White, married social worker raped by BBC

This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life.

The September sun beat down on Lisa through the open
sunroof of her blue Acura as she pulled up to her last
case of the day in the middle of the projects. The
young, 21 year old had recently graduated from the
University of South Florida with a degree in social
work. Lisa had accepted this job with the Department of
Children and Families (DCF) three months ago. She had
just started to get the swing of things and looked
forward to successfully finishing her probationary
period in nine months.

Lisa worried about her safety and the security of her
new car in this terrible neighborhood. Black faces
everywhere seemed to be staring at her. This was a new
family assigned to Lisa’s supervision due to child
neglect a 25 year old single mother of three

It had been a long day and Lisa looked forward to
returning home and briefly meeting her husband, Doug,
before his night shift at the hospital started. He
worked at Mercy General as a trauma nurse.

Lisa stood about 5′ 7″ inches tall, weighed 120 pounds,
and displayed a perfect 34″ 24″ 34″ figure sporting
firm C-cup breasts. Her long, soft, brunette hair
reached slightly past her shoulders and her big, blue
eyes lit up her face. She regularly swam laps and took
care of her figure.

Lisa wore an attractive, black pantsuit with grey
pinstripes. Her high heeled shoes loudly clicked as she
travelled the walkway to the apartment.

Lisa knocked on the door and was greeted by a black
female who looked about 25 years old.

“Hi, my name is Lisa Codell with the Department of
Children and Families. I’m here for Shaquanda Green,”
Lisa said confidently with a bright smile revealing her
perfect, white teeth.

Lisa grew up in a white, middle class neighborhood with
almost no exposure to blacks. They made her feel
uncomfortable, especially large, Negro men. Lisa viewed
African Americans with pity. They displayed inferior
cognitive ability and seemed to only be good at
reproducing prolifically, as every black female she
contacted since working with the DCF had many kids from
several different black fathers. Lisa found it
difficult to understand the moral compass of these
people and how they made children so irresponsibly.

“I is Shaquanda,” the black woman said.

The young, black woman looked fairly attractive for a
drug addicted prostitute in the ghetto.

“Hi Shaquanda, I need to come into your apartment and
check the kids and their home environment out,” Lisa

“Yuze can’t come in now. I’s got company,” Shaquanda
answered impatiently.

Lisa thought she knew how to handle these difficult
cases. “Ma’am, if you don’t let me in the DCF will take
your children into protective custody,” Lisa said.

“What you threatening me, white bitch?” Shaquanda
yelled with her neck swerving side to side. “Yuz best
come back later, if you know what’s good for you!”

“In that case, I am calling DCF right now,” Lisa
threatened as she fished her cell phone from her purse
and began pushing numbers.

If they took her kids, the welfare checks would stop
coming. “No, don’t takes my babies. Yuze can come in,”
Shaquanda said in surrender.

Lisa entered the dingy, rundown apartment.

“It says here you have one girl and two boys, ages
eight, nine, and 10. Where are they?” Lisa inquired
looking down at the form on her clipboard.

“They’s with my sister,” Shaquanda irately answered.

“Does anyone else live here with you besides the
children?” Lisa asked.

“Jus Reggie. He’s in da room down da hall. Yuz wants to
meet him?”

“Yes, I need to interview everyone living in the
household, including your children,” Lisa stated.

“Reggie, yuz has a vistor!” Shaquanda yelled.

Reggie, a 25 year old drug dealer used Shaquanda’s
apartment as his headquarters. No romance existed
between Reggie and Shaquanda, as Reggie preferred white
women. His relationship with Shaquanda was purely
financial; he paid Shaquanda for the use of her

A huge, 6′ 4″ black man approximately 225 pounds of
solid muscle came out from the bedroom with an angry
scowl on his face. Reggie needed to finish preparing a
potent heroin and cocaine mixture for his drug
lieutenants to sell.

“What you want, Shaquanda?” Reggie asked annoyed.

