Wendy’s erotic story

Ben is a very good friend of mine. We met in scouts when we were younger and became fast friends. As well as all the normal scouting trips, we also would get together during the summers whenever one of our moms was willing to give us a ride across town. Ben went to a private school so weekends and summers were the only times we really had to hang out.

Wendy is Ben’s little sister. Wendy was always the cutest little kid. When I first met her she was maybe six years old, and she was always bubbly and bouncy and cheerful and absolutely adored her big brother… AND his friend. She had a huge crush on me at that time and would always cuddle up to me and call me her “boyfriend”. Any time we were there she wanted to do whatever we were doing, go wherever we were going, play whatever we were playing. In truth, we didn’t really mind. She was never a pain in the ass, just a fun kid who wanted to hang out with her big brother and her “boyfriend”, and she never cried or whined when we told her no.

Most of the time Wendy was a perfect little girly girl. Her bedroom was bathed in pink and purple. Her clothes were frilly and lacy and covered with unicorns and rainbows. At the same time, she was also the perfect little tomboy. Any time Ben and I were in the woods behind their house riding four wheelers, Wendy would be right there in pink shorts and a short top sitting behind one of us holding on for dear life, and screaming her excitement the whole time. She never had any trouble keeping up with us.

As she grew up, Wendy just became cuter and cuter. She has bright blue eyes and a big, ever present, laser smile. By the time she hit high school she stood about five feet tall. Her hair was brown and wavy, down past her shoulders, on the verge of being totally frizzy, but it really worked on her. During the summer, the sun would really bring out the highlights. She was also very petite, but strong and powerful. She still had that naturally bouncy bubbly personality, and all that energy turned Wendy into a very fast and driven athlete. She was on any team where she could run or jump or just explode. Track, field hockey, softball, volleyball… and all that working out showed.

Still, after all those years, I never really saw Wendy as anything more than Ben’s little sister. As we got older Wendy developed her own social life with her own friends and would not be there as often when Ben and I were hanging out. When she was there, well, she could ride the four wheelers by herself now so she didn’t really have to hang on any more. She still adored big brother, but didn’t cling to us like when she was little, and she rarely called me her boyfriend anymore.

Swim Club

One of our other favorite summer activities, besides riding quads, was hanging out at the swim club. Ben’s family didn’t have their own pool, but belonged to a local swim club. During the summer we would spend entire days there with his family. This was a one of those exclusive clubs with the big pool and slides and Jacuzzis, and all sorts of other activities to keep the stray children busy while their parents sipped Margaritas on the deck.

On this particular day, it was already hot as hell by nine o’clock in the morning, and the forecast was that it was only going to get hotter. Ben and I were roaming around like we ruled the place. We were the oldest of the school kids after all. As far as we were concerned, this was our kingdom, and all of the young ladies were ours for the taking, not that we ever took any.

Wendy was also there spending all her time on the water slides with her friend Gracie. Gracie was another club kid and the two of them were very close, especially in the summer. Occasionally Ben and I would stumble into Wendy and Gracie in the pool and the inevitable splash fight/dunking war would ensue. Laughing, screaming, dunking, grabbing… standard swim club fun. Our only plan for that day was to keep out of the heat.

Gracie’s Story

At one point, I found myself just lounging in the water on the side of the pool. I’m not sure where Ben or Wendy were at the time, but the next thing I know here comes Gracie swimming up to me all by herself. Gracie was a beautiful little blonde with clear blue eyes, even in all that chlorine there was never a hint of red. She was short, but had a great body for a freshman, especially when she presented it in a bikini that was definitely a size too small. She was damned nice to look at.

I knew that Gracie had at least a little crush on me. Every time she spoke to me she would be a constant stream of flirty little comments and big bright smiles, and she would laugh at literally anything I said. Today however, something was different. As I look back on it now I would say that, as she swam up to me, the look on her face seemed to be a mixture of awe and pure lust, knowing what she thought she knew at the moment. I didn’t recognize it as that at the time. Then she spoke.

Gracie swam up close in front of me and stopped. She was shoulder deep in the water so I didn’t get to check out that tight little body as I would have liked. She hesitated for a moment, her face turned a deep shade of red, and then she said to me…

“Wendy told me what you did”

I didn’t have the slightest clue what she was talking about. My initial response was total confusion. What I said was,

“She did? What did I do?”

She looked at me, her face still blushing red, and said

“What you did with her, at her house. You know…”

I did not know.

Wendy and I had never done anything at her house other than riding quads in the woods or maybe watching TV or sharing lunch. We certainly had never done anything worthy of a teenaged girl getting this embarrassed over.

I pushed her some more and eventually Gracie told me the most amazing story that I had never been a part of. By the time she finished telling me what, apparently, Wendy had told her, all I could do was float there in the water with my mouth hanging open. I was dumbstruck. I would never have thought that such a story could have come out of our sweet, innocent little Wendy. But I also didn’t think for a moment to doubt it.

