What Hubby Doesn’t Know

Fatty kept his eyes on Jeannie Evanston as she served drinks. She was a beauty. She was dressed in tight shorts and a tight strapless halter. She was in her mid-twenties, with shoulder-length wavy ash-blonde hair, green eyes, shapely curvy hips, long full sleek legs, and a big upthrust rump.

Fatty’s cock stirred as he looked her over. Rick was a lucky man, he thought, to have such a young attractive wife. I bet he fucks her every night. I would.

Her husband, Rick, was in attendance at their little get-together at Rick’s house, as was Dink who was Fatty’s number one flunkey.

Both Rick and Jeannie realized the importance of making a good impression on Fatty. He was, after all, Rick’s boss, and Jeannie instinctively felt the importance this little get-together could mean to her husband’s advancement.

They all sipped drinks, with soft music playing in the background, and talked of business.

“I’m going to have a trip for you to make for me pretty soon,” Fatty said to Rick. “To speak frankly, it involves transporting some sensitive items to me from Townsend. Items we wouldn’t want the authorities to know anything about.”

He shot a glance at Jeannie, who looked back at him with a look that said, “You know you can trust us. We know some of your business is against the law. No problem.”

“You’re a lucky man, you know that?” Fatty said to Rick. “To have such an understanding spouse, I mean.”

“Jeannie knows how to keep her mouth shut,” Rick replied. He looked over at his wife and she gave him a knowing smile.

“I’ll let you know in the next couple of days the details of the trip you’ll need to make,” Fatty told Rick.

Fatty gave a smile to Jeannie, who forced herself to smile back at him.

He was so damned fat and ugly; he would be the last person in the world she would want to be stranded with on a desert island.

Fatty whispered over to Dink, “I’m going to get me some of that.”

Dink giggled and took a big sip of his drink.

“In fact, I’ve got a little job for you right now,” Fatty said to Rick. “I want you to go down to the club, check with Al and Tate and see if they have anything that needs to be done right now, that needs to be delivered right now. If so, I want you to deliver it.”

Rick didn’t like the idea of leaving Jeannie with Fatty and Dink, but, after all, Fatty was the boss. So he left and went down to the club.

Fatty whispered to Dink, “Go in the kitchen and freshen mine and her drinks with a little of the juice.”

Dink swigged off the rest of his drink and gathered the drinks from Fatty and Jeannie and a vial of colorless liquid from Fatty and went to the kitchen.

“He’s just going to freshen up the drinks with a little sweetener I have,” Fatty said to Jeannie. “Do you happen to have any good erotic films?”

“We have a few,” Jeannie replied. “Do you like Swedish films?”

“Anything good and erotic,” Fatty answered. His gaze swept over her body. The halter she wore outlined her softball-sized breasts. Fatty’s mouth watered. He licked his fat lips as he looked her over.

His looks weren’t lost on Jeannie. She almost shuddered in repulsion.

Dink mixed the vial of colorless, odorless, tasteless liquid into the drinks. The liquid was a quick-acting sexual stimulant which Fatty had a connection to obtaining. Dink was tempted to pour a little of the liquid into his own drink. But he thought better of it. Fatty had said mix it with his and Jeannie’s drinks, and one didn’t go against the boss’s orders.

Dink took the drinks into the living room. Fatty had meanwhile moved to sit next to Jeannie on the sofa as they watched the DVD on the TV.

Fatty and Dink gulped their drinks. Jeannie couldn’t tell any difference in the taste, so she drank hers on down.

The film was quite erotic—hot and arousing. The aphrodisiac in the drink was fast-acting. It wasn’t long before she began to feel the effects of it.

She felt heat growing between her legs; her pussy began to feel hot and aching. Her breasts began swelling and growing hot and throbbing. She breathed heavily and her heart thumped.

The effects on Fatty were just as quick-acting. His cock grew hard and thudding; his balls swelled and throbbed. His heart thudded and mouth grew dry.

Jeannie sprawled back on the sofa, her arms by her side and her legs halfway opened. She had a glazed look on her face.

Fatty unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick and balls. His prick was long, thick, stiff and thudding; his balls were fat and throbbing.

He took Jeannie’s hand and laid it on his cock. She automatically gripped it and began stroking it up and down. She looked bleary-eyed at the cock and licked her lips.

Fatty stood and said, “Lick her pussy, Dink, get her ready to fuck.”

Dink didn’t have to be told twice. He unbuttoned her shorts and drew them and her panties down her legs and pulled them off. Then he unhooked her halter and pulled it off. Her softball-sized breasts were hot, swollen and throbbing; the nipples rubbery and erect.

Jeannie knew in the back of her mind that if she didn’t do something, she was in to be screwed but good. But she felt that she couldn’t move her body. Besides, the feeling that the aphrodisiac was giving her had overwhelmed all desire to get away or to rebel.

