White wife is dominated by a Black Master

We woke up in my bed together Martin was already awake and he was watching me naked beside him with satisfaction.

I was sure that he did not expect that last night things finally end up in my apartment fucking the two with vice, for me he was a polite and gallant man, but his vigour surprised m and his vice, when it started fuck to me and how he dominated me, that caught me by surprise, I didn’t expect that reaction but it was a surprise, really wonderful and his dick was so big and hard, 8.1 inches and my first black cock.

He was stroking one of my thighs, when I woke up, showing his white smile of satisfaction.

“I see you happy Martin, that smile is that you were good with me,” I said.

“Dear, since I saw you with your friends, I sensed that you were the perfect woman for my tastes,” He replied.

I was a bit surprised by his answer.

“Why?” I asked, “Did I looked like I was lacking sex and that I needed more, or did you intuit that I was more daring than them? What made me different from them? Did I showed in my face, the need, that a dominant man hit me with his big dick much more and harder? Or make a girl like me, be different from them and naughtier?”

“Age makes a seducer like me, be a true expert in meeting women, beyond those pretty eyes,” said Martin, “And you, under that pretty look, hide your sleeping passion, without a doubt a real female, vicious and lover of new adventures,” He sentenced.

“Me?” I said trying to refute her point of view “I like to be seductive, like to men, have fun, enjoy life, and have a good company, but I am a married woman!”

He smiled even more and said, “That you are a married woman Alice, makes you even more desirable. To fuck and sodomize a married woman, is a more exciting challenge than to do it with another woman who has no partner.”

“Maybe yes, it’s more morbid, I get it,” I affirmed. “It is eating the forbidden fruit of another male I imagine. And that, also to have excited you a lot, that my husband would have seen us casually fucking wildly from the other apartment, having sex with his goog and faithful wife in front of him, naked like a slut, my naked breasts pressed against the window like a bitch and you fucking my pussy and ass, watching, surprised without being able to believe what I let myself do sodomized, by a big black cock and see like me, enjoy and plead, that you fuck me harder and deeper while watching me beg, much more. I love to be, assfuck, I need it, fuck me, fuck me! With my poor husband who loves me, seeing me like this, it would have been very kinky for you. Hot scene, sublime and dirty for you, Martin?”

“When you were not yet married, until now, when you’ve been married for several years, his desire for sex with you, how much has been reduced? to only 10% of when he was striving to conquer you.” He asked I tried to justify Bernhard, “He is always very busy at work, in offering myself all the whims in taking care of me.”

“No Alice, your husband doesn’t take care of you, he only owns you as a wife, but if he wanted to see you completely happy, your husband has to fuck you every day, or almost all. You are beautiful and sensual. Many men wished to be between your legs, but husbands don’t take care of that. That’s why lovers exist, who please and fuck their unsatisfied wives in sex, as were you, unsatisfied, not enjoying real sex, strong, wild, Alice.” Martin was categorical, “Exact like the one who takes care of his Rocky, because is already his property… But what you need and wish it’s a lot of sex and that Bernhard fuck you well, by surprise, where you did not imagine that he would do it to you. This my dear, it ended years ago for you, a few years after getting married, those sexual pleasures Alice, die within the marriage, it’s over!”

I did not respond, but I did recognize that he was somewhat right. Bernhard, I knew he had me safe, he was pretty good and sensible, and I knew that he would always be faithful, and now did not need give me his caresses, nor the sex he gave me before.

“Look Alice,” Martin told me, “I have never married because there all the essence and the desire to conquer the female by the male are lost! We are flesh and blood, and as the animals, for a male, the most important, the most appreciated thing is to get, the mating that a female surrender to him! Better if she is the best and most beautiful female, but so that this bond of attraction is not broken. He has to haunt her and fuck her every day it’s as simple as that. The animals understand it and so they do, pamper and chase the females.”

I listened attentively to his words, knowing that he was not very wrong, since for my husband, sex had become in a routine, and for me, with him, much more. Then he told me something, that lets me completely frost.

“Look Alice, pretty, I like you a lot, I think that and you are the perfect woman for what I search, so I’ll make you an offer that can change your boring life for another more exciting, and that leads you to reach and discover the most exquisite pleasures for a woman. I want you to be my sex slave from now on. A bitch of my property.” He said.

Martin left me again surprised and cold with his crazy proposal. Even though I knew him, his proposal paralyzed me.

“Are you crazy Martin? Do you take me for a whore? And not only that, your white slave bitch?” I asked.

Martin heard me, letting me speak and giving me time to get out of my surprise. When I fell silent, running out of words, surprised, with my mouth open and very offended and angry with what he had just proposed to me. I got up in anger and went to the shower. He stayed lying in bed, like if he had not just proposed that madness to me! It was amazing, what he had just proposed to me. What did he think I was, a stray bitch?

“It’s just a proposal, perfectly compatible with your life as a faithful wife, and I’m just trying to give you the opportunity to be again as happy as you were before marriage, and feel yourself again a seductive woman, when you want, let out that overwhelming female and enjoy, like the other night of full sex, with vice and without taboos. Let out those two different women what is inside you. The good wife, beautiful and intelligent and in other environments or places, you have the possibility to let out that sexual, hot and wonderful female witch you carry inside. That woman thirsty for pleasures, surprising experiences that you have not yet felt or lived, men and sex naughty, surprising and full of sensations, and vice for being again a desired beautiful female for all those who see you go by two different women, opposite, inside you and experience the best of the two Alices. Don’t sacrifice either of the two Alice, let them two and enjoy your opposite sides. Combine them Alice, whenever you want. Freely.”