I had never looked at Wendy with any kind of romantic or sexual interest at all, she was just Ben’s cute, bubbly little sister. Now I scanned the pool to find her, and when I did my cock shot up like a rocket and aimed itself right at her. Gracie kept talking but I’m not entirely sure of anything she said after that. My mind was watching Wendy, and my penis was already taking control of the thinking.

Somehow, I had to make this story come true. For her.

But mostly, right now, I had to make this story come true for ME. Right now it was the ONLY thing I could think about.

I left Gracie and moved like a shark across the pool stalking Wendy. I came up behind her and wrapped my arms around her, covering her eyes…

“Guess who?”

It wasn’t much of a game, she knew exactly who it was immediately. She giggled and turned around to face me and when she did I leaned forward and just planted my lips on hers. Not a friendly little kiss. Not a “my big brother’s friend” kind of kiss. This was a full-fledged “damn I wanna fuck you hard” kind of kiss. I pulled away. Wendy stood there in the water, now she was the one with the shocked look. I flashed a big smile, dunked under the water and swam away, leaving her staring after me.

You wanna play?

Ten minutes later we were all sitting around a table for lunch. The only thing I could think of was, how can I get her out of here? Wendy didn’t say a thing about that kiss, but you could tell she was thinking about it. She just sat there staring at me, turning a little red every time I looked at her. I would lock eyes with her and just smile. In the meantime her nipples were making a noticeable effort to rip right through the little bikini she was wearing. Her mother noticed too and told her at least twice to put a shirt on, but she never did get the hint, and that was fine with me.

As I was trying to figure out how I could whisk her away from here and get her all alone, the whole situation sorted itself out for me. Gracie’s mom, who had joined us for lunch, announced that she was going shopping or some such thing and Gracie would be going with her. One down. Then Ben told us that he had some pointless project he was working on with another friend from school, so he would be going to that friend’s house for the rest of the day. It was like the stars aligned perfectly just for me.

That left Wendy and I. Even though it would not have been a problem with their mom, I was not going to hang around their swim club with Ben not there. Trying to think of something really quick, I said that I was going to play softball with some other friends, so I would be leaving too. Wendy’s reaction was perfect. She instantly started whining to her mom that she was going to be here all alone for the rest of the day and no one else was around.

Naturally I offered up a solution, “Do you want to come play softball with me?”

Her face lit up. “Really? Can I? Mom can I?”

Her mom made the obligatory objections of “I don’t know… Your friends won’t mind? Will there be any other girls there? Is it just you and your other guy friends? Will you be okay? Will you be able to get home?” blah blah blah.

I assured her that there would be other girls there and my friends wouldn’t mind. Wendy was a better player than most of them, they’d love to have her on their team. I also assured her that I would be sure to give her a ride home, everything would be fine. Mom had no problem with Wendy hanging out with me. Mom trusted me. Heh heh.

That settled that. Mom was going to stay at the club until their dad met her there for dinner. That gave us well into the evening to… play ball.

Wendy quickly changed into some shorts and cute little pink halter top and met me at the front door. Now that I was actually looking at her, she was an incredibly sexy girl. She was tanned a golden bronze. Her legs were long and perfect. Her ass had such a perfect shape I wanted to just reach right out and grab it. Plus that tummy was showing and it was so tight and muscled, yet soft and tender. I needed to peel my eyes away from her before I had an accident in my shorts right then and there.

We made our way to my car and set off for the afternoon. I thought about taking her to my house where I knew we wouldn’t be interrupted, but her story had taken place in her room, and that’s where it needed to take place now. Wendy thought we were going to play softball so I suggested that we stop by her house to pick up her glove. Of course she thought that made perfect sense. As far as I was concerned, it got us right where I wanted to be.

When we arrived at her house, just as predicted, no one else was home. Wendy quickly got out and ran into the house. I took my time and followed her. When she came running back from her room I was walking in from the living room. She was surprised to see me in the house, she thought I was waiting in the car. She asked me what I was doing.

“You’re not going to change? You really want to play softball in that?” I said, pointing out the halter top she was practically spilling out of. She didn’t have huge breasts but in that outfit, she’d be popping out every two seconds.

She looked at me, then at herself, considering.

Then I added “Besides, I thought you might want to show me your room…”

That was how Gracie’s story had begun. Wendy wanted to show me her room.

For a split second Wendy seemed to realize what I was saying, but then it was gone. She didn’t know that Gracie had talked to me, how could I possibly know about that? She went back to thinking about what she was wearing. As I walked right up close to her with and evil grin, I asked her if she wanted me to help her change. She was surprised by the question and during her momentary confusion, I leaned forward and kissed her right on the mouth. Again.

We kissed for a moment and then I pulled back. She stood there with her mouth open just staring at me, the red slowly filling her cheeks again. I leaned forward again, wrapped my arms around her waist, and pulled her tight to me. Then I kissed her again. This time long and sensual. She relaxed and started to kiss back. My cock was already a fucking redwood in my pants and she HAD to feel it pressing against her tummy, but I didn’t care. I wanted her to feel it. I wanted her to crave it.

