What Mom Knows Fucks Her Again

What Mom Knows Fucks Her Again

Summary: The day after son fucks Mom and her friend.

Note 1: This is a sequel to the story What Mom Doesn’t Know Will Fuck Her. Although this story can stand on its own, I highly recommend you read Part One before reading this one….

Note 2: A great big hug of gratitude goes to Estragon for his editing.

Note 3: Another ‘thank you’ goes to all who voted for part one and requested a sequel to a story I never intended to have a sequel. I hope you enjoy the further adventures of Curtis and his very attractive mother.

What Mom Knows Fucks Her Again
Have you ever woke up and let out a sigh as you realized you’re vivid, enthralling experience was just a dream?

As I attempted to open my weary eyes, that was the exact empty feeling that was rolling through me. My dream had felt so real. I dreamt I had fucked my Mother last night…twice. It was the most intoxicating real experience and the most alive I had ever felt, so realizing it was a dream was completely devastating. Many of my fantasies have been about fucking my ridiculously hot mother, so such dreams were not new, just how authentically real it felt was new. I had also woke up many times, all sticky after an all-too-real dream. It was then I was startled as the bed moved.

My eyes went deer-in-the-headlights big as I slowly turned to my side to look directly into the eyes of my mother.

“Good morning, lover,” she smiled and leaned in and kissed me. My cock instantly woke up. Breaking the kiss, she teased, reaching down and grabbing my cock “It seems you are happy to see me.”

I stammered, both thrilled that it wasn’t a dream, and at the same time nervous as what to do, “I-I-It really h-h-happened?”

“Twice,” she smiled, gently stroking my cock.

“Wow,” I blurted out, like a fool.

“Wow indeed,” she responded and disappeared under the sheets. A second later, I felt her lips wrapped around my cock. She slowly bobbed up and down, lavishing my cock with her saliva. I closed my eyes, still trying to process my good fortune and coming to grips with the reality that my mother, now sober, was sucking my cock. The slow blowjob lasted for a few minutes, as she seemed in no hurry to get me off. Disappointed, I felt her perfect cocksucking mouth leave my cock and she returned to face me.

She smiled and asked, “Is my big boy ready to fuck his Mommy?”

“Very much so,” I responded, moving up and pushing my naked Mother onto her back.

“Oooh, I love a man who can take control,” she purred.

I pulled her legs apart and buried my face in my Mom’s cunt. I licked, probed and nibbled her sweet hole for a few minutes until her juices were flowing and she begged, “Please fuck me son. Shove that big cock of yours in Mommy’s cunt.”

Feeling confident and sensing her need for submission, I asked her, “Who’s my slut?”

She didn’t miss a beat, responding, “I’m your slut. Mommy is your little fuck-toy.”

I lifted her legs up high in the air, held them together pushed and ordered, “Beg me to fuck you.”

Her face flushed with excitement and horniness she begged like a slut, my slut, “Oh please son, shove that big hard cock in your Mommy. Shoot your cum deep inside your Mommy slut.”

Her nasty words were too much to resist any longer and, holding her ankles together, I easily slid my cock into her wet cunt.

As soon as my cock filled her pussy, she began moaning, “Oh yes son, fuck me. Fuck Mommy hard.”

Using her legs to balance, I leaned in and rammed her cunt. Deciding I wasn’t making love to her, but fucking her, I was relentless with my hard deep thrusts. I could feel my balls slap into her with each deep thrust and her moans escalated with each powerful stroke.

She also got more animated as the hard pounding continued. “Oh god yes, Curtis, your cocks feels so good inside Mommy,” and “Yes, son, harder, fuck me harder,” and “Your cock fills Mommy up so good, baby,” and “Pound me baby, pound Mommy’s cunt,” and finally “Oh my God, yes son, your making Mommy come, don’t stop, baby, don’t stop, fuuuuuuuck.”

I wish I could say I came at the same time she did, but my morning orgasms take time. I kept hammering away at my mother’s soaking wet cunt throughout her orgasm. Once her orgasm had clearly finished coursing through her body, I pulled out and presented my cock, sticky, with her cum.

She asked, all demure, “Does my son want his mother to suck his big hard cock?”

I responded smugly, “A better question is does my Mom want to suck her son’s cock that is coated with her cum?”

She purred, reaching for my cock with her hand, “Hmmmmm, yummy.”

After a couple of strokes with her hand, she took my cock back in her mouth. Unlike the sweet and slow wake-up call, this time she bobbed up and down with purpose. Watching my hot Mom suck my cock with such reckless eagerness was the hottest sight ever and after only a few minutes I could feel my balls beginning to bubble.

