What Cooking out on the 4th can really mean!

Hey I know it doesn’t often happen; getting good people together for a really hot orgy but sometimes it does and it can be intense.

I want to give you a few kinky details about the 9 person bi orgy that I attended during the summer. Fireworks for the 4th, let me tell you it was explosions not fireworks. A couple that I had met on from an online swingers site from Cali came to town to visit some friends of theirs for the 4th.

Well, the couple from Cali is Bi and also is into fucking and sucking she males (like yours truly). According to them the couple here where I live has similar sexual enjoyments and taste. I had never met them before but we are friends now! (Yea baby!). Anyway, they decided to have a cookout over the weekend to celebrate our mutual friends visit. Of course, the cookout would eventually end up being some real fun and no doubt be Bi in nature.

I discovered my Bi side late in life, after 40 and have been sucking she male cock and man cock as well as taking and giving it up the ass since. I’m selectively bi meaning I only will do a she male alone and will only fuck and suck a masculine guy if it’s in a threesome or more with a woman. I can pound that ass and take a good pounding with the best of them but just don’t have a desire to be one-on-one with a guy. Is that weird that I love sucking cock and getting my ass fucked but won’t do it unless it’s a she male or a woman present? But, that’s how I am. If there are others who are like me let me know since most of the hobby’s whose wives are with us when we fuck would have no problem having a one-on-one without their wives or girlfriends.

The Hosts invited a few couples with two bi couples, a female couple that turned out to be a genetic female with a she male, a guy couple and me since I was a friend of the Cali couple and they wanted a nice Bi phatt black dick to play with. The guy couple was bi oriented so they enjoyed women just as much as taking some manpussy. The three genetic women were pretty damn hot; they all had great tits and asses and the she male was this Latino honey that you just would not have known she was sporting a cock. Pilar was her name and she was heavenly since she could give it as well as take it!
Well we were sitting around having drinks when the fun started quite suddenly. My friends from Cali announced they had cum from Cali to fuck and be fucked so lets start the party right and the hosts said “damn right”! All the women were in tight ass blue jeans, tank tops, or tops that showed some cleavage and female had a tight skirt on with those fuck me high heels and suntanned legs. The one in the skirt was just attacked by the other two women since I guess she had the most easily accessible pussy and ass.

In the meantime, the guy couple got on their knees along with Pilar and asked for the cocks of the remaining guys in their mouths. So picture this, 3 guys with pants down and cocks out being serviced by two guys and a she male while watching two females go after the 3rd female’s pussy, tits and ass. The one that they were devouring had the nerve to have both nipples pierced with a chain hanging between them. Damn was that hot! When they started pulling on that chain and her nipples went hard and she cried out from the pain pleasure, I almost came in Pilar’s mouth.

Yea, Pilar started with me as her first cock to suck since I had been flirting with her for most of the time she was there. Because her and I were chatting she had told me she had something special down below, 7″ to be exact, but a few of the folks didn’t know. She hadn’t pulled down her jeans yet so her secret was safe. At some point she had moved behind me and was licking my ass and stroking my cock from behind while I was standing; eventually all of the suckers had moved into that position while we continued to watch the women go at it. The women slowed down a bit looked over and just smiled and that’s when I knew something special was going to happen and sooner or later the rest of the guys knew too.

The Cocksuckers stood up from essentially lubing our asses with those tongue baths they were so willingly giving us, dropped their pants, kissed all three of our backs as they stuck a finger with some lube in our saliva wet asses and put the heads of those nice juicy cocks to our holes and asked did we really wanted to get the party started. Like a little bitch I answered please baby take my ass. I forgot to mention by this time all three of us guys were on all fours; the guy next to me gabbed my head and gave me a wet sloppy kiss as his ass got penetrated and he groaned in my mouth as he took it in one stroke.

Meantime Pilar had dropped her pants and revealed to everyone that she was cute, with nice tits, a sweet ass but that she was also packing. She had to go slow on me since I don’t get it up the ass too frequently. The other guys had already taken their cock up the ass and were pounding back on the dicks that were in their a-holes. My friend from Cali was an ass slut and really loved to have his butt pounded so I wasn’t surprised that he was working that dick over with his ass. With me, I do like the feeling of it going in slow whether its been awhile since the last time or whether its been freshly fucked, I tighten up and release as someone is penetrating me so that they can feel me milking it. I like it when they push a little harder and Pilar was about making sure she took my ass with her piece of meat.

The women well they were just whispering encouragement i.e. take it like you’re going to pound my pussy, does it feel good in your ass, now you know why I love it up mine, take it up that manpussy you bitch. One woman slid underneath as Pilar was taking my ass and started sucking my cock. I leaned over to start licking her pussy and that gave Pilar an even better angle to go deep in my ass. Well, over the course of the 3- 4 hours at the party I took 3- 4 cocks in the ass and a strap on, I was in the zone. One of the women got DP’d and double Vaginal. I took 5 fingers in my ass but couldn’t take her whole hand while one of the guys took it up his ass to the wrist. I was sucking him when he came.

Pilar and I were sucking each other in a 69 when we both came in each other’s mouth. Damn could that she male slut suck some dick! I was slamming one of the women while she was on her back when her hubby slid in behind me and shoved his long dick up my ass and we all eventually came together. My third cum was up this one guys sweet ass. He was on all fours while he was sucking off another guy. He and I were groaning in each other’s mouths while that boy was servicing us both with his ass and mouth.

No doubt this is why I had a sore ass the next day. Hope you enjoyed the details.

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