White wife goes black

“That’s it, baby, roll that fat ass. Work my black cock. Make me cum in your pussy,” Ray told the white married woman moaning beneath him, her hands on his dark ass, urging him to fuck her deeper and harder. He tried recalling the middle-age slut’s name. Yeah, she was that easy. The first time he’d ever really talked to her was less than an hour ago.

Ray had seen her before though. She shopped at the grocery store where he worked. Most of the time she came in by herself, but occasionally her pot-belly husband accompanied her. Today, she’d been alone.

While she stood scanning the shelves, Ray studied her. Despite being older, he thought the short blonde-haired housewife was cute with a hot curvy body. He liked a woman with big tits and a well-rounded bottom and this middle-age bitch had both. He guessed her melon-size tits to be 38DD’s beneath the thin summer tee-shirt stretched tight across them. She had wide hips and a big butt, which looked even bigger in her tiny shorts. The styling was way too young for her age. They were cut too short leaving the bottom curve of her ass cheeks clearly visible. Since Ray couldn’t see a hint of panties, he figured the married white slut either had on a thong or nothing at all. Whatever the case, she was made for fucking.

“She’s really flaunting what she’s got,” an old man muttered. He was intently staring at the scantily-clad woman as Ray kneeled next to him, stocking canned goods on a lower shelf. He smiled down at the young black. “If I was still your age, I’d see if she was any good.”

Ray grinned back. “I can’t think about our customers that way.”

“Sure, you can. And do,” the old man laughed. “I was always horny when I was young. I thought about pussy all the time. You’re probably no different.”

Ray didn’t say anything, but the old man had it right. Ray was twenty-six, hung like a horse, and primed to fuck; especially white women. He didn’t know why, since he’d screw a woman regardless of race, but white bitches turned him on the most. If they were married, it only got better. It added excitement to the risk of duping her husband by taking what was supposed to be his private property and making it his own. Some would label his behavior as a character flaw, but not in Ray’s mind.

Ray didn’t tell the old man, but there is truth in the adage, “Once you go black you never go back.” At least, it was true in his case. He had more than one white bitch willing to peel off her panties and spread her legs at the snap of his fingers. Once he slapped the meat to them, these whores were begging for more. They always pleaded with him to cum inside their pussies.

He always went bareback and loved using a white woman as his cum dump. It was a turn-on for him, feeling his big black cock being soaked by their hot pussy juice. When he came, Ray spurted jet after jet of sperm, pumping a huge load into the bitch from his big cum-swollen balls. He knew it wasn’t a cup full of black baby juice, but he figured it was close. Her pussy would become a swampy mess, oozing like a cream-pie. Plus, there was always his desire to breed the bitch and impregnating her. He liked the idea.

Ray already had a young married whore knocked-up. She was a fine blonde with pert tits and a firm sexy body. Well, she was that way before her belly puffed out in a tell-tale sign of pregnancy. When the blonde wife finally broke down and nervously admitted to her husband that she’d been cheating and was pregnant with a black lover’s baby, his reaction was unexpected.

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