What a talent!

To the readers of this story. I’m a man of many talents from tattooing- air brushing- painting and now writing. I come from a background of one I’m not proud of. I was in prison for many years, but did something with my time to expand my creative mind and business sense.

Along with going forward or publishing short erotica stories, in a book. I have other business ventures; in which I hope take off soon. I want to thank you for taking your time to read this story and leaving your thoughts and comments. I want to know if I truly got what it takes to put all my stories, such as this one into a book. Feel free to leave any information on anyone who can help me in the publishing department. Thank you.

Before I go into the craziest story. I got to tell all you readers that I never been the same since and every encounter after has been better than the first one..
My name is Freddie I’m a 37 year old male originally from N.Y. I’m Puerto Rican well built. I stand at 5’9 long black hair. All tattooed up. Being a tattoo artist, it comes with the territory. I’m a pretty boy from what I’m told

Anyways, my story unfolds not too long ago when a gorgeous friend of mine (who now, by the way is my girlfriend) asked me to do a tattoo on her. But she wanted me to come to her house. I was cool with it and the day came to do her tattoo. It was a Friday night. I had brought a couple of cases of beers, so after we could get our drink on. My friend is cool like that.

Once I arrived- I carried my big bag full of all my tattoo equipment in and the beers. “wow” you didn’t have to bring these “my friend said to me as she helped me”. It’s cool; I figured afterwards we could toss a couple. She smiled. I always admired her beauty. At 5’5 short hair she dyes red, beautiful eyes, her smile. Now she wasn’t a stick figure, she was thick big breasts, hips and ass to match. She carried herself well. She also took care of herself. Her hands and feet always done.

I know she was my friend at the time and I shouldn’t have been lusting after her like I was, but if you seen her in person you’d do the same. I mean I’ve seen her in shorts, skirts and my favorite her leggings. She bent over a couple of times in front of me, with them on and then she turned around, they were see through, need I say more!

Anyhow, after I setup everything, “my cousin’s coming over”, she tells me. “okay cool”, does he want a tattoo too or”, I replied not sure. No-no he’s a she, she said smiling “oh I see”, so does she want one ” I asked correcting myself”? I’m not sure but she texted me- I told her I was getting a tattoo by a good looking man” she said laughing. I smiled at her comment. ” So she’s single” I asked looking at her, “something like that” she replied. OK well lets get started I said she was getting a piece done on her chest above her tit. I hope you don’t mind, but I’ll be all on your chest”. I said jokingly. “Not at all” she replied smiling.
My friend is full blooded Puerto Rican also, but I learned her cousin is half rican and white. When she arrived my friend introduced us. She was beautiful a full-figured woman, like my friend. Around the same height, long hair, pretty eyes and a smile, big titties and hips … I didn’t get to see her ass until she turned to move something off the chair to sit down. It was nice and wide. As I continued to tattoo my friend, her cousin was talking about her problems; she was having with some guy she was seeing. They asked my opinion on some things they spoke of regarding a man’s point of view. I told them how I felt when in a relationship; both have to keep an open mind. Sex has a lot to do with a relationship because if either or in the relationship isn’t sexually satisfied- they will seek it elsewhere. So as long as they don’t go behind each other’s backs and do things together like 3-sums etc. or even just toys, porn etc. their relationship will be strong and not to mention fun. They both agreed, to how I put it.

By :bigxnine

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