Her body throbbed and glowed; wet hot aching bolts shot up through her pussy to her breasts which were throbbing and hot and swollen.

Dink drew her legs back and threw them over his shoulders. Her pussy was wide-open before him. Her ash blonde pubic hair half-covered her moist little slit.

With a half-gasp of lust, Dink buried his face on her cunt. He swept his tongue up and down the slit and blew hotly upon it. Then he slid his tongue into the slit.

Jeannie gasped and lurched up to mash her pussy on his licking sucking mouth.

He jammed his tongue into her cunt and then began flicking it over the clit and sucking it with his lips. Her pussy tasted sweet—like musky cinnamon.

“Oh god, oh yes!” Jeannie panted and thrust her crotch up and mashed her pussy upon his mouth.

He began tongue-fucking her, jabbing his tongue back and forth in her cunt as he rasped it up and down over her clit.

“Oh, ah, you’re already making me cum!” Jeannie cried and jerked and hunched her pussy up to his tongue and lips.

Fatty watched Dink as he tongue-fucked Jeannie, and he felt his dick growing harder and throbbing more. His balls ached to be emptied into her cunt.

“That’s enough,” Fatty said. “She’s ready to be fucked now.”

Although his dick ached to screw Jeannie, Dink obediently lifted his face from her pussy and moved over to allow his boss unrestricted access to the cunt.

Fatty unsnapped his belt, unzipped his pants and pulled them down. His cock sprang out hard and throbbing. His balls ached with the need to empty them into her pussy.

Jeannie lay sprawled on the couch, naked, and her legs drawn back and spread. She was in a perfect position to be screwed.

Fatty dropped across her body, which almost knocked the air out of her. She groaned as his fat body pressed hers upon the couch.

Fatty didn’t waste any time. He grasped her ass and pushed his crotch upon hers. He grunted with lust as he felt his engorged prick enter into her hot moist snug cunt.

She cried out as his long thick stiff dick entered into her pussy, stretching it as it had never been stretched.

As Fatty dug his fat dick up her cunt, a wonderful feeling shot through Jeannie. She grunted and groaned as he stuffed his long thick stiff cock up her pussy. She wrapped her arms and legs around his slug-like body and thrust her crotch up to give him full access to her cunt.

He dug every inch of his fat dick up her pussy till he was imbedded in her balls deep. Her cunt gripped his prick like a vise.

He began screwing her up and down with a sawing motion. With each stroke he stuffed eight inches of fat meat up her pussy.

“You like Fatty fucking you, honey?” he panted.

“Oh, ah, your cock feels so big and good,” she answered him.

“Um, you’ve got the sweetest pussy I’ve ever fucked, honey,” he moaned.

“Ah, you’ve got the longest, thickest, stiffest prick that’s ever fucked me,” she gasped.

He pumped his prick deep in her cunt, mashing his fat balls against her ass. She wrapped her arms and legs tighter around his fat body and hunched as he gave her the best screwing she’d ever had.

“Oh god, oh sweet darling, I’m cuming!” she panted and lurched and jerked as a climax shot through her body.

He continued to screw her fully and deeply as her body hunched in the throes of an orgasm. Her eyes rolled back in her head and her breath came out in gasps and pants as the climax swept through every inch of her body.

“Oh, ah, pump the meat to me,” she groaned. “This is the best fucking I’ve ever had. Oh god, you’re filling me up!”

He screwed her balls deep as another orgasm stabbed through her body.

He felt the cum churning and swirling in his balls and knew that he was on the verge of shooting his load into her.

He grunted as the cum erupted from his balls and shot up his shaft and spurted into Jeannie’s pussy.

Her cunt sucked on his cock, drawing in his semen into her core.

He spurted gob after gob of cum deep in her cunt, and her pussy sucked it all in.

He emptied his balls in her, and they just lay there for a moment, breathing hard and trying to catch their breath.

All this time Dink had been watching them fuck and getting stiffer by the minute. His prick was hard and throbbing. He simply had to stuff it in her!

“Let me fuck her, boss,” he said to Fatty.

Dink’s boss rolled over and still breathing hard said, “Go to it. Fuck her good.”

Dink fell atop Jeannie and wrapped his arms around her waist as he tapped the head of his dick upon her slit. He grunted lustfully as his cock slid into her hot moist snug cunt.

He dug every inch of his dick up her pussy in one slow-moving stroke.

As she felt the hard prick stuffing her cunt, she cried out in passion and wrapped her arms and legs around him and thrust her pussy up to give him full access.

He cried aloud in passionate lust as he screwed every inch of his cock up her cunt.

“Oh god, your dick feels so fucking good!” she cried.

She lurched up and met his rhythm and joined it. Soon they were screwing in perfect synch. His full thick balls mashed upon her ass as he pumped his prick deep in her pussy.

