We take home a young man who had wanted to fuck my wife for a long time

We used to go to the same pub at least a couple of times
every week, became one of the “regulars” and got to know
loads of people in the same position. Only about a 10
minute walk from home, it was great, and nearly all the
regulars were also.

One young man of about 20, called Richard, seemed to
develop a sort of “crush” on my wife. Don’t get me
wrong, nobody flirts more than me and I had a passionate
“snog” with a few women frequenting the pub, but at that
time it wasn’t any more serious than that.

The thing with Richard was that he took any opportunity
he could get to tell my wife that he would “love to fuck
her”, accompanied by a soft caress or two. My wife
wasn’t offended at all by this, but was I think
flattered that a good looking man of 20 would fancy her.
Another thing about this was that whenever she was told
this by Richard, she would, whenever we were making love
next, tell me about it in some detail, which I admit
would get me more excited than normal.

This became a normal part of our “build up”, leading to
me suggesting that she take him up on his suggestion;
this again becoming a normal part of our sex talk.
Nothing was done about this at that point until one
night in the pub, whilst a group was singing live, and
the pub being full to the rafters, my wife found herself
standing in front of Richard, near to the bar, whilst I
was seated about 30 feet away from them.

This wasn’t unusual, we would exchange winks and glances
at each other various times during the night not
thinking anything about it. This night whenever I looked
over to her she was always smiling, as usual, as was
Richard whenever I looked at him also.

Later that night when we got home, my wife was really
horny, helped by the fact I presumed, that I had coaxed
her tits out of her blouse whilst walking home, as we
used to do quite regularly, when the time seemed right.
When we went to bed and started to make love, she said,
out of the blue, “Richard felt my tits tonight!”

She proceeded to tell me, again in great detail, that
while she was standing in front of Richard, he had
started rubbing her back gently through her blouse,
which was worn outside her jeans. She started to lean
back against him, and because that must have been like a
green light to him, he proceeded to then place his hands
inside the rear of her blouse, gently rubbing her back,
at the same time gradually moving his hands upwards .
Because the place was so crowded, no-one could see this
was happening. My wife was enjoying this so much that
she didn’t object when his hands reached the rear of her
bra and gently undid the catch.

He then brought his hands around to the front, still
inside my wife’s blouse, gradually rising his hands
until he met the bottom edge of her undone bra, when he
very slowly moved the bra out of his way and gently
reached up and cupped both of my wife’s tits, just
holding them for a while before slowly touching her
nipples with his fingertips; gently playing with them to
my wife’s immense enjoyment .Because this was happening
“in front of” a room full of people, with me
occasionally looking over and with her able and willing
to also reach behind her and squeeze Richard’s stiff
cock through his jeans, my wife was in seventh heaven!
This went on for some time apparently with Richard again
whispering in her ear that he’d “love to fuck her” and
would she be willing to go for a walk with him behind
some nearby garages to achieve that? She politely

I couldn’t believe my ears as I was told this story,
which had the effect of really exciting the both of us
more than ever as we were fucking away madly at the same
time. It resulted in huge, noisy orgasms for us both. We
both enjoyed this episode and it’s retelling so much
that we immediately agreed that we would love similar
events to occur, preferably involving Richard, as my
wife certainly by now had the hots for him and enjoyed
describing the feel of his cock to me.

Some weeks went by until we were again down the “local”
at the same time as Richard, the evening ending by all
three of us being invited to another couple’s house for
a late drink. This took place, with Richard most of the
time smiling at my wife and, she told me later, “trying
to look up my skirt”.

When the time came to leave, we had to walk down some
stairs from the upstairs flat we’d been in, and Richard
took the opportunity to lean over my wife’s shoulder and
repeat his “I’d love to fuck you” gambit.

As I walked away, expecting my wife to be behind me, I
realized that she’d stopped to talk to Richard. She then
came over to me, about forty feet away from Richard, and
told me what he’d said, and added that if I was in
favour, we could carry out what we’d talked about many
times before, and take Richard home with us .We talked
briefly about the situation, and basically it came down
to what my wife wanted; me not wanting her to feel I was
forcing her into something. She assured me that she was
willing “if I was” and wanted me to make the final

I asked her what she would like to happen, if he did
come back with us, she said that she’d love to tease him
for a while, giving him increasing glimpses of one, then
both tits.

This then would progress to letting him gradually see up
her skirt until her panties were in view, then remove
the panties, give him a good view and then progress to
mutual, feeling, sucking and wanking. When I asked her
would she then want Richard to fuck her, she replied,
“It might be nice; especially with you watching us.”

I walked to Richard and told him that if anything was to
happen between us, I’d expect absolute discretion, as we
all live in a small village and word could easily get
round .He assured me that would be the case, as he was
seeing someone too, and we proceeded back to our house.