Like a gentleman, I warned, “I’m going to come soon, Mom.”

Her left hand, gripping my ass, slithered to the crack, and I was stunned when I felt her finger slide between my ass cheeks and stop at my rosebud. I was about to say something about that being a no touch zone when I felt her penetrate my ass. The violation was like an electric shock direct to my cock and I instantly felt my cum explode out of me and down my Mom’s throat. She didn’t slow down or remove the finger that was lodged in my ass until long after every drop of my cum had been extracted by her perfect cocksucking mouth. At the same time, she pulled out of my ass and took my cock out of her mouth, leaving me suddenly feeling empty.

We both collapsed back onto my parent’s bed. We both allowed silence to linger as we processed last night and this morning’s debauchery.

Finally, I broke the silence by attempting to see where this could go after today. “So, you and Miranda Collington?”

Her eyes went wide as she asked, “How do you know about that?”

“You pretty much offered her to me last night,” I reminded her.

“Oh,” she sighed, “I vaguely remember that now.”

Pushing the envelope, I asked, “So is she the only one you play with?”

“Yes,” she replied, before adding as if giving an explanation, “she is impossible to resist.”

“I imagine,” I joked, before trying to stir the pot, “What about Ellie?”

“What about her?” my mother asked, rolling onto her side.

“Well last night, when she thought I was Dad she gave me crap saying, “‘Fuck Ted, I was so close to seducing your wife and promising she was going to fuck you again one day.”

My mother smiled as she said, clearly reminiscing about her past, “She did, did she?”

“Yes, she made it sound like you two were lovers back in college,” I explained, trying to get more out of her.

My Mom gave a cautious laugh. “Curtis, Ellie and my history is very complicated.”

Taking a major risk, but a calculated one based on my assumptions, I moved my hand down to her cunt and asked, “Tell me, Mommy.”

She let out a sigh-moan and replied, “No, I can’t.”

My finger slid inside her cunt as I explained, my tone implying a no-nonsense attitude, “I wasn’t asking you to tell me, I was telling you to.”

Her face went red, and I instantly knew I was right. She was submissive. Mom weakly tried to resist the power shift, “Curtis, please don’t.”

“Don’t what, Mommy?” I asked, fingering her pussy slowly.

“Don’t make me your slut,” she whimpered.

“You don’t want to be my slut?” I enquired, my finger stopping deep inside her wet box.

Her breathing was getting heavier and she pleaded, “Curtis, I can’t. I have resisted for so long.”

Suddenly confused, I asked, very curious, “Resisted what for so long?”

“Being a slut,” she moaned, as she moved her ass back and forth trying to fuck herself with my finger.

“But you fuck Miranda,” I pointed out.

“Yes, but I am in charge in our relationship. She is my slut,” my Mom explained.

I pulled my finger out.

Mom instantly pleaded, “Curtis, please don’t stop, but it back in.”

I put my sticky finger to her lips. “Shhhhhh, Mother. I think I figured this out. You were Ellie’s slut in college, but once you met Dad you broke away from your submissive lifestyle and attempted to be a good, faithful, heterosexual wife. I even bet Dad is not dominant in the bedroom and before I showed up last night, you were weakening to Ellie’s sexual advances, weren’t you?”

“Yes,” my Mom replied, flustered and frustrated, “Are you happy? I was Ellie’s personal pleasure pet, her words, all four years of college. But once I met your dad, I quit cold turkey until a crazy weekend with Miranda in Vegas last year.”

I returned my hand to my Mom’s wanton pussy and slid two fingers rather easily inside her drenched cunt. “So do you want to be Ellie’s pleasure pet again?”

“No,” my Mom quickly answered.

“Why?” I asked, beginning to pump her pussy with my fingers.

“Because although we stayed great friends after we quit our odd relationship, she warned me back then that when I came back, which she was confident I would, she would own me completely.”

“What does such a declaration mean?” I asked.

“I never submitted to find out, but she is a very demanding lover,” my mother answered. Her slight smile implied she was reminiscing about a different time.

“Is she strictly a lesbian?” I asked, reflecting on the fact that I had never seen her with a man, which is incredibly hard to believe for someone as hot and big breasted as Ellie.

Mom, catching my real question, teased, “Does my son want to fuck my best friend?”

“Well in a perfect world I would watch you two in some hot lesbian action and then I would join in.”

“All men are the same,” she joked, pushing me playfully.