“This here white bitch be threatening to take my young
ones away,” Shaquanda said.

Reggie saw the beautiful social worker and his cock
immediately twitched in his pants. He had a preference
for young white pussy just like this. He observed the
wedding band on Lisa’s finger and knew her type � an
uppity white bitch that thought she was too good for
black men. This was the kind of girl he liked taking
most, especially if they were not on birth control and
helplessly cried that they might get pregnant. The act
of sexually subduing vulnerable white females against
their pleas and protests, and ruining their precious
little pussies for their white men excited Reggie
greatly. Once their pussies grew accustomed to his
giant phallus, a puny white penis could no longer
satisfy them.

Usually, entrapping such a gorgeous white girl required
extensive planning and great effort. But this proved
one of those rare occasions when the butterfly entered
Reggie’s parlor and flew right into his web.

Lisa felt uneasy as Reggie approached, his dark eyes
penetrating her clothing and taking in her petite and
vulnerable form.

“I just need to ask the two of you a couple of quick
questions and I’ll be on my way,” Lisa nervously said
as Reggie’s towering body stood inches away occupying
her personal space and almost making physical contact
with her. She hated the way some black men attempted to
intimidate her.

“Suppose we doesn’t feel like answering no questions?”
Reggie said as he pulled Lisa’s clipboard from her
hands and threw it across the room. “Who the fuck you
think you is coming in here and threatening to take
Shaquanda’s babies?”

Lisa realized her danger and began backing away from
the giant, angry, black figure.

“Get da door, Shaquanda. I think we needs to teach this
white bitch a lesson,” Reggie barked.

Shaquanda raced to the front door to prevent Lisa’s
possible escape.

Lisa found herself against the wall unable to retreat
further as Reggie grabbed hold of her arms.

“Get your filthy hands off of me! I’m going to have you
arrested for assault,” Lisa threatened as she
unsuccessfully attempted jerking her arms away from
Reggie’s firm grasp.

Reggie slapped Lisa hard across the face, leaving a red
mark on her left cheek and causing her to see stars.

“You threatening me now, bitch?” Reggie asked as he
tore Lisa’s purse from her shoulder and tossed it over
to Shaquanda.

“Take her cell phone. This bitch ain’t calling nobody,”
Reggie yelled.

Lisa realized the jeopardy she was in and screamed,

Reggie muffled Lisa’s screech with his meaty hand while
dragging her into his bedroom.

“Get her clothes off whiles I hold her,” Reggie told
Shaquanda as he wrestled Lisa into the bed. “I’s goin
to teach her to respect the black man.”

Shaquanda smiled into Lisa’s terrified eyes as she
began unbuttoning Lisa’s blouse.

“I’s bet you never had a big, black cock before,”
Shaquanda taunted as she worked her way down the
buttons on Lisa’s shirt.

Lisa’s big, blue eyes grew large with fear. She had
only been with one man her entire life, her husband,
Doug. She remained true to Doug as a good Christian
wife should. Now these two subhuman Negroes threatened
to destroy that special exclusivity she had maintained
with her husband. Lisa resisted with all her strength
to prevent her clothes from being removed by Shaquanda

“MMMPPPHHH!” Lisa tried to scream.

“Yuz a lucky white girl. Once Reggie here spoils you
with his huge cock, you ain’t never goin to be
satisfied with no small white prick,” Shaquanda teased.

Lisa violently flailed in Reggie’s embrace as
Shaquanda’s hands unfastened her pants.

“Ooooh, look what we’s has here,” Shaquanda said as she
revealed Lisa’s pink, silk, bikini briefs that matched
her racy pink bra.

Lisa lay scantily clad in her silk undergarments
struggling with Reggie in bed. Shaquanda removed Lisa’s
bra unveiling her perky young tits. She had light pink
nipples with quarter sized areolas.

“And now let’s see what this white bitch has waiting
down here for us,” Shaquanda said as she pulled off
Lisa’s panties, the last vestige of her privacy,
revealing her neatly groomed pubic area. Laser
treatments left her genitals smooth and completely
hairless, save for a very small patch of brown, neatly
trimmed pubic hair just above her vagina.

