What a talent!

To the readers of this story. I’m a man of many talents from tattooing- air brushing- painting and now writing. I come from a background of one I’m not proud of. I was in prison for many years, but did something with my time to expand my creative mind and business sense.

Along with going forward or publishing short erotica stories, in a book. I have other business ventures; in which I hope take off soon. I want to thank you for taking your time to read this story and leaving your thoughts and comments. I want to know if I truly got what it takes to put all my stories, such as this one into a book. Feel free to leave any information on anyone who can help me in the publishing department. Thank you.

Before I go into the craziest story. I got to tell all you readers that I never been the same since and every encounter after has been better than the first one..
My name is Freddie I’m a 37 year old male originally from N.Y. I’m Puerto Rican well built. I stand at 5’9 long black hair. All tattooed up. Being a tattoo artist, it comes with the territory. I’m a pretty boy from what I’m told

Anyways, my story unfolds not too long ago when a gorgeous friend of mine (who now, by the way is my girlfriend) asked me to do a tattoo on her. But she wanted me to come to her house. I was cool with it and the day came to do her tattoo. It was a Friday night. I had brought a couple of cases of beers, so after we could get our drink on. My friend is cool like that.

Once I arrived- I carried my big bag full of all my tattoo equipment in and the beers. “wow” you didn’t have to bring these “my friend said to me as she helped me”. It’s cool; I figured afterwards we could toss a couple. She smiled. I always admired her beauty. At 5’5 short hair she dyes red, beautiful eyes, her smile. Now she wasn’t a stick figure, she was thick big breasts, hips and ass to match. She carried herself well. She also took care of herself. Her hands and feet always done.

I know she was my friend at the time and I shouldn’t have been lusting after her like I was, but if you seen her in person you’d do the same. I mean I’ve seen her in shorts, skirts and my favorite her leggings. She bent over a couple of times in front of me, with them on and then she turned around, they were see through, need I say more!

Anyhow, after I setup everything, “my cousin’s coming over”, she tells me. “okay cool”, does he want a tattoo too or”, I replied not sure. No-no he’s a she, she said smiling “oh I see”, so does she want one ” I asked correcting myself”? I’m not sure but she texted me- I told her I was getting a tattoo by a good looking man” she said laughing. I smiled at her comment. ” So she’s single” I asked looking at her, “something like that” she replied. OK well lets get started I said she was getting a piece done on her chest above her tit. I hope you don’t mind, but I’ll be all on your chest”. I said jokingly. “Not at all” she replied smiling.
My friend is full blooded Puerto Rican also, but I learned her cousin is half rican and white. When she arrived my friend introduced us. She was beautiful a full-figured woman, like my friend. Around the same height, long hair, pretty eyes and a smile, big titties and hips … I didn’t get to see her ass until she turned to move something off the chair to sit down. It was nice and wide. As I continued to tattoo my friend, her cousin was talking about her problems; she was having with some guy she was seeing. They asked my opinion on some things they spoke of regarding a man’s point of view. I told them how I felt when in a relationship; both have to keep an open mind. Sex has a lot to do with a relationship because if either or in the relationship isn’t sexually satisfied- they will seek it elsewhere. So as long as they don’t go behind each other’s backs and do things together like 3-sums etc. or even just toys, porn etc. their relationship will be strong and not to mention fun. They both agreed, to how I put it.

“That’s it- that’s what I’m talking about her cousin replied ” not only is he fine- he’s smart, she said laughing. I noticed my friends’ nipples getting hard and she kept biting her lower lip, staring at me. “All done”, I said, wiping her fresh tattoo clean. Once I packed everything away- I told her not to have anything rubbing up on it tonight, to apply the A&D ointment, Okay so I’ll take this off”, she said taking her top off I stared at her huge titties sitting in her bra, “yeah”, if that’s how you want to chill. I said. Shocked at her boldness.. Her cousin laughed. We all drank, talking having a good time. Every time my friend moved, her tits moved like a bowl of Jell-O. I couldn’t stop staring she noticed, all she would do was giggle, feeling the alcohol. Her cousin was the same way.
“It’s hot in here”, her cousin said, Girl take that top off,” my friend told her cousin. No-he’s here,” she said, pointing at me. He’s a tattoo artist it’s not like he hasn’t seen big titties before- right my friend asked me. “Of course”, I replied taking a drink of my beer. I wanted this so bad though- I had to keep my cool. That’s right; I forget her cousin said drunkenly. Oh but my tits are bigger, she said. “Here we go with this” my friend replied rolling her eyes. What? They are, she said. Lifting
up her top and bra. My eyes widened at the site.

