What Hubby Doesn’t Know

Fatty kept his eyes on Jeannie Evanston as she served drinks. She was a beauty. She was dressed in tight shorts and a tight strapless halter. She was in her mid-twenties, with shoulder-length wavy ash-blonde hair, green eyes, shapely curvy hips, long full sleek legs, and a big upthrust rump.

Fatty’s cock stirred as he looked her over. Rick was a lucky man, he thought, to have such a young attractive wife. I bet he fucks her every night. I would.

Her husband, Rick, was in attendance at their little get-together at Rick’s house, as was Dink who was Fatty’s number one flunkey.

Both Rick and Jeannie realized the importance of making a good impression on Fatty. He was, after all, Rick’s boss, and Jeannie instinctively felt the importance this little get-together could mean to her husband’s advancement.

They all sipped drinks, with soft music playing in the background, and talked of business.

“I’m going to have a trip for you to make for me pretty soon,” Fatty said to Rick. “To speak frankly, it involves transporting some sensitive items to me from Townsend. Items we wouldn’t want the authorities to know anything about.”

He shot a glance at Jeannie, who looked back at him with a look that said, “You know you can trust us. We know some of your business is against the law. No problem.”

“You’re a lucky man, you know that?” Fatty said to Rick. “To have such an understanding spouse, I mean.”

“Jeannie knows how to keep her mouth shut,” Rick replied. He looked over at his wife and she gave him a knowing smile.

“I’ll let you know in the next couple of days the details of the trip you’ll need to make,” Fatty told Rick.

Fatty gave a smile to Jeannie, who forced herself to smile back at him.

He was so damned fat and ugly; he would be the last person in the world she would want to be stranded with on a desert island.

Fatty whispered over to Dink, “I’m going to get me some of that.”

Dink giggled and took a big sip of his drink.

“In fact, I’ve got a little job for you right now,” Fatty said to Rick. “I want you to go down to the club, check with Al and Tate and see if they have anything that needs to be done right now, that needs to be delivered right now. If so, I want you to deliver it.”

Rick didn’t like the idea of leaving Jeannie with Fatty and Dink, but, after all, Fatty was the boss. So he left and went down to the club.

Fatty whispered to Dink, “Go in the kitchen and freshen mine and her drinks with a little of the juice.”

Dink swigged off the rest of his drink and gathered the drinks from Fatty and Jeannie and a vial of colorless liquid from Fatty and went to the kitchen.

“He’s just going to freshen up the drinks with a little sweetener I have,” Fatty said to Jeannie. “Do you happen to have any good erotic films?”

“We have a few,” Jeannie replied. “Do you like Swedish films?”

“Anything good and erotic,” Fatty answered. His gaze swept over her body. The halter she wore outlined her softball-sized breasts. Fatty’s mouth watered. He licked his fat lips as he looked her over.

His looks weren’t lost on Jeannie. She almost shuddered in repulsion.

Dink mixed the vial of colorless, odorless, tasteless liquid into the drinks. The liquid was a quick-acting sexual stimulant which Fatty had a connection to obtaining. Dink was tempted to pour a little of the liquid into his own drink. But he thought better of it. Fatty had said mix it with his and Jeannie’s drinks, and one didn’t go against the boss’s orders.

Dink took the drinks into the living room. Fatty had meanwhile moved to sit next to Jeannie on the sofa as they watched the DVD on the TV.

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