When Ann is shipwrecked on an exotic island

When Ann is shipwrecked on an exotic island, she
realizes her only hope of survival lies with the
largest primate on the island; Kong! (F/beast, reluc,


Ann awoke. Her throat was parched. It actually hurt.
Too much seawater. She could hear the waves breaking
nearby. How had she survived? She remembered the
fishing vessel and how it suddenly capsized in rough
seas. There wasn’t time to signal the Coast Guard. The
ship sank quickly. Oh. Jack. Surely he made it.

She rose up. Her right shoulder was bruised and felt
numb. She was alone. Something roared horrendously in
the distance. She jolted to her feet. She was weak.
Wobbly. She felt she needed to get to safety. Her dress
was in tatters. The thing roared again. She decided to
go the opposite direction.

As she ran down the beach barefoot, a large lizard came
from behind her, snapping its massive jaws. She thought
she could hear bone crunching. It was as big as a
dinosaur but that was impossible. Wasn’t it? It was
catching up with her. She could not match its gait.
Sweat beaded off her forehead. She would have cried if
she could. He closed in, mouth gaping; ready for the

She closed her eyes. A massive furry arm crashed down
on the giant lizard’s head.

It stopped moving instantly. He grabbed her. She had to
be dreaming. He was huge. A massive gorilla on a
tropical island in the middle of nowhere. Yes. She was
sure she was dreaming.

The gorilla grabbed her, roaring and yanking her to and
fro as if to show all the other inhabitants what was
his. Her shoulder throbbed but she still couldn’t yell.
The pain was almost too much. Then she passed out.

When she awoke, she was nude. She looked for her
clothes but they were nowhere to be found. The gorilla
was watching her intently. Her gaze subconsciously made
their way down to his belly, between his haunches,
where his cock was engorged, jet black, jutting out and

She felt mesmerized and disgusted at the same time. She
tried to cover up. Then her eyes met his. Grey eyes.
They were full of knowledge and wisdom and wanting. And
loneliness. He showed no aggression towards her. Her
nudeness she soon discovered was mere curiosity. She
was near her period and her scent must have excited

Over the course of the next few days she tried to
escape, only to run into more of those lizard things.
And the gorilla stopped them each time. She realized he
wasn’t holding her captive as much as protecting her.

He brought her food, and by weeks end, she learned to
trust him.

She was cold one night and until now she had taken
refuge on a kind of nest she had made from leaves. But
tonight was bad. She was shivering; her teeth
chattering. Lips blue. Her toes were numb. She dared go
near the sleeping giant.

He opened his eyes, and opened his arms a little. She
squeezed between his chest and furry arm. He was so

She looked him in the eyes and smiled. “Thank you,” she
said. He grinned. She held onto his arm and slept
soundly for the first time in ages.

When she awoke, he had brought her more food. He
remained close. She held out her hand for him and he
walked close, gently touching his forefinger to hers.
He was so gentle. He was sniffing the air.

Oh. Oh. She thought. Her period. That’s what’s got him
so bothered, she thought. Then without even thinking
much on the subject she walked over to him and nuzzled
her warm body against his hairy sheathe. His head
rolled back as her tiny hands worked his sheathe. His
cock slowly emerged, the tip was nearly the size of her
head. She continued stroking him licking the head. His
cock jutted fully now from its sheathe.

By :Porngirl180

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