, and started visiting each other and
shopping together. She said that Barbara also had some
business contacts and would see if she could help her
find a job.

Two weeks later, Suzy said that one of her applications
had been accepted, and she had a interview on Friday at

When I got home on Friday at 5:00pm, Suzy wasn’t home
yet. She got home at 6:30pm, and said she got the job,
and went over to Barbara’s house to thank her for her

She said her job was to process the salesmen’s orders
and to process and send them to shipping the next day.
Her work day would normally be from 1:00pm to 6 or
7:00pm after she got use to the routine, but that
during the first few weeks she would be home later
until she got use to the job. I agreed, as the pay was
good for 5 or 6 hours work, but the work schedule
stunk. She agreed, but said the boss’s assistant was
leaving in a few months and she could bid for the
position, if she was interested.

Shortly after she started her job, she became more
sexually dominate with me. She would have me eat her
pussy more often, and when I said she tastes different,
she said it was because she sitting down at work and
was more sweaty there. She also had me shave all the
hair off my cock and balls, making me baby smooth like
her cunt. Then she bought three pairs of panties with a
opening in the crotch for my cock to slip through at a
adult video store, and had me wear them when we had

Although things got kinky at home, she started making
excuses for not going to the couples and singles
parties, but didn’t have excuses for missing the
bisexual parties, though she was most favored by the
other women, she always made sure that I was teamed up
with some guy before she went off to enjoy herself.


About a month after Suzy started her job, on a Thursday
night she told me. “We’ve been invited to a swingers
party at a friend of Barbara’s. It’s were Barbara goes
for some real hot taboo sex.”

Taboo sex? I questioned her.

“Yeah, she says it makes her club seem tame compared to
what happens there.” She said.

“Did she tell you what goes on there, what to expect?
Is it some kind of B&D club?” I said.

“Yes she told me what to expect, and it’s not some B&D
kind of thing. If she told me about being invited a
week ago, I’d be climbing the walls in anticipation.”
she said.

“So tell me about it, what she told you?”

“You’ll find out tomorrow night, I think you might get
turned-on by what happens, she says many of the other
husbands do and approve.” She said.

That night and the next day, I tried to decode what she
had told me. I envisioned all kinds of scenarios and
hoped that many that came to mind weren’t one of them.

Suzy said to dress casual, but she sure didn’t. She
wore 3″ heels, making me look like a little brother,
beige stockings, black garter belt, black uplift bra,
and her blue evening gown, which was cut low showing
off her large breasts and had a slit up her left leg to
mid-thigh. I’ve always felt exhilarated to be seen in
your company when she dresses like that. She said she
wants to give the other women there some competition
tonight. I told her that she could compete in jeans and
a t-shirt and still stand-out. I threw on a sport coat
and tie just not to seem under dressed.

The party was only ten minutes away, in a adjacent
suburb, and the house was a large one story with large
shrubs blocking most of the place. Barbara said she
would arrive at about 8:00pm and for us to be there at
8:30pm and she would meet us and show us around, and
that nothing was allowed to happen until 9:00pm. It
seemed strict but very well orchestrated.

We arrived at 8:20pm, and Barbara met us outside to
preclude the black bouncer with her from giving us the
third degree before letting us enter.

We entered a long wide hallway, that had several rooms
without doors on either side, and she said all the
rooms had cameras mounted in them and the monitors
could be viewed by anyone in the video room.

When we entered the party room, I was immediately taken
aback. There were about 10 wives there, three of which
I recognized and all very attractive, very sensual,
which I mentioned to Barbara. Most were talking to
their husbands and/or a black guy.

I’d fuck every one of them in a heartbeat,

She said. “They where all voted in by the men members,
their prospected partners by their attractiveness and
physical attributes. They must get 80% of the votes to
become a member. Suzy received 100%. The women may
terminate their membership at any time, but no one has
in the eighteen months of the club. As you may have
surmised, all the male members are black, and too must
be voted in by the other male members. They must have
at least a 8” cock, be physically fit and attractive.
All the black guys aged from the mid 20’s to the late

“How was Suzy voted in, we never met any of them
before?” I said.

“From videos I took at the parties you two attended,”
she said.

