Weekend with new boss

On Friday when I got to work with Lori she comes in my office with me. She told me to strip so I got completely naked. She took my clothes and said I would get them back at the end of the day. She stroked me hard and then left. Tammy came in and I was sitting at my desk. She had me help her carry some files in from the hallway and she then told me to stand there while she took digital photos of me.

When she was done Tammy sat on my desk and made me lick her pussy. I worked up and down her clit and she finally came. “Get to work and I’ll be back after lunch,” she said.

I started to work and Lori’s assistant, Shelly came in and closed the door. “We are going to have a lot of work this weekend so suck me off now.” Shelly lifted her skirt on my desk and I sucked and kissed her pussy and she came with me licking her clit and fingering her pussy.

As Shelly left my office she left my door open. I started to work and some older women started to walk past my office door. I was embarrassed but hard because these women would walk in my office and look at my cock and then leave. Six different women came and left. I finished my work around 11:30 and I called Tammy. Tammy got all my work together and Lori came in a few minutes later and said, “Ken come with me.”

Lori led me by my cock to a back warehouse where there were all six of the older women. Shelly was also naked back here. Lori says, “Ladies here are my Friday gifts to you, have fun and do whatever you want.”

These women were older but all had different body shapes. Three of them were heavier with big tits. One was really short with big hips and small breasts. The last two were small but they both had big fake boobs.

They laid me on a desk and I had a pussy on my face and a cock ring put on my hard cock. As I sucked and licked, Lori told me that Shelly and I were the fringe benefits for the girls in the back every Friday afternoon until 5pm. It was only noon so I had five hours with these women.

I heard Shelly moaning and when the woman on my face came and got off my face I saw Shelly was on all fours and had nipples clamps on her tits and her face buried in a pussy with another woman using a dildo on her.

The next woman was a big girl and she poured a drink over her pussy and I licked it off of her. She also put some peanut butter on her pussy and told me to eat lunch. I had at least three other women do the same thing with peanut butter and when I got really thirsty they would pour water on their pussies into my mouth. Some of the women opened their shirts and let me play with their tits while I sucked them. The two small women’s breasts were awesome.

As this was happening I was being fucked and I felt other women licking my balls. These women were in there fifties and they told me they only work here to get free sex with young men and women every Friday. I needed to cum because it was three o’clock and I had been having sex for three hours with a cock ring on. Shelly and I stood up and the women took a picture with us on either side of them. The women were fully dressed and when they were done they took the cock ring off me and told us to masturbate.

I came almost immediately and Shelly came right after me. They made Shelly lick the cum off my cock and the floor and then I lay down again to suck the rest of the pussies. The large women were grinding their pussies on my face and were much wetter. I must have licked every woman a few times. There were six women there and my face was covered with a lot of their juices.

Around 4pm they gave us some food and Shelly looked exhausted. They let us go to the bathroom and we crawled under a table and sucked each woman until they came. We ended the afternoon with one of the small woman sucking me and I cam in her mouth as a bell rang. They also got off Shelly and I saw a dildo in her pussy and ass and her face was as wet as mine. “We prefer men but since there is only one guy we tease her and make her lick our pussies as well.”

Lori came in with my clothes and told me to say goodbye to each woman. Each of these older women hugged and kissed me on the lips. They stroked my cock and shoved their tongue in my mouth. Lori said, “Ken is looking forward to next Friday.” I got dressed and Lori drove us home.

“Shower and get some rest for tomorrow night Ken,” Lori told me. I cleaned up and went to sleep right away. I woke up at 6am and Lori had me exercise and get sweaty.

Jeff cooked us breakfast and Lori said, “We are going to a swingers club and I need you to trade for another friends man.” Lori would stroke me hard every time she saw me that Saturday.

We left at 4pm and it was a couples night and people were already having sex as we walked in. “Strip Ken, I need to advertise that you are submissive so I can get another women to trade with me.” She also put a cock ring on me to keep me hard and women would fondle me as they walked by.