Lisa aggressively kicked and squirmed as Shaquanda
tried to access her vagina.

“No use struggling, bitch. I’s just tryin to gets yuz
ready for Reggie’s big cock,” Shaquanda said.

There was no way Lisa was going to allow these two
horrible people to molest her. She continued thrashing.

Reggie grew impatient with Lisa’s struggles. “Go’s in
my room and gets the works for her,” Reggie said to

“Yuz gonna calm down nicely. Yuz might even enjoys this
some,” Reggie whispered in Lisa’s ear.

Lisa didn’t understand what Reggie had meant by “the
works”. All she knew was that there was no way she
would settle down and enjoy anything these two
disgusting, black pigs might do to her. She had to get
away before it was too late.

Shaquanda returned with a rubber tourniquet and syringe
containing an exotic mixture of cocaine and heroin.
Lisa suddenly understood what Reggie meant by “the
works” and tried with all her strength to free herself
from Reggie’s firm hold as Shaquanda tightened the
tourniquet around her small arm.

“MMMPPHHH!!” Lisa tried to scream. If only Reggie would
take his hand off her mouth she would tell them both
she was sorry and would not bother them again.

“I knows yuz think yuz don’t want this, but yuz will
feel different once you try it,” Shaquanda reassuringly
said as she tried to hold Lisa’s struggling arm out
straight. Lisa’s exertions to free her arm from
Shaquanda’s grasp caused the veins in it to distend,
making them easier targets.

“That’s it girl, keeps fightin,” Shaquanda encouraged.
Shaquanda knew eventually Lisa’s muscles would tire
from the exertion.

Lisa began feeling fatigued from the extended fight and
stopped moving her arm long enough for Shaquanda to
stick a distended vein. Once the needle was in the
vessel, Lisa ceased moving her arm, anticipating the
pain the needle might cause

“There we’s go girl,” Shaquanda said as she pushed the
strong dosage of drugs into Lisa’s virgin circulatory
system. “Doesn’t that feel better now?” Shaquanda
soothingly asked as she removed the tourniquet from
Lisa’s arm and allowed the potent drugs to take effect.

Lisa’s struggles diminished considerably as euphoria
diminished her fear. She felt very heavy and just
wanted to rest with her peaceful feeling.

“Whaaaaat diiiiiiid youuuuuu giiiiiiive meeeeee?” Lisa
dreamily asked as Reggie released his hold and allowed
the young social worker to enjoy her first high while
he undressed.

Shaquanda saw her opportunity and pushed Lisa’s legs
apart providing access to her private area.

“Aren’t you a pretty thing,” Shaquanda said as she
stretched Lisa’s tender labia open to reveal the light
pink flesh inside.

“Whaaaaaat are you dooooooing tooooooo meeeeeeee?” Lisa
asked. Shaquanda licked her fingers and softly stroked
Lisa’s sensitive hood as she dipped her tongue into her
wet hole and lapped up the sweet fluids Lisa’s innocent
pussy produced in preparation for its assault.
“Nooooooooooh, stoooooooop,” Lisa cried as she feebly
tried to push Shaquanda’s head away from her vagina.
Shaquanda had been a prostitute for many years and knew
how to expertly please men, as well as women � even a
young girl like this that wasn’t a lesbian succumbed to
her talent.

Brief realizations that this was a disgusting and
immoral act kept surfacing in Lisa’s mind, but the
drugs managed to keep Lisa’s rational thoughts
scattered for the most part.

As Lisa lay in her drug induced state with her eyes
closed, the attention to her pussy briefly stopped.
When it resumed, it felt differently. She looked down
and saw Reggie positioning his charcoal penis at her
entrance. The thing was huge, with numerous veins
bulging along its shaft. Doug’s penis was only five
inches long � small in comparison and nowhere near the
diameter of Reggie’s grotesque organ.