All this time, Fatty had been watching Dink screw Jeannie. He had recovered his breath and the sight of his lackey fucking Rick’s wife and most of all her loving it had aroused him. His dick strained upward, hard and throbbing; his fat balls were now full of thick creamy cum. He was now ready to screw her again. But he saw that Dink was keeping her cunt full, so he opted for her mouth instead.

He got up on the couch on his knees, clutched Jeannie’s head and moved his cock to her face.

When he tapped his hard throbbing prick upon her lips, she opened her eyes and was greeted by the sight of Fatty’s thick stiff dick at the entrance to her mouth.

Without a second thought, she opened her lips and took in his cock.

He groaned at the feeling of her wet warm mouth on his prick. He grasped her head harder and slid his dick into her licking sucking mouth.

Jeannie was in heaven. Not only was a hard cock filling her pussy, screwing her fully and deeply, but a fat prick was sliding back and forth in her mouth.

She sucked Fatty’s dick avidly, using her lips, tongue and gums on it, sucking it down her mouth to her gullet.

He began fucking her mouth, pumping his prick deep, all the way to her throat.

He mashed his fat balls upon her chin as she sucked every inch of his cock, deep-throating him.

At this time, Dink felt his the cum in his balls churning and swirling. He knew he was ready to cum.

He tried to hold it back, but it was no use. The cum gushed up his shaft and spurted out.

Jeannie thrashed and hunched as she felt the thick creamy cum spewing deep in her cunt. She tightened her pussy muscles around his thrusting dick and sucked his cum deep in her core.

Dink was overcome with passion and lust. He cried aloud as he squirted gob after gob of semen in her pussy.

“Fuck, sweet baby, fuck! He cried. “Ah, cuming in your cunt—deep in your sweet hot tight juicy pussy!”

Jeannie’s body was racked with multiple climaxes as Dink spurted thick creamy cum deep in her cunt and Fatty fucked her mouth down to her throat.

Never had Jeannie dreamed that fucking could be as good. She felt free and liberated. She felt that Fatty and Dink were capable of helping her to achieve a height of passion she had never dreamed of before. At that moment, she fell in love with Fatty and Dink’s cocks. She felt she would do anything to continue to be fucked by them.

At the very moment Jeannie was thinking these thoughts, Fatty drove every inch of his fat prick down to her throat and let her have it. He pissed a hot stream of semen down her gullet. She sucked and gulped and swallowed his thick creamy cum, not letting a drop of it escape. He emptied his balls down her throat.

The fact that Fatty was fat and ugly and Dink wasn’t too attractive himself didn’t matter to her. In fact, it appealed to some sense of perversity that had been awakened within her.

After she had emptied Fatty’s balls and swallowed the last drop of sperm he had left, she removed her mouth from his dick.

Dink chomped down on the nub of one of her breasts and she screamed in passion. “Oh god, sweet fucking Jesus! Bite my tits!”

Dink obliged her. He went from breast to breast, biting them, chomping down on the nubs.
Jeannie’s body was racked by a series of orgasms as he continued feasting on her titties…

All three sprawled there on the sofa—fucked out for the time being.

Fatty was the first to “come down to earth.”

He got off the couch and stood there, his fat prick hanging down.

“I think you better go to your room,” he said to Jeannie in an authoritarian manner. “Your husband will probably be coming back pretty soon.”

Jeannie obediently gatherd up her clothes and left the room, heading for her bedroom.

Dink quickly pulled up his pants and snapped the belt. He was now ready to perform his boss’s next command.

When Rick got home, he found Fatty and Dink sitting on the sofa, sipping drinks and watching a film on the DVD.

“Your wife, I’m afraid, got sick a little while ago and went to her room,” Fatty said. “Did you make a delivery?”

“Yes, I delivered some items Al and Tate had,” Rick replied.

“I suppose we had better get going,” Fatty said. “It’s getting late.”

The two men left and Rick went to the bedroom. There he found his wife sitting on the edge of the bed. She was dressed in a short filmy robe.

“Would you like me to lick dicky, honey?” she asked, licking her lips.

She had showered and douched when she had gone to the bedroom and dressed in an outfit she knew would turn her husband on.

He walked toward her, unsnapping his belt and pants and unzipping them. His half-hard cock already throbbed in anticipation of his wife’s wet warm mouth enveloped around it…

As Rick fucked Jeannie, he was thinking how lucky he was to have such an attractive wife to pump it in. As Rick thought this, his wife was comparing the fucks she had received during the evening. She decided that although her husband’s and Dink’s pricks felt good, Fatty was still the best.

A short while after this, Rick was busted transporting contraband material across state lines.

Jeannie went down to the club to be consoled by Fatty.

As Rick was being jailed, Jeannie had her legs wrapped around Fatty’s chubby waist and was panting and gasping as he sucked her tits and pumped his fat prick deep in her cunt.

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