White wife is dominated by a Black Master

We woke up in my bed together Martin was already awake and he was watching me naked beside him with satisfaction.

I was sure that he did not expect that last night things finally end up in my apartment fucking the two with vice, for me he was a polite and gallant man, but his vigour surprised m and his vice, when it started fuck to me and how he dominated me, that caught me by surprise, I didn’t expect that reaction but it was a surprise, really wonderful and his dick was so big and hard, 8.1 inches and my first black cock.

He was stroking one of my thighs, when I woke up, showing his white smile of satisfaction.

“I see you happy Martin, that smile is that you were good with me,” I said.

“Dear, since I saw you with your friends, I sensed that you were the perfect woman for my tastes,” He replied.

I was a bit surprised by his answer.

“Why?” I asked, “Did I looked like I was lacking sex and that I needed more, or did you intuit that I was more daring than them? What made me different from them? Did I showed in my face, the need, that a dominant man hit me with his big dick much more and harder? Or make a girl like me, be different from them and naughtier?”

“Age makes a seducer like me, be a true expert in meeting women, beyond those pretty eyes,” said Martin, “And you, under that pretty look, hide your sleeping passion, without a doubt a real female, vicious and lover of new adventures,” He sentenced.

“Me?” I said trying to refute her point of view “I like to be seductive, like to men, have fun, enjoy life, and have a good company, but I am a married woman!”

He smiled even more and said, “That you are a married woman Alice, makes you even more desirable. To fuck and sodomize a married woman, is a more exciting challenge than to do it with another woman who has no partner.”

“Maybe yes, it’s more morbid, I get it,” I affirmed. “It is eating the forbidden fruit of another male I imagine. And that, also to have excited you a lot, that my husband would have seen us casually fucking wildly from the other apartment, having sex with his goog and faithful wife in front of him, naked like a slut, my naked breasts pressed against the window like a bitch and you fucking my pussy and ass, watching, surprised without being able to believe what I let myself do sodomized, by a big black cock and see like me, enjoy and plead, that you fuck me harder and deeper while watching me beg, much more. I love to be, assfuck, I need it, fuck me, fuck me! With my poor husband who loves me, seeing me like this, it would have been very kinky for you. Hot scene, sublime and dirty for you, Martin?”

“When you were not yet married, until now, when you’ve been married for several years, his desire for sex with you, how much has been reduced? to only 10% of when he was striving to conquer you.” He asked I tried to justify Bernhard, “He is always very busy at work, in offering myself all the whims in taking care of me.”

“No Alice, your husband doesn’t take care of you, he only owns you as a wife, but if he wanted to see you completely happy, your husband has to fuck you every day, or almost all. You are beautiful and sensual. Many men wished to be between your legs, but husbands don’t take care of that. That’s why lovers exist, who please and fuck their unsatisfied wives in sex, as were you, unsatisfied, not enjoying real sex, strong, wild, Alice.” Martin was categorical, “Exact like the one who takes care of his Rocky, because is already his property… But what you need and wish it’s a lot of sex and that Bernhard fuck you well, by surprise, where you did not imagine that he would do it to you. This my dear, it ended years ago for you, a few years after getting married, those sexual pleasures Alice, die within the marriage, it’s over!”

By :AliceBarker

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