When my sister was pregnant

My sister Kate is 28 and I am 27. Growing up so close in age made us pretty close as brother and sister. Nothing incestuous but we never argued and we always helped each other out. We looked after each other. She’s just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. But this happened a few days before she had him.

I was visiting one weekend a couple of days before her due date. Her husband Neil was telling me how worried he was getting because he worked a hours drive away from where they live. He wanted to be there for Kate at a moment’s notice but he couldnt get any time off. I offered to help because as luck would have it, I had 2 week holidays left to take. Plus it would give me some quality time with my sister, we used to spend loads of time together but once you grow up, it all disappears. Kate was just as happy to have me there as I was too. A couple of days later I turned up at my sisters with Chocolate and DVDs and some baby things ready for the new born. We sat on the sofa and drank tea and chatted and watched movies all morning. Perfect way to spend a morning if your pregnant I presume. The conversation turned towards kids and how her life will change once the baby arrives. I asked her if she wants more than just one child. She said “I would love a couple of kids but I don’t think Neil will ever come near me again, my body already turns him off and I haven’t even popped the baby out yet!” I laughed but told her not to worry “He’s a man and we all have needs, he won’t be able to keep away from you for to long” I said. “well he hasn’t come near me for about 4 months, ever since the baby bump appeared” she said “and to make matters worse, these hormones have me up the wall, I’m constantly horny. It’s costing me a fortune in batteries!” I burst out laughing and nearly spilled my cup of tea. She laughed too but I could tell she was serious. She said he won’t have sex because he’s scared he will hurt the baby but she knows it’s because he finds her ugly now. I told her not to worry because once the baby is here they will both be to tierd to have sex anyway. She didn’t find that funny at all.

We chilled for a little while. Dunking biscuits in our tea and watching Tele. She said “what would you do if my waters broke now!?” I said “it would be fine. I would run you to the hospital and give Neil a ring and get him to meet us there. Theres nothing to worry about”. She said “yeah but what if we didn’t have time and you had to deliver the baby yourself!” I said “Well then I would be honoured that I get to deliver my little niece or nephew into our world. It would be fine”
“Yeah but wouldn’t it bother you seeing all my rude bits, I’m your sister, and all the blood?” “Nah it’s only a vagina, nothing I haven’t seen before, and I’m not squeamish, I could do it, you know I would look after you” I said. “Really?” she said with a smile on her face. ” You really are a good brother, I can imagine Neil having to do it, he would be in the corner passed out at the sight of it” she laughed. “Well I’m always here for you arnt I sis, I wouldn’t just leave you, I would look after you”

She sat quietly for about 10 minutes. I asked her what was wrong, she said “no no nothing, I’m just thinking that’s all” “Well what are you thinking about? I said trying to figure out what was on her mind.
“You would think I’m a proper weirdo if I told you” she said and looked away from me. My sister knows me well enough and she’s never been scared to tell me things before but I could tell she was nervous. I prompted her to just tell me and that I didnt care what it is, she knows she can trust me. I wasn’t expecting her reply though.

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