Wendy’s Room

When that kiss broke she stood there for a moment looking at me, excitement in her eyes and licking her lips, but still caught totally off guard by what was happening. She started to say something but I quickly interrupted her.

“So Gracie was telling me this story at the pool…” I paused to watch her face.

“She told me… That you told HER…” Wendy’s eyes started to bug out, realizing what Gracie had told me.

“That you had something to show me in your room…” I looked at her with questioning eyes, waiting for her to respond, my arms still wrapped around her waist.

Wendy seemed to panic just a bit wondering if Gracie had told me the whole story. She started to babble on about “That was just something I made up, I never told her… ”, but I didn’t care, and I obviously didn’t mind. She wasn’t getting that yet.

I interrupted her, “Wendy it’s all cool, I don’t mind.” A little peck on the lips.

“I LIKED her story” Her mouth hanging open again. “I want to see what’s in your room…”

We stood there in silence for a moment while all of this raced through her head.

After a short pause of her trying to figure out what to do I asked

“So do you want to show me your room or not?” I asked.

Finally she was getting it. She started saying something about “But what if someone comes home?”

I answered “You’re mom is staying at the swim club drinking with her friends until your dad gets there, Ben is off working on his boring project. Who’s going to come home?” I flashed my naughtiest smile.

“But what about the ball game?” she asked.

“There is no ball game, I made that up. I just wanted to come back here with you”

You could see on her face the moment that she bought into the whole thing. She dropped her softball glove on the table, grabbed my hand and pulled me toward her bedroom.

Wendy’s Story

We got to her room and it was exactly like I had seen it a hundred times before, a pink paradise with lace and frills and stuffed animals everywhere. In the corner was a perfectly girly bed with just about enough room for the two of us. It was covered with a big white comforter with pretty flowers everywhere you looked and a hundred pillows. Everything surrounded by either ribbons and trophies and sporting equipment or stuffed animals. Just as I said, a beautiful mixture of Girly-girl and tomboy.

I said “hmmm… I’ve seen this before, what was it you wanted to show me?”

She flashed her own mischievous grin and this time she initiated the kissing. She was surprisingly good at kissing when she was expecting it. We continued for a few minutes.

I asked “hmmmm… So what happened next?”

She thought for a moment, glanced over at her bed, pulled me over to it, where we sat down on the edge and the kissing continued.

“MORE of this” she said.

We kissed and made out for a while just sitting on the bed. That was good, but not comfortable for the long term.

As I pushed her down on the bed and slid up next to her I asked “Did we maybe lay down and get comfy while we were doing more of that?”

She just nodded her head and agreed. Mmmmm hmmm.

We lay on the bed just making out like that for quite a while. I never even would have thought of kissing her like this before, but now I never wanted to stop. Her lips were magical. But right now I wanted to see how many chapters this story had. So I asked.

“So… what happened next?”

Wendy hesitated for a moment, then said “You started touching me…”

“Oh REALLY?” I said.

I then started touching her. I put my hand on her belly. So soft and smooth and perfect. Yet you could feel the pure muscle underneath. I caressed her tummy while I continued to kiss her mouth and her neck and to nibble on her ears. She began moaning and giggling with every touch. I could feel that she was sensitive to every spot that I touched. My hands started to wander higher and higher. Just as my hands slid up and closed over her breast I asked

“Did I touch you like this?”

Wendy closed her eyes and took in a deep breath as my hands started fondling her breasts. She didn’t really answer me, she just nodded yes with her eyes still closed. I started kissing my way down her neck. Now I was so glad she had chosen to wear that little halter top, as it easily pushed to the side, and without anything else underneath it, my fingers found her hard little nipples. Her breasts were much bigger than I thought. She was at least a solid B cup, and so firm and smooth. I closed my mouth around one nipple and started to suck. Wendy let out a little gasp. I asked…

“Is this what happened next?” and closed my mouth around her other nipple.

She giggled and said “No…”

I stopped and asked “Okay, then what happened next?”

She bit her lip and looked at me then said “You took off your shirt” Again, her eyes bulged with excitement.

I was amused. But this was her story and as long as it kept heading in the right direction I was all hers.

I answered “Oh… okay” and then sat up and stripped my shirt off.

Wendy immediately had her hands all over my shoulders and abs and started kissing me all over. I never had any idea she felt this way about me, or at least about my body, but clearly there was a lot there that she liked.

“Ugh, your abs are so perfect” she said as she rubbed my muscles and started kissing down my belly.

Oh keep going I thought to myself. Keep going keep going keep going… My cock was so hard, and she was only inches away. She started to linger where she was. Time to get this story moving again.

“So then what happened?” I asked.

She thought for a moment, hesitated, and then looked at me and said

“Then you took your pants off too!”

“Really?” I asked. “Are you sure? …Because I think that before I did that, I might want to take something else off”

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