“The husbands are not members, but can be guests of
their wives. They can watch, strip down, jerk-off, and
have sex with each other, but not interfere in anyway
with the members.” She said.

Oh shit I thought, and Suzy knew all along and wants it
to happen to her too.

As we walked around the room, Barbara said to Suzy,
“Any one here that you’d like to say hello to.”

“Yeah, over there, my boss,” Suzy said.

I was floored. “Have you had sex with your boss

“Hell yes. Almost every workday since the interview,”
she said.

“How long… when did you get interested in black
guys?” I said.

“Ever since I had sex with Terry at the singles party.
Several of the wives said, blacks are the best in sex,
and when you have one of them with 8″ or more up your
cunt your in heaven and you have more orgasms than ever
before, and that I should seek-out more of them. When I
asked Barbara if any other blacks were members, she
said she could arrange for me to meet some outside the
club if I was really interested, and hence my job
interview. Barbara also said some of the husbands
encouraged their wife to take a black lover, and others
find out afterwards and approve, but they all get off
on it in some way. Maybe you will too sooner or later.”
She said.

James looked to be in his early 30’s, about 6’1″ and
well built.

“How many black guys have you had sex with?” I said.

“Only Terry and my boss James, but I’m here to broaden
my experiences tonight.” She giggled.

We then walked over to her boss James, and she said
hello, James said he was glad we could make it, and
gave her a 5 second kiss on the lips. It was quick, but
long enough so that I knew they were intimate with each

“Hope you enjoy yourself tonight and become a regular,”
James said.

“Oh I know I will, from what I see already.” She
laughed. Then we walked off.

Barbara said that in a few minutes, the women will be
told to go across the hall to prepare for the party,
the black men will go into one of the rooms next door,
and that the husbands will told be have a seat in one
of the straight back chairs in the room. The husbands
can leave to go into the video room, move about, or sit
on the couches or soft chairs about ten minutes after
the party started, as they wouldn’t be in use, but
they’d have to move if any of the members to rest.

Promptly at 9:00pm a loudspeaker announced, “Members
and guests of the club prepare and have fun.”

The members moved out of the room to their respective
rooms, and the husbands moved to the chair area.

I asked the husband on my right how he felt about the
purpose of the club? He said his name was Greg, and he
said he was reluctant at first to be cuckolded by his
wife and her black lovers at first, but now he looks
forward to the parties and them and them visiting the
house, it can be really hot if you let yourself enjoy
it. The black guys are really decent guys, but will
normally only act dominate and treat the husband as a
loser if he deserves it or the wife prefers it.

I then asked Jim who was on my left the same question.
He said he suggested swinging to his wife and find
herself a steady lover, as he had only a 5″ cock, and
wanted her to deserve better. After 3 months he
suggested she try a black guy as they were supposed to
be well hung, an the rest is history.

After about five minutes the guys came out of their
room, bare ass naked and sporting bigger cocks than any
the husbands. They lined-up on both sides of the
hallway door, the men with the largest endowment seemed
to be closest to the door, ready to claim their first
wife of the night.

Five minutes later the hallway door opened, with our
wives entering, wearing various colors and types of

My wife was the first to enter, being the newest
member, and the other new wives, and then the most

My wife was claimed by her new would-be lover closest
to the door, a 6’1″ well-hung guy with about 10-11″ of
black meat hanging between his legs. They walked hand-
in-hand into the room. They talked while smiling at
each other, his hands running first over her arms, then
her breasts and then between her legs with the palm of
his hand. She in turn reached down and took hold of his
cock and began stroking it to hardness, until it stood
out horizontal on its own.

He then pulled his hands away from her cunt and
breasts, and placed them on her ass cheeks and pulled
her towards him and kissed her passionately with a
long, tongue probing kiss. She responded equally with a
passion all her own to his erotic kiss.

As I sat there watching my wife her and current black
lover embracing each others naked bodies, I realized my
cock was rock hard and oozing pre-cum, causing a small
stain in my pants. As I watched them, I found that the
color contrast of their bodies was very erotic.

