Wet Nurse Milk Filled Breasts

The little car chugged up the driveway and lurched to a
stop at the end of the steps leading up the sidewalk to
the large home. The wisp of steam, oily make and heat
left the tiny battered car.

It had been 5 days since her baby died. One minute
everything was Ok and the next, he was dead. He had
“stopped breathing,” what ever that meant. And then it
was over. She was discharged the next day only to go
home to a past due notice on the door of her apartment.
A car that was dying and a cutoff notice from the
utility company.

Then a nurse from the hospital has stopped by. I had no
way of knowing that she was getting a finders fee for
this, but she told me about a wet nurse position that
paid very, very well. She would even introduce me. She
brought a White River breast pump and some herbs, as if
I needed any.

The long legged blonde got out of the little car and
wobbled a bit on her high heels. That was part of the
deal. High heels, nylons and a garter belt. He didn’t
touch or want sex, he just like that look. She shifted
the milk filled breasts, it was like they had come from
outer space all of a sudden. She picked a long blonde
hair from her skirt and flicked it away.

She walked to the door and knocked. “Come in,” said,
John. She walked in and said,, “Reporting for nursing
duty, Sir.” He liked that. “I would like you to meet
Jay.” “Hello Jay. I am John’s wet nurse.” Jay said,
hello while inspecting her breasts with his eyes.

John stood up and walked her into the living room and
they sat on the couch. He slowly began to unbutton her
blouse. She stuffed the hundred dollar bill in her
purse. He completed unbuttoning the blouse and then
undid her bra. He put his head in her lap and began to
suckle as the milk let down. She automatically began to
stroke his head and gaze into his eyes.

She was frigging bonding to this guy like he was her
baby. All of her hormones were saying “nurture that
baby.” Her body was being dragged along for the ride.
What the hell, why fight it. She began to sing him a
lullaby. He hungrily suckled her milk. She had a killer
orgasm. She stroked his head. Finally he was through.
She was empty.

She rearranged herself and gave him a kiss on the
forehead. “What was that all about.” She was getting
very materialistic very fast here. John walked her to
the door. He handed her a bottle of perfume. She
wobbled down the steps and out to the car, tits
jiggling with every step.

The nurse picked up the phone and listened to it ring.
Finally it was answered and she said, “I have another
one. One for the evening feeding. You will like this
one. Very pretty. I will bring her down tonight. I hope
you have the $500 for me.”

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