Wayne and Jacquee Meets another brother and sister couple which leads to a fun filled meeting

It was late evening as we sat in our kitchen drinking after sharing a meal with our new friends Chad and Murna, a brother and sister incest couple. We initially met Chad and Murna online in a chat room for brother and sister incest couples and created a friendship, which led to a meeting with them. Our initial meeting with them was magical as we all had similar interests. After four more meetings we invited them to our home for dinner.

Murna is a late twenties short haired slender tan brunette with perky looking B-cups. A bit taller than Jacquee who is a knockout, brown hair the most amazing tits and ass any woman would kill for. Chad, although I am no judge of guys, must have had something going on to land a babe like Murna..

When we finished dinner we continue drinking mixed drinks and decided to play cards. The conversation between Jacquee and Murna gradually turned to sex. As they talked they become more graphic with every drink. Their talked centered on sexual positions, penetration, and the size of their respective brothers. Jacquee had been rubbing my cock and Murna had been evidently stroking Chad. While not content to rub my long since rigid cock through my shorts any longer Jacquee suggested with a grin to Murna “we should suck our brother’s cocks”.

Murna responded “Yeah that sounds like fun”.

Jacquee had me stand before her as Chad stood before Murna. Jacquee pulled my shorts to my ankles, grabbed my cock at the base and immediately deep throated my meat. Murna, kneeling beside Jacquee, had also pulled Chad’s shorts to his ankles and was licking on Chad’s pole.

This scene of simultaneous oral sex played out for a few minutes until Murna withdrew Chad from her mouth and commented to Jacquee “your brother has such a fat cock”.

Jacquee withdrawing me from her mouth responded “thank you, and your brother has such a long cock”.

It looked as though Chad was about an inch longer than I was but I was clearly larger in thickness.

Murna in turn to Jacquee’s last comment asked “would you like to suck Chad’s dick?” Jacquee responded “oh yeah”.

Murna said “good, because I want Wayne’s cock in my mouth”. Jacquee suggested, “let’s go in the living room and get more comfortable. The carpet is much more comfortable”.

Moving into the living room Chad and I sat on each end of the couch and Jacquee kneeled before Chad and Murna kneeled before me. They both peeled off their tight T-shirts, Jacquee revealing her half-dollar sized reddish nipples with outlined with light brown, and Murna exposing her brown quarter sized nipples. Murna and I watched as Jacquee began licking Chad’s meat. After she had well lubricated him she began deep throating his length.

Murna looked up at me and asked, as she stroked my manhood, “do you like watching your sister suck my brother?”

As I answered “yes, it looks great” I felt Murna’s tongue begin to swirl around and under the head of my cock licking up my pre-cum.

I felt her lips begin to pass over and down my length, tongue the underside of my cock until I was deep in her throat. Murna could suck cock as well as Jacquee. They both continued bobbing on our cocks and fondling our balls. If we had a camera we could have made top prize quality porn.

After sucking on me for a few minutes Murna withdrew my cock from her mouth and said “I want to see you lick Jacquee’s pussy while she sucks Chad”.

I responded “no problem Murna”.

I moved behind Jacquee after she slid her jean shorts off. She raised her ass and I began tonguing her red and light brown folds surrounded by her neatly trimmed sandy blonde pubes, her mouth never leaving Chad’s meat. I licked and fingered her ass and pussy while rubbing her clit as Murna also peeled off her tight jean shorts and sat on the adjacent love seat masturbating. I could see Murna’s fingers disappearing into her brown cunt, mostly shaved except for a few brunette pubes, as she rubbed her clit with her other hand. Two pretty pussies before me, Jacquee began to cum.

By : Jonathan Wayne

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