Lisa didn’t use birth control pills because they gave
her severe headaches. Doug had always used condoms to
prevent Lisa from getting pregnant, as the two were not
quite ready, financially, to start a family yet.

“NOO! Lisa whined as her labia tightly stretched around
the first penis besides her husband’s that sought entry
into her vulnerable pussy. This was also the first time
ever that a cock had entered her without the protective
barrier of a condom.

Reggie gradually worked his huge cock further inside
Lisa, giving her small pussy time to adjust to his
large size. With each thrust, her tight cunt stretched
a little further to accommodate its new mate.

“Please don’t do this to me,” Lisa cried as her pussy
accepted more and more of the strange, new cock inside
it. “I’m married. Please stop,” she continued as she
weakly tried to push Reggie off of her.

Shaquanda laughed at Lisa’s pleas as Reggie continued
drilling deeper into the dumb, white girl’s unchartered

“When Reggie finishes with yuz, your’s husband’s small
prick won’t satisfy yuz no more,” she taunted. “Your
pussy is getting all stretched out right now by
Reggie’s big black cock,” Shaquanda gleefully said.

Lisa felt Reggie’s big, black balls slapping against
her ass as he drove into her, but didn’t realize that
this meant her anatomy had already adapted to this much
larger sized organ. The pressure and discomfort
subsided as her body grew more comfortable with
Reggie’s greater presence inside it.

Reggie felt the muscles in Lisa’s young, pink pussy
contract around his rod a couple of times as she grew
more responsive. It was time to change positions to
further conquer any resistance remaining in the young,
white girl.

Reggie withdrew his long, slick cock from Lisa’s wet
cunt. Lisa looked down and noticed the large, shiny,
black pole twitch as it hung away from Reggie’s body.

“Help get hers on top of me, Shaquanda,” Reggie said as
he lay on his back.

Shaquanda took a moment to lick Lisa’s juices from
Reggie’s shaft and then positioned Lisa above Reggie,
aiming his cock toward Lisa’s entrance. Reggie placed
his hands on Lisa’s hips and pushed her down.

“That’s it, girl,” Shaquanda gently encouraged as
Lisa’s slid lower on the large, black organ.

“Oh!” Lisa said as she impaled herself on Reggie.
Reggie began working his pelvis as Shaquanda accessed
Lisa’s clitoris and gently started rubbing its hood.

“Nooooooooh!” Lisa cried as Reggie felt Lisa’s pussy
contractions become stronger and more frequent. Lisa
unconsciously started moving her hips.

“That’s it girl, fuck that big, black cock,” Shaquanda
encouraged as Lisa experienced multiple orgasms.
Reggie’s cock continued sawing in and out of her from
behind as Shaqaunda went down on Lisa and began gently
sucking her clit.

Reggie held Lisa’s back tightly against his chest with
one hand on her flat tummy while the other one took
turns gently rolling each of her pink nipples between
his fingers causing them to remain hard.

Lisa noticed the cadence of Reggie’s thrusts had
increased and sensed he was about to cum.

“Please don’t cum inside me. I don’t want to get
pregnant,” Lisa implored.

Reggie delighted in the young, white, married woman’s
appeals and filled her tight, susceptible cunt with his
potent seed.

“Oh, no,” Lisa cried as her cunt received seamen for
the first time, not from her husband, but from a
disgusting black man. Lisa’s pussy acted traitorously,
as it contracted in spasms around the large black cock,
seeming to encourage it to impregnate her. Reggie
produced copious amounts of the rich fluid that filled
Lisa up.

Shaquanda pulled Reggie’s deflating cock from Lisa’s
pussy and sucked it clean in her mouth as the surplus
cream oozed from Lisa’s cunt.

Reggie rolled Lisa off of him, allowing her to
peacefully rest in the bed and enjoy the rest of her
high as his vigorous sperm searched for an available
egg to fertilize inside her.