Her top came off but her bra was all tangled in her hair. Forcing one arm to be locked with it. My friend was laughing hard at her “bitch just don’t laugh, help me”, her cousin said a little upset, but started to laugh too. Her two big titties swung at her movements and jiggled, her nipples a light brown color were hard. I was stuck locking my eyes at them. My friend finally helped her loosen it off, shit her cousin said laughing. I hope you don’t mind these all out she said lifting both titties up and letting them fall, my cock was throbbing.

“Who’s are bigger” she asked? W-Well, I’m not, I was cut off by my friend while I was clearing my throat. He can’t tell with my bra on, she said, as she asked her cousin to unsnap her bra, when she did out fell two beautiful double-dee titties with pinkish nipples, hard too. Here I am, two beautiful cousins with no tops on swinging their titties side to side giggling and laughing.

My cock was so hard I never noticed it bulging out under my sweat pants, “Wow someone’s turned all the way up, her cousin said looking at my crotch. “Nice” my friend said doing the same. I never paid mind. I was in a trance at these 4 big titties looking so soft and good. “Hey”, her cousin snapped her fingers at me- Ww- what- what happened”, I stuttered? Are you happy to see these my friend asked holding her tits in her hands smiling “HELL YEAH”, I replied. “We can see that”, her cousin said pointing at my crotch. I looked down and noticed now, what they both were talking about.

“Damn, my bad”, I said standing up, but spilling my beer all over my pants. “Damn”, I said trying to wipe myself and picking up the beer bottle. I’m sorry ya’ll. I said. Don’t be, my friend said, now you can take those off- her cousin said, licking her lips. I stood there like a deer in head-lights, “go ahead papi”, my friend said encouraging me. (papi) is a term in Spanish, used by Puerto Ricans as slang for “DADDY”. It’s common and used every day.

I was feeling a buzz from the beer- my mind spoke to me.. you better do it-this may never happen again. You know what… “FUCK IT”, I said and kicked off my shoes and pulled down my wet sweat pants. Those too, my friend said pointing at my boxer briefs. Once I pulled them down, all 9 inches sprung out. “oh my god- he’s packing”, her cousin said staring at my fat dick. He’s so thick too, my friend said! “Shit if I would’ve known you were packing with them looks- this friendship would have been over”, my friend said. They both sat there in a trance. Well, now what, I asked? “No- I tell ya’ll what”, I said taking charge now. Ya’ll will do, what I say, I told them. I sat down, my big dick sat straight up. “you, strip. .I told her cousin.. You, get over here and play with this meaty dick, I told my friend.. Now you’re talking Daddy; she said. Quickly sitting next to me, her tits swung everywhere. My friend reached for my hot – big dick with her hand. Once she grabbed it she moaned mm mm he’s so fat and hard. She stared at it as she started to move her hand up & down it. Her cousin, stood up and turned around- “I never done this, but I’m so horny right now, I need a good fuck”, she said as she pulled down her pants and her panties when she bent over her huge white ass was fully exposed… “Nice”, I said as my friend jerked me off, while she watched too.