When we got home, I put on some nice slow music, made us
all a Vodka and tonic, and sat down on an easy chair,
with Richard on a settee, and my wife facing us, sitting
on another settee. As we talked, my wife did what she’d
planned. She gradually opened a few buttons on her
blouse, asking us if that looked ok?

We obviously said yes, to which, my wife gradually
opened all her buttons, showing at first cleavage, then
slowly caressing one breast and revealing it fully, to
then doing the same to the other .Her skirt was quite
short anyway, and it didn’t need much raising for
Richard and myself to get a clear view of her pants. By
now both Richard and I had a hard-on, both highly
visible through our jeans. I was stroking my cock gently
through mine, and Richard was sitting on the edge of the
settee, barely able to constrain himself.

I could tell by my wife’s manner that she was really
excited, and when she asked” Would you like me to take
my pants off?” I knew that no matter what anyone had
said, she was eager by now to take them off and show her
pussy to us. She slid them off, and opened her legs
slowly, whilst sliding down in the settee slightly to
enable us a better view. Even though I had seen my
wife’s pussy many, many times, because I knew that she
was showing someone else for the first time.

I was wound up like a spring when she asked, “Does that
look ok?”

Both Richard and I said “Wow!” or something similar.

I was blown away by the excitement and emotion of the
moment; so much so that I just had to quickly strip off
my t-shirt, jeans and underwear, letting my raging hard
cock out into the open. When Richard saw me do this, he
immediately followed suit, leaving both of us sitting
there hands around our cocks, watching my wife avidly.

I had never seen my wife’s cunt in better condition; she
was extremely aroused, which showed in the fact that her
cunt lips had opened like a flower, glistening with
moisture. What a fucking sight! Part of me wanted to
wank quickly, and come over her to show my appreciation,
part of me wanted to rush over to her to fuck her
senseless. I instead wanted everything to take place at
my wife’s pace, everything exactly as she wanted it.

She said then” Why don’t you come over here, Richard?”
patting the settee beside her. I knew that she wanted me
to watch a lot of the action just as an observer ( just
as my fantasies had planned it!) so she proceeded to
kiss Richard and let him feel whatever part of her he
liked( as long as the whole thing roughly followed our
talked about fantasies which had taken place whilst we
fucked over a long period of time).

For the rest of the night we indulged ourselves of
whatever we felt comfortable with. At times this
involved me watching Richard finger my wife ‘s soaking
wet cunt until she exploded( more than once); him
licking her pussy with the same outcome; her wanking him
at first slowly, then much quicker, but stopping short
of him cumming.

My wife loved the action of wanking him while I watched,
slowly wanking myself. She then sucked his cock, again
conscious of me watching. A fantasy of my wife’s had
always been for both Richard and myself to insert
fingers into her at the same time, which we did, to yet
another orgasm from her. A view I will also remember is
when they carried out a 69 on the floor, with great

After some time like this, my wife said” I think it’s
time for someone to fuck me. Richard?”You cannot imagine
the look on his face when told this. You’d swear it was
all his Xmases at once! With my wife leaning back into
the couch, Richard on his knees in front of her, he
joyfully slipped his rampant cock straight in to full
depth within my wife’s pussy.

This was just amazing to watch for me and obviously
amazing for my wife also as she shuddered to yet another
orgasm immediately, and proceeded to fuck like there was
no tomorrow, all the while loving the fact that I was
watching it all take place. Nearly all our fantasies
taking place at once (not quite all!)

From then on it became something of a free for all, with
us all enjoying ourselves to our imaginations limit. For
long periods Richard and I would share my wife, one or
the other of us withdrawing for the other to fuck her.
We went from the living room at one point to our
bedroom, where we all continued as before.

At one point a highlight for us all was when both
Richard and I fucked my wife together, trying at first
to get both cocks into her pussy at the same time; then
later, with a cock in her pussy and mouth, and even
later in her arse and pussy, which she had always
dreamed of, and was in fact quite successful. I lost
track of how many times my wife came, and eventually
sleep and alcohol overcame all of us. During the night I
became aware of Richard and my wife fucking again,
standing up by the window, with the moonlight shining on

In the morning, after a strangely quiet breakfast,
Richard said that he hoped we could do the same thing
again, whenever we wanted, and then left. My wife and
myself waited until the evening, when the after effects
of the previous evening’s alcohol had subsided, before
going to bed earlier than normal and talking about what
had transpired.

This soon led to another drawn out, slow session of
lovemaking with greatly heightened intensity, as we
retold our memories of the events of the night before,
and telling each other what we felt these events meant
to us, and how exciting they had been. There were no
regrets at all, and we were united in the sensations we
had experienced together, making us feel if anything
more of a couple than before, because of what had

This, as it turned out was a new beginning for us as a
couple, allowing us to talk to each other even more
openly than before. Sharing our thoughts, fantasies,
secret desires, allowing us to take a freer attitude
forward from then on, experiencing as many things as
possible only limited by common sense, and our

I hope some of you have enjoyed reading this; feel free
to let us know your thoughts, good or bad.

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