What Mom Knows Fucks Her Again

What Mom Knows Fucks Her Again

Summary: The day after son fucks Mom and her friend.

Note 1: This is a sequel to the story What Mom Doesn’t Know Will Fuck Her. Although this story can stand on its own, I highly recommend you read Part One before reading this one….

Note 2: A great big hug of gratitude goes to Estragon for his editing.

Note 3: Another ‘thank you’ goes to all who voted for part one and requested a sequel to a story I never intended to have a sequel. I hope you enjoy the further adventures of Curtis and his very attractive mother.

What Mom Knows Fucks Her Again
Have you ever woke up and let out a sigh as you realized you’re vivid, enthralling experience was just a dream?

As I attempted to open my weary eyes, that was the exact empty feeling that was rolling through me. My dream had felt so real. I dreamt I had fucked my Mother last night…twice. It was the most intoxicating real experience and the most alive I had ever felt, so realizing it was a dream was completely devastating. Many of my fantasies have been about fucking my ridiculously hot mother, so such dreams were not new, just how authentically real it felt was new. I had also woke up many times, all sticky after an all-too-real dream. It was then I was startled as the bed moved.

My eyes went deer-in-the-headlights big as I slowly turned to my side to look directly into the eyes of my mother.

“Good morning, lover,” she smiled and leaned in and kissed me. My cock instantly woke up. Breaking the kiss, she teased, reaching down and grabbing my cock “It seems you are happy to see me.”

I stammered, both thrilled that it wasn’t a dream, and at the same time nervous as what to do, “I-I-It really h-h-happened?”

“Twice,” she smiled, gently stroking my cock.

“Wow,” I blurted out, like a fool.

“Wow indeed,” she responded and disappeared under the sheets. A second later, I felt her lips wrapped around my cock. She slowly bobbed up and down, lavishing my cock with her saliva. I closed my eyes, still trying to process my good fortune and coming to grips with the reality that my mother, now sober, was sucking my cock. The slow blowjob lasted for a few minutes, as she seemed in no hurry to get me off. Disappointed, I felt her perfect cocksucking mouth leave my cock and she returned to face me.

She smiled and asked, “Is my big boy ready to fuck his Mommy?”

“Very much so,” I responded, moving up and pushing my naked Mother onto her back.

“Oooh, I love a man who can take control,” she purred.

I pulled her legs apart and buried my face in my Mom’s cunt. I licked, probed and nibbled her sweet hole for a few minutes until her juices were flowing and she begged, “Please fuck me son. Shove that big cock of yours in Mommy’s cunt.”

Feeling confident and sensing her need for submission, I asked her, “Who’s my slut?”

She didn’t miss a beat, responding, “I’m your slut. Mommy is your little fuck-toy.”

I lifted her legs up high in the air, held them together pushed and ordered, “Beg me to fuck you.”

Her face flushed with excitement and horniness she begged like a slut, my slut, “Oh please son, shove that big hard cock in your Mommy. Shoot your cum deep inside your Mommy slut.”

Her nasty words were too much to resist any longer and, holding her ankles together, I easily slid my cock into her wet cunt.

As soon as my cock filled her pussy, she began moaning, “Oh yes son, fuck me. Fuck Mommy hard.”

Using her legs to balance, I leaned in and rammed her cunt. Deciding I wasn’t making love to her, but fucking her, I was relentless with my hard deep thrusts. I could feel my balls slap into her with each deep thrust and her moans escalated with each powerful stroke.

By :jasmine walker

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