When we hit the street, I said that I was going by subway, I want and need be alone and close this, now.

“As you want Alice, I admire and respect you… I just have been very sincere with you, think about it please.” Martin answered me.

As I headed for the stairs to go to the suburban one, I turned my face and with a disapproving movement and left him there. That day I was moodier at all times, something that was not usual and when I finished my work I couldn’t wait to get to my apartment. When I walked in and saw the big window where Martin and I had fucked like gods and lovers I got goosebumps. It had been wonderful, but it was one thing to fuck unexpectedly and another, accept being his submissive bitch.

The week went by and I didn’t go out with my friends, I didn’t feel like it, I just wanted to go back to my flat to be comfortable, isolate myself and forget about that transgressive sex thing that was bothering me. I wanted to be alone, reading and listening to music.

On Thursday morning, a UPS courier, delivered me a personal package, I left it on the table, but when I had a quiet moment I started to open it, imagining what would be a surprise that my husband Bernhard had sent me.

It was a small square box. I started to open it with curiosity, and when I saw that there was a black leather necklace with studs.

My heart almost fell out of my chest. I quickly closed the box again (although I was alone) but its content had set off all my alarms, on that quiet morning discovering that it contained a bitch necklace, I had a nasty surprise that had sped up my heart rate to the max. I could hear the beating in my chest, and I felt my face heated with that unexpected surprise.

Inside of me, I thought how it could be possible that that bastard was still trying to tempt me. It was clear that he did not know me. I closed the office door, and I opened the box again to get a good look at its contents. Sure enough, there was a Bdsm style bitch collar with an inscription that said, after a blank space, underneath they had recorded “Owned by Daddy Martin”, that has already started to completely perplex me. That nightmare seemed to haunt me. Plus, a nice matching strap, matching the submissive bitch collar. Shocked by his obsession with me, I thought – Didn’t I make it clear enough yet? – I kept looking at the content of the box, which included a white gold ring, recorded on the outside with “My Love” and inside “My Little slut!” Incredible, I thought again. The gift was completed with a set of shaped wings piercings for my nipples. But I had never worn piercings anywhere… I thought. On a handwritten note inside a small envelope, Martin had written.

Tomorrow, dear Alice, I’ll wait for you at 8 PM at the “Le Quequm Bar” to speak calmly as friends, you don’t have to fear anything from me, you know that I’m a gentleman and if a woman says no to me, I understand that it is No. But it is imperative for you that do not be afraid and came to the appointment. We’ll have a drink, talk and if you feel like it, we’ll dance again. If I didn’t firmly believe that you are the woman of my life, I wouldn’t do this There are thousands of girls in London, but I wish you, precious and naughty Alice, because you’re wonderful and I want you to be happy too. Please keep the appointment. You are brave and you have nothing to fear from me. I will wait for you impatiently like If I was still a teenager waiting for his first date. Come, you will like to have done it, and have the opportunity to clear up this misunderstanding.

In the note, Martin said goodbye to me with until 8 PM tomorrow.

I waited to get home and I couldn’t resist the temptation to try on that daring gift, the black leather collar of bitch in front of the mirror. I undressed and I found that it contributed to my nakedness with a super sexy and daring touch.

At other times before being with Bernhard in some role play with friends, I had put on a bitch necklace and it was very kinky.

Naked in front of the mirror, I felt myself again as a very seductive bitch. I tested the piercings above my nipples, how it looked my breasts with them, and I began to feel that my nipples got hard, the piercings were shaped like a wing, adorning my breasts, and I had to admit that the perverted Martin had good taste and that a lot of money had been spent on those jewels that I was determined to give back. Accepting those things meant admitting that I liked them, and they would give Martin the feeling that maybe occasionally I was going to play the role of a slave for him, and I was determined not to do it and commit myself. I was almost faithful to Bernhard (except for my unexpected affair with Martin, and I wanted to remain faithful to my husband) But thinking how daring the submissive bitch role was, made my pussy wet, surprisingly.

There was another sealed envelope, where he said, Do not open this other envelope, if you do not want to be my slave. Obviously, I opened that envelope, it was too much temptation to not do it. There were two somewhat yellowish leaves where I could read in the header. “Black Ownership Certificate” It was a text written in American English, it was old and ancient. I skimmed it a bit. Apparently, they were the stipulated rules, in a relationship white-slave and Black Owner. The little that I read, I was very surprised, it was like a text from ancient cultures.

I closed the envelope again carefully so that Martin, would not realize that it was opened and looked at its content. For me, it lacked absolute importance, I didn’t need to read about something that “never” was going to be.

I turned to smile thinking that Martin had added that old contract, like one of his daring antics.

I finally got up, and was shocked to myself for the interest and curiosity what had caused me the final document … but I finally thought. If you did not plan to go to the appointment, why keep thinking about it then I realized that?

I had the determination and the duty to give all back to Martin, and wanted to make it clear that the game had ended in that precise moment. That last meeting between the two of us, put full stop, to his crazy proposal

But I realized I had a problem I did not know where to find him or where he lived, we only saw each other outside or in my apartment, therefore the easiest thing for me was going to go briefly to “Le QueQum” where he would be, and return to Martin that package he had sent me, right there.

Well, I would go at the agreed time to “Le QueQum”, I would leave it on the table, I would greet him (without sitting down) because Martin could be very persuasive, and I would leave with a simple “Thanks, but no! It was a pleasure meeting you”, so he would know that I had made my final decision.

By :AliceBarker

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