That’s a fat ass, she said licking her lips.. her cousin spread her legs a bit and pulled her ass cheeks apart-showing us her pink asshole and fat juicy pussy, from the back. You like?, her cousin asked me. Hell yes, I replied. She stood back up and shook her ass side to side making it shake. Then jumped up and down lightly her feet never leaving the floor. Making her ass clap. (SMACK, SMACK, SMACK) Damn, I hissed- my dick was super hard…

She spun around and her fat bald pussy was in view.. I shave it all, she said. I love it, I said looking at how beautiful it was! Come here I told her once she sat on the other side of me. I turned to my friend “your turn, I told her. She got up and did the same bending over pulling her leggins off I noticed she had no panties on “mmm you dirty little thing”, I told her with lust all in my eyes. She bent over all the way, you like, papi? She asked shaking her beautiful big ass too. She got into Rockygie style, grab my dick, I told her cousin.. she did eagerly, so big baby, she hissed squeezing my dick. My friend was in Rockygie style opening her back side up, you like it papi, she asked exposing her asshole and pussy. Her pussy was soaked you could see the wetness. Crawl to me, I told her., She did so licking her lips. Once she was between my legs. I told her cousin to feed her my dick!

She pointed my cock to her cousin’s lips. I had pre-cum dripping out of it, so she smeared it on her lips, like lip-stick. My friend licked her lips tasting it she moaned in approval… As her cousin held my cock- my friend took me in her mouth. Her mouth was so hot and moist I moaned deeply as she took me farther in her mouth. My cock was thick so she had a little trouble fitting it in her mouth. She moaned deeply sending vibrations through my cock. Her cousin was slowly jerking me up & down the rest of my shaft. He’s so fat; her cousin said looking up at me. I pulled her by her hair towards my face. We locked in a deep kiss, our tongues dancing with each other. I felt my friend slide further down my dick. Swallowing as much as she could. The feeling was amazing.. Her cousin’s big titties pressed up against my chest. I want you to stand over my head, so I could taste your pussy. I told her. “Mmm”, she moaned as she balanced herself up on the sofa holding the wall to steady herself.

My friend was so into sucking me, she paid no mind, as she went to town on my cock. Her cousin’s pussy was now in front of my face all bald and chunky. (you see bald pussies are the best- a guy doesn’t want to feel hair on or in his nose as he’s eating the pussy. And hair can get dirty fast- I mean, hours fast, one minute it smells like soap or roses, next it smells like sweat or piss- so bald is where it’s at). “Eat me good, daddy’ ‘her cousin told me softly! I reached up and grabbed her big ass cheeks with both my hands squeezing her softness and pulled her towards my mouth. I inhaled her pussy smelling her.. so sweet she smelled . I stuck my tongue out and licked it from as far as I could get under- running it to her clit between her meaty folds- “oh damnnn”, she said moaning. Her body shook at my touch. My friend filled the room with wet slurping sounds as she swirled her tongue all around my dick & balls. I sucked on her cousin’s clit softly and as I did so- I swirled my tongue around it, sending sparks through her body “fuck daddy”, you can eat a pussy. She hissed, clenching her teeth I sucked her harder now- squeezing her big ass cheeks pulling them apart easing a finger over her tight asshole. Ahh-papi, you really do this shit good, she moaned grinding her hips so her pussy was rubbing all over my face. I felt myself ready to cum from the blow job I was receiving from my friend. I managed to hold back for a while. While I sucked her cousins pussy till she came “ahhh-my- god- I’m Cumming, don’t stop- right there ahhhh, yesss she yelled cumming, in my mouth..mmm I moaned as I swallowed all of her- even flicking my tongue on her asshole. You’re an animal- oh shit” she hissed. I slapped her ass cheeks moving her off of me. She was breathing heavy. Damn I never had my twat eatin like that, she said.. That’s it baby deep throat it, I held on to my friends head fucking her mouth till she gagged. And gagged again. With her eyes watery, she pulled out my cock.

A lot of saliva dripped from her mouth off her chin, strands of saliva stuck from mouth and tongue to my cock, You dirty little whore, I hissed as she squeezed my cock, up & down. You like that papi? You like how I suck this big dick. she asked with a crazed look in her eyes. Let me help, her cousin said getting off the sofa and onto her knees, on the floor next to her cousin my friend, pulled the back of her cousins hair- forcing her head back a bit and she smacked my slimy cock on her face. You want to suck his dick huh- you dirty little slut”, she hissed still smacking my heavy dick on her cousins cheeks and mouth, Oh yeah, give me it to me, her cousin begged trying to catch my cock in her mouth. Suck him; my friend said forcing her cousin’s head down my cock. She engulfed me whole.. Fuck, ya’ll are sexy and give good head… I said.