“So is she a dyke?”

“Not completely, but I have never seen her get to excited about any man. She just fucks them and leaves them. Actually she treats sex with men like a man,” my Mother concluded.

“Would she fuck me?” I asked bluntly.

My Mom considered this before responding cautiously, “Probably, but it would come with strings attached.”

“Strings attached?” I asked.

“Yes, she must always be in control. That is one of the reasons she doesn’t keep men for long periods of time.”

“What would Ellie say if she knew what we did?” I asked, trying to understand their relationship better.

“I don’t know. But I am sure she would use it in some way to lure me back into her web of submission,” Mom said, her eyes showing a trepidation I seldom saw in her confident persona. It made me very curious what kind of relationship the two of them used to have.

Seeing my Mom’s trepidation, I decided to let it go, even though I already knew I was going to go and see Ellie at school later today.

Instead, I decide to focus on the sure thing Mom had mentioned last night. “So you and Miranda, hey?”

Her face went red as she explained, “Well, I missed the woman’s touch, but knew going back was way too dangerous for my marriage, so when a drunken Miranda hit on me three years ago at the same Halloween party, I gave in to the long burning temptation, although not that night. We ended up in Vegas one with both of us dressed up to tease, and after quite a few cocktails…one thing led to another and she was between my legs in the elevator. She is a nymphomaniac and extremely submissive. Luckily, somehow, Ellie does not know about our secret get-togethers.”

“And you think she will fuck me?” I asked.

“She will devour you whole. She will literally fuck you to exhaustion,” Mom promised. “And if you compliment her legs she will be yours instantly.”

“Can you set it up?” I asked.

“Anything for my new fuck-toy,” she smiled, getting out of bed. “But I need to get ready for work.”

I watched her disappear into her bathroom; I lay in my parent’s bed, a variety of nasty upcoming fuck sessions still in my head like a porn movie.


I was just arriving at Ellie’s high school, my Alta Mater, when I received a text.

It was from Mom.

Meet me at 847 Wisconsin Drive NOW!!!

I texted back.


My Mom’s response:

That is Miranda’s house.

Although I was dying to talk to Ellie, it would have to wait. I adjusted my erect cock that was stuck awkwardly in my pants and started the longest twenty-minute drive of my life. My mind spun and spun with the upcoming potential that I was going to get to fuck Miranda Collington, the pantyhose wearing dream girl of so many of my stroke sessions.

I arrived at her house and Mom’s car was in the driveway. I parked and was suddenly filled with anxiety. I took a few deep breaths and walked to the door. It was opened a moment later by Miranda dressed in a black skirt, matching pantyhose and a blue blouse. She looked like she was ready for work tonight.

Her radiant smile greeted me. “Come on in, I have heard a lot about you.”

I walked in, still really nervous, and followed her into her living room. Mom was there and greeted me. “Hi, Curtis.”

Unsure what Mom had in mind, or what she may have told Miranda, I played it casual. “Hi, Mom.”

I sat on a lone chair as Mom explained, “I was just telling Miranda here that you were her biggest fan.”

I blushed.

Miranda patted the open spot on the couch and asked, “Is that so?”

I glanced at Mom who gave an affirmative nod and, nervously, like a virgin going to a prostitute, walked over to the couch.

Sitting down, Miranda’s hand went instantly to my leg, her voice dripping with seduction, “So tell Miranda, what do you like about me?”

Her hand ever-so-slowly moving up my leg was a major distraction as I stammered, “Um-I-I-I grew up obsessed with your legs. I have a nylon fetish and you were one of the only women on the planet that always wore them.”

“Ah-um,” my Mom pointed out.

I smiled, “Well, other than my Mom, who is probably to blame for my fetish.”

“Do you want to touch my nylons?” Miranda asked.

I nodded my head like some lovelorn boy.

She grabbed my hand and placed it on her knee.

“So your mother was telling me about your little charade last night,” she began. “Don’t just sit there stud, roam.”

My confidence, despite the surreal situation, began to grow and I slowly moved my hand up her leg.

Her hand roamed too, landing directly on my cock. “Hmmm, nice. Your mother was not exaggerating.”

I let out an incontrollable moan. Trying to replicate her aggressiveness, I reached her pantyhose covered crotch. She explained, “Sorry, if I would have known I would be entertaining guests, I would have worn stockings…for easier access.”

I let out another moan. I looked at Mom, who was smiling perversely.

There was a moment of silence, as we each had our hands on the other’s private parts through our clothing.

The silence was broken when Miranda said, “So, your mom told me that you really want to fuck me.”