I though about the saying that “opposites attract”, was
true in all venues, and was I bigoted to think that a
white woman wouldn’t be attracted to a black man, or
visa versa for sex. The men here, all being very
attractive, well built, and with better equipment
between their legs, had what it took and more, to give
their wives the sex that they craved, excelled beyond
comparison with their white husbands, even when they
were younger. Yes, it was taboo sex, but it seemed so

I looked around the room to see what the other wives
were doing. It was a real orgy of naked black men and
our wives having sex, for the sake of experiencing sex
with men that had bigger cocks than their husbands.
They’re were 14 women and 18 men, and each of the women
were totally involved in pleasing their black lovers,
and getting pleasured themselves. Four of the women
were enjoying two men at a time, as there were four
guys without their own woman.

I spotted Barbara with Suzy’s boss James. She was
getting fucked of course, like our other wives, but it
was the size of his cock that had me amazed. It
appeared to be about 13″ long and it was appropriately
very thick, as he withdrew his cock to the crown and
plunged all 13″ into her to the hilt. She looked as
though she was getting the best fuck of her life. I
thought about what her pussy would look like after he
pulled out. I wondered, if I was lucky enough to fuck
her again, five minutes after she had him, if my 7″
cock would even feel the walls of her cunt.

I looked around at my fellow cuckolded husbands, and
they all seemed to be comfortable and pleased with what
they were witnessing, their wives receiving fulfilling
sexual pleasure from a bigger black cock than their
husband’s smaller ones. I then began to have crazy
thoughts, that this is how it should be. That all women
need to have black lovers giving them the satisfying
sex that they need, and white men get their sexual
pleasure from watching or from bi sex. But I couldn’t
make it work in my mind for all races.

My thoughts then shifted to my wife, and my eyes
shifted back to them. He was talking to her and then
nodded his head down. She then lowered herself to her
knees and began running her luscious lips along his
long, thick black cock. I was really jealous of him for
having such a huge cock and being capable of giving any
women the best sex of her life. She then opened her
mouth and took half of his length between her lips, and
took more and more of him as she sucked.

I couldn’t believe how she could suck so much cock
without gagging, then I remembered that she said her
and her boss had been having sex every work day for
weeks. He must have trained her in being such an
accomplished cock sucker, and being able to handle the
extra length with ease. I began to think what it would
be like to have his big piece of black meat in my mouth
and how much of him I would be able to suck. She looked
like she was paying pagan homage to a phallus idol, and
was really into pleasing her black lover.

After five minutes, her head was thrusting on his cock
faster and shortly thereafter he unloaded his thick,
creamy wad of cum into her mouth and pulled out and
sprayed her face with his remaining cum. Suzy swallowed
what was in her mouth, then lifted her smiling cum
covered face, and he wipe the cum from her face with
his cock and fed it to her.

Another guy came over, after seeing him blow his load,
thinking that he was done, began to mount my wife. then
her lover grabbed his shoulder, and shook his head no,
and repositioned her legs again, and slowly, but with
consideration sunk all his long, thick cock deeply into
my wife until their pelvis’s were touching. He started
fucking my wife with long slow strokes, letting her
feel every inch of his length. He then held her as he
rolled onto his back and let her ride his cock in the
cowgirl position, all the while experiencing several
multiple orgasms. Fifteen minutes after he started, he
shot another load into her pussy. They both held each
other, both breathing deeply until he relinquished her
to two other guys in waiting.

For the rest of the night, she was double-teamed by the
other men, including her boss; sucking cock, while
fucking another, or having one cock in her cunt and
another in her ass. She was definitely fucked, in more
ways that one.

When we got home and were in bed, I asked her if she
planned on attending the club on a regular basis.

She said. “I loved getting pleasured by all those black
cocks, and in pleasuring them also, and I would prefer
to have it be acceptable to you also. Wouldn’t you
prefer to have a sexy wife, being desired and had by
several black lovers and behaving as I did tonight, or
become a plain housewife, who will eventually let her
looks and figure go, and become a nagging wife like so
many others.”

“I prefer the former. I really began to enjoy seeing
you act and being treated like a slut with those black
guys. Seeing the skin color contrast, as you kissed,
sucked and fucked those black guys and their cocks was
totally awesome.” I said.

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