They had a buffet and I got our food. Women would grab me and keep me hard as I brought Lori her food. Then I finally got back with my food and Lori sent me to the bar. There were young women in their twenties and women as old as sixty grabbing me. As I got the drinks women would ask whom I was with. I told them Lori, and the couple would go talk to her. There were a few other naked people walking around and this gorgeous tall woman walks right up to me. “My husband wants you to fuck me right here,” she said.

She takes my cock and slips it in her pussy as Lori is getting her pussy eaten by some guy. I feel another woman rub her naked body up against me and I turn my head. She is a BBW and tells me she is going to bring us to the back room after this girl is done with me. This BBW is tickling under my balls and saying, “Make her cum so I can take you back for some more fun.” I finally get her to cum and the BBW takes us both to the back room.

“I got a slut for you,” she tells her husband and she gives the gorgeous girl to a couple guys who are naked and hard. They are overweight and I see her husband watching as these overweight guys start to DP with this hot girl.

This BBW puts me on my knees and I start to suck her pussy. I notice women getting in line behind the girl I’m sucking. She orgasms and pulls my head into her as she squirts on my face. I still have the cock ring on and I ask her to take it off me.

She tells me, “Your girl will not be happy if I take it off of you.” The next girl is a young twenty something and she tastes sweet. I ease a finger into her and she cums within five minutes. The next woman is sixty and she makes me suck her pussy as well. After she orgasms she says she wants to fuck me so the BBW lets her. She straddles me and rides up and down on my cock. I can’t cum with the cock ring on and she hugs me as she orgasms with me inside her. Another woman get on my face and I feel one more girl mount my rock hard cock. The woman on my face orgasms and I see she is in her fifties.

“Thanks,” she says and get off of me. The woman having sex with me is in her sixties. She orgasms as I rub her clit. She tells me her husband is having a young woman and I see this old guy being sucked by the gorgeous tall woman. She is being fucked from behind while stroking her husband. I get up and find Lori drinking at the bar.

She tells me that I’m going home with my new friend. The BBW and her husband walk up. “I am going to submit to him and you are her sex toy for the night,” she says. The husband takes Lori out by the arm and she tells me he is going to fuck her silly.

This BBW makes me fuck her in the back room and then suck every one of her other huge friends. It is only 7pm and I have sucked three or four women and there is a line of women waiting for me. I am on my back and the BBW is riding me as I’m eating what seems like every woman in the place. She takes the cock ring off me and she mounts me.

There are young beautiful girls and 60 year olds pussies that I’m licking. I cum in the BBW and she stays on me and has a young girl suck my balls until I’m hard again. This girl is sucking my cum and the girls juices out of her and sucking my balls. I get hard and start fucking up into her for thirty more minutes.

At 9pm the last woman in line gets off my face and I start to look for the BBW who is going to take me home. As I’m walking I see about ten women whose pussies I sucked hug and thank me. I don’t know the bbw girls name so I walk around the club naked.

My mouth and tongue are sore from sucking so many pussies. She is sucking some other guy’s cock and she gets off him when she sees me. She leads me to the door by my cock and I get in her car naked and drive as she sucks me. We get to her house and swim and then she takes photos of me naked. She makes me suck her as she downloads the photos of all the girls who sat on my face. Then she posts the photos on her web site and chats for an hour online. We go to bed and fuck one more time and I fall asleep exhausted.

I wake up the next day and she tells me Lori will be by shortly to take me home. Lori and this girl’s husband arrive and Lori is naked as they come in the house from the garage. Lori tells them we will do this again next weekend and she drives me home with both of us naked.

She shows me the web site and it is about guys being forced to suck pussy. It also says if you want to meet this guy contact Debbie. Debbie is the BBW and she says that she has the guy in the pictures again for all next weekend. Lori tells me after my Friday at the back room at the office Debbie will pick me up and keep me until Sunday morning.

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