They moaned together.. My friend sucked on my balls humming over them. sending vibrations through them.. Her cousin was going crazy on my dick cork screwing her mouth up & down, then I felt my friends tongue slide over my asshole as she pushed one of my legs wide open. Fuck-I’m cumming, I yelled, gritting my teeth together. Cum for us baby- cum all over us her cousin said. Jerking my cock off fast now. Wet noises filled the room from all the saliva on my cock, cum daddy. my friend begged licking my balls and asshole still. they both were moaning AHHHH I yelled as strand after strand, like thick white & grey ropes shot out & up into the air. They both rushed their tongues and mouths there, catching a lot on their faces. Then her cousin pointed my cock at my friends mouth, so some could shoot in her mouth. Then pointed it to her own mouth catching a lot. Once I was done, her cousin slowly milked out the last bit swallowing it all, my friend still had a wad on her tongue, she picked it up with two fingers- tilting her head back and mouth wide open- showing me, she let it slowly drip out of her fingers and back into her mouth.. still hungry her cousin grabbed her hand and pulled the rest of the cum that dripped from her cousins fingers to her own mouth. Moaning mm mm they kissed each other like mad women, damn I love my two little cum drinking girls”, I hissed watching. We’re your slut’s papi, my friend said still kissing her cousin, and my cock was still hard.

I want both of you to get Rockygie style. Oh papi, I love it her cousin said. They both got side by side, both big, wide fat asses together. I got on the floor and ate both their asses and pussies till they both came.. Ahh fuck yeah”, Oh god, yes”, they both yelled out. I got behind my friend lining up my big dick at her pussy, Fuck me hard daddy, she said wiggling her big ass. “Here it is you slut”, I hissed grabbing her soft wide hips ramming my cock deep in her “Hollllyyy shittt-” she screamed, you like it huh, I yelled pounding her pussy hard. Oh yeahh- yeah- shit- fuckk, she tried yelling, but my fucking was breaking up her words. Fuck her good papi”, I’m next her cousin said making her big ass dance. Pull your cheeks apart I told her cousin as she did, while I still fucked my friend- I leaned over and licked her cousins asshole sliding my tongue up in there shit yeah, god yes, stick that tongue up my asshole, she yelled. I’m Cumming, daddy. My friend yelled I got back to fucking her hard. I got up on my feet squatting still fucking her, but this let me get deeper “yeah my slut I’m going to cum too up in you, I yelled, yes cum in me, fill me up papi she yelled back. I shot a big load in her as she came, her cousin quickly crawled behind up and from my asshole to my balls to my shaft slowly still going in & out of her cousins pussy she licked and sucked everything. When I pulled out she even pulled my dick deep in her mouth, my friend crawled away quickly breathing heavy -god-oh shit- I never been fucked like that-shit , she said.

Her big tits moved with her breathing. Her cousin locked on my cock still sucking me in. I was still in squat position she got my dick hard again, I want you to fuck me in my ass, she said moving into position. I told my friend to pull her cousins cheeks apart for me , as she did her face rested on her cousins big ass- she even spit on her asshole and rubbed it in and even licked it ahh yes lick it good, she moaned. I placed my cock at my friends mouth she sucked it and spit all over it, Put me in her… I told her!
Once I was easing up into her asshole, she yelled out “fuck it’s so big, damnn. Her hole was so tight and hot. Once I was all the way in. I started my assault on her ass.. I banged so hard she tried to run from me, but I held her, by her big hips tightly. Where you going huh, you slut”, I hissed. Sweating from my work out. Ahh you’re killing meee she screamed. She managed to lay flat on her stomach. I crawled on top of her still slamming in her asshole. I’m Cumming, fuckkk. She yelled. As she came I kept fucking her. Her ass cheeks shook and bounced like waves in the ocean. Here I cum, I hissed ahhhh fuck”, I shot another big load- this time up her ass!

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