When the twins are away, Mother can play! – Caught Panty Sniffing

The following day I woke to the sound of heavy rain on the window. As I came to my senses I could hear the twins chatting in their room. Not that I could hear what they were saying but they sounded happy and excited about something.

Going for a pee I forgot to slip the lock on the door and was interrupted when the door flew open, “Oh sorry Tom, I didn’t know you were in here,” said one of the twins.

Expecting her to leave I was surprised when I realised she was still there, “I’ve never seen a boy peeing before, sorry I should go,” looking round I could see it was Amy and she was staring at my cock.

“Watch if you want,” I laughed, “it doesn’t bother me.”

To my surprise she came closer and stood by my side looking down as I finished emptying my bladder, “Your cock still looks big even without an erection,” she said.

As I shook the last drops from my penis Amy surprised me again by running her finger across my knob, “I wonder what it tastes like,” she said and sucked her finger between her lips.

“Mmm interesting taste. Your turn to watch me now,” she said pushing me aside, taking down her black panties she sat down.

“No don’t put it away,” she said, seeing me about to slip my cock back into my PJ’s.

Hearing a hissing sound I looked down to see her pee streaming down into the pan. She again wiped her finger across my knob and sucked it into her mouth. My cock twitched from her touch.

She finished peeing but instead of reaching for the paper to dry herself she ran her fingers between her legs, “Here taste mine,” she said raising her fingers towards my mouth.

Tasting her fingers I could smell the pungent aroma of her pussy heightened by her fresh piss.

“AMY,” Emily’s call startled us.

“COMING,” answered Amy pulling her panties up as she stood, “see you later Tom.” She gave my cock a squeeze as she passed me to leave…

A little later I discovered what the girls had been so excited about when I heard them earlier, “Tom! Can I come in?” followed a knock on my bedroom door.

“Yeah sure,” I said.

Emily stepped in closing the door quietly behind her, “I thought I should tell you we’re off to see Helen tonight, she’s invited us down for a couple of days.” she said.

“Oh OK, say hello from me when you see her,” I said wishing I could see her as well.

“Yeah I will. I was wondering, do you still have her dirty knickers she left?” she asked.

“Yeah I’ve got them here,” I said reaching under my pillow.

“Ooooh good, let me have a sniff, I want a reminder of how she smells, can’t wait to see her again,” she said holding her hand out.

A sudden thought made me keep them from her, “How much do you want them?” I teased.

“Oooh please,” she said reaching for them.

“What’s in it for me?” I asked keeping them out of her reach.

“Oh you sod,” she said smiling, “alright, if I do something for you will you let me have them?”

“Depends what you do,” I said and raised Helen’s panties to my nose, “Mmmm they still smell good.”

“Oh fuck, I need them so bad,” she said and began pulling her t-shirt up.

I admired her sexy little body as she stood a few feet from me with her hands on her hips wearing only a pair of red panties.

“So what do you want me to do?” she asked with a naughty little grin.

“I want to watch you fingering yourself,” I told her.

Her grin turned into a smile, “OK but you’ve got to wank as well!” she said.

Emily pulled her panties off, “I want those,” I said pointing to her knickers she was about to drop on the floor.

“Are you sure, they could be a bit smelly,” she said and then laughed, “what am I saying, that’s what you like isn’t it you dirty bugger.”

By : storyfella

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