Several hours later, Lisa woke up naked in a strange
bed as the affects of the drugs wore off. She only
remembered bits and pieces of what happened to her. The
small patch of pubic hair above her pussy felt crusty,
like dried hair gel. She searched the bed and room for
her clothes and dressed.

Shaquanda noticed Lisa coming from Reggie’s room.

“Yuz sho had a good time with Reggie. Was that yuz
first time with a black man, baby?” Shaquanda asked.

Too disgusted to answer Shaquanda’s question, Lisa
picked up her clipboard and purse and quickly left the

Lisa decided not to tell anyone about her rape. She
didn’t want to share the horrible details of what those
two disgusting animals did to her with the rest of the
world. How could her husband accept her or make love to
her again after learning that a filthy, black cock had
been in her vagina? She kept the dark secret to herself
and attempted to get on with her life.

Several days had passed when Lisa and Doug made love.

Doug returned home in the morning from his evening
shift at work and viewed the firm, petite figure of his
wife peacefully sleeping in her yellow, silk
undergarments � a sexy bra and thong. Doug’s 22 year
old cock grew hard in anticipation of enjoying his
wife. He removed his clothes and slid in bed next to
her. Lisa woke up as Doug removed her bra and pulled
down her panties. After a couple of minutes of foreplay
where the two kissed, Lisa watched Doug place a condom
on his small, five inch penis. She looked down and
observed her pussy easily swallow the little organ.

“Oh, honey, you feel so good in me,” Lisa said as she
raised her pelvis in a futile attempt to get more of
Doug’s cock that didn’t exist. He felt like a loose fit
inside her now. Doug’s penis adequately filled Lisa
before. But Reggie’s larger size had stretched out her
small vagina, and Doug’s member just would not reach
the areas that Reggie awakened � areas that now craved
contact with a phallus. Lisa, however, refused to
acknowledge to herself that the penis of the man she
loved no longer satisfied her as she tightly wrapped
her legs around Doug.

After only five minutes, Doug’s pace increased.

“Oh, I’m cumming,” Doug said as he tensed up and
ejaculated a small amount of seamen into the rubber,
ignorant that Lisa’s once exclusive pussy had been
nailed by a black man and forced to experience greater
intimacy with an unsheathed cock much larger than his
own. Indeed her previously unsoiled vagina had already
accepted large quantities of potent seamen from this
other penis, while Doug had yet to enter her without a
protective condom.

Doug withdrew leaving Lisa very unsatisfied. Lisa
noticed the small amount of fluid in the tip of his
condom, as he removed the contraceptive and discarded
it in the trash.

“That really felt good,” Lisa lied to Doug.

“Yeah, I have to get some sleep. I had a busy night at
work and it looks light tonight will be just as
chaotic,” Doug replied as he rolled away from Lisa and
closed his eyes, completely oblivious to his young,
wife’s needs.

Lisa quietly got out of bed and prepared for work.

Lisa’s daily schedule consisted of swimming laps early
each morning at the public pool to maintain her health
and lovely figure, followed by work at the Department
of Children and Families. Despite her traumatic rape,
Lisa managed to continue her disciplined schedule and
began putting the entire ordeal behind her.

After her morning swim, Lisa arrived at work and
thumbed through her scheduled visits for the day � a
relatively light load it appeared. But her heart sank
when Shaquanda Green’s name appeared on the roster.
Shaquanda had requested an appointment with her. Lisa
immediately went to her supervisor, Tashara Williams, a
fat, black female who collected a government check by
doing as little work as possible. Lisa didn’t realize
that Tashara was Reggie’s half sister. Tashara knew
what had transpired between Lisa and her brother and
wanted to ensure her brother additional opportunities
to bring down and impregnate this snotty, little, white
bitch. Like Reggie, Tashara secretly harbored a deep
hatred and distrust of whites.

The fat, black woman sat at her desk staring at the
comics while munching potato chips with a Coke close at
hand on her desk. Lisa politely knocked on the open
door to Tashara’s office.

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