I let out a shocked moan.

“Is that true?” she asked, giving my cock a squeeze, as she leaned into me and bit my ear.

Weakly, I replied, “Yes, ma’am.”

“Ma’am? Ma’am is for old people. Am I old?” she asked, pouting.

I stammered, attempting to rectify any insult I unintentionally made, “No, sorry, you are one hot bitch.”

She burst out laughing, “From one extreme to another.”

I apologized again, seeing my fantasy come true beginning to fall apart. “Sorry, I….”

I was thankfully shut up by her lips pressed against mine, as she kissed me hard. I felt her hands unbuttoning my jeans. Once my cock was released from it’s cocoon, it sprang to life and I was surprised to feel a mouth wrap around it. I opened my eyes to see my mother sucking my cock in front of Miranda Collington.

Miranda broke the kiss and watched the incestuous act. “I never would have believed it,” she acknowledged, standing up.

I watched her unzip her skirt, mesmerized. She slowly allowed it to fall down her legs, showcasing her perfect legs in black pantyhose. She slowly unbuttoned her blouse, as my mother just as slowly sucked my cock.

The two working together had me in fits: a striptease by my fantasy older woman while my other fantasy woman, Mom, sucked my cock. It was completely enthralling.

Soon Miranda was only in pantyhose and a bra. I noticed she was not wearing panties.

Seeing me notice her lack of underwear, she smiled. “I haven’t worn panties since I was a teenager.”

She slowly sauntered back to me, leaned in and asked, “Can you help me with this?”

I reached behind her back and fumbled with her bra strap. After a few seconds of frustration, it popped open and her perky breasts were revealed to me. Instinctively, I leaned forward and took her large, erect nipple into my mouth.

Her pantyhose-covered leg touching mine, her breast in my mouth and my Mom’s slow but superb cocksucking were too much and I shot a load of my cum down my mother’s throat.

Miranda, seeing I had just come, said, “You better have a second load for me, stud.”

Mom got off her knees and got undressed herself. Once naked, except for stockings, she sat on the couch and took control. “Ok, enough of this silly foreplay. Miranda, let’s get that pretty face of yours where it does its best work, between my legs.”

Miranda obeyed in a heartbeat and I watched in voyeuristic glee as Miranda Collington, the pantyhose wearing weather girl, crawled between Mom’s stocking-clad legs and began licking her pussy.

Mom continued in her drill sergeant role as she instructed, “And you, get behind her, rip open her pantyhose, and plug her cunt.”

Turned on by Mom’s filthy mouth and watching my dream woman on her knees eating Mom’s pussy, I quickly obeyed Mom’s order.

Kneeling behind Miranda Collington, I stared at her perfectly curved ass, worshipping her perfection.

Mom joked, “Are you going to sit there and drool all day or are you going to fuck her?”

I responded, trying to be witty, “Can’t I do both?”

“Touché,” she moaned, Miranda obviously doing wonders with her tongue.

I rubbed my hands over Miranda’s pantyhose covered ass. Her pantyhose were the softest I had ever felt. I could have done this forever and been content, but I finally ripped her pantyhose apart to get access to her pussy.

I surprised her and Mom, when instead of just burying my cock in her pussy, I laid on my back, crawled between her parted legs and attacked her pussy with my mouth.

She let out a muffled moan when my lips touched her pussy lips. I couldn’t believe how sweet she tasted and how wet she already was. Although awkward, I was determined to get her off with my tongue. I lapped at her wetness, slowly sliding my tongue between her pussy lips like I was painting them with a brush: long, wide, strokes, back and forth. I heard her breathing increase and decided to go for the kill. I reached up and took her swollen clit in my mouth and pulled down on it. She screamed into my Mom’s pussy the moment I sucked her clit into my mouth. Knowing I had her close, I kept her clit in my mouth and pushed my face into her clit and pussy over and over again, literally fucking her with my face. Her moans increased and her legs buckled and her pussy crashed onto my face. She rubbed her cunt on my mouth, clearly desperate to release the orgasm building inside her. I just extended my tongue as best I could and tried to breathe as she literally fucked my face to orgasm. Knowing it was Miranda Collington riding my face was the second most exhilarating moment of my life, it would have been first if it hadn’t been for what Mommy and I had done last night. Suddenly she bounced on my face a few times, my head bouncing off the floor with each bounce, and I was soon been cascaded with a downpour of her juice. The juice kept coming and coming, and I eagerly attempted to savour and retrieve every fucking delicious drop.

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