Watching my white wife having … with Black Men

Where do I start? We moved from the midwest in the early 80’s to Dallas. We’re a white couple Mid 20’s. I’m 6’0 200 She 5’6 190 Yeah I know, a big girl. But 44ddd helps. So I had a few pro’s in my life, 20 black chicks, and we swing. Friends, bar hopping and the babysitter.

That’s a good story, but anyway. Met some guys at work, we went to a tittie bar, good time, everyone’s horny. I’m driving and I say, ” Let’s go to my house, and get some head from the wife”. Try to set her up with this younger white dude. Anyway, she was willing, but he wanted to get to know her better before he let her suck he’s dick. What a loser! He found out a week later he missed out.

The next evening 1 of the guys that was there, knocked on the door. I guess I was drunk the nite before. Not to remember, offering my wife’s World Famous Head to everyone in the car, but I guess he was listening!He came in and we all had a few beers. Then we ran out of beer, so I went to get some, 5 minutes away. Came back and everything fine. He uses the bathroom and that’s when she says, “He wants to eat my pussy!” OK. Where did this come from?

Then she tell me about what I said in the car the nite before. “Did you say I’d give them Head? We’ll yeah, but it was directed at someone else. “So now what am I suppose to do?” “Do you want to do him?” she says “I’ve never been with a Black Man”. That when it hit me, “Let her”. I like being with Black women. Sure. I’ll watch.

He comes back, I mention the pussy eating and if you want her, she fine with it and so am I. He got naked, she got naked and I saw the best sex in my life. When he dropped his pants, she look at his cock, ( that day I learned the difference between a cock and a dick ) she looked at me and I could tell she fell in love with Black cock. They laid together, she stroking this 11 inches of black cock until the head came though the uncircumsied skin. She was just going to go down on him, when he said “let’s 69″. Good on his promise to eat her pussy! I sat on the bed watching her try to give this big black cock a normal blowjob. No Way. So I made suggestions. ” Lick his cock, polish that head with your tongue, suck that head, deeper, slower.

It was like my own porno movie! She sucked and licked that black cock like it was life. I said to work on his balls, meaning to hold them in her hand while she sucked him. Nope. Started licking, 1 in her mouth, golf ball sized, gives him a good ball job, then repeats it on the other 1, and finally manages to get both in her mouth. God she did look beautiful! I know this is feeling good. Figure he’s gonna blow in seconds. She goes back to sucking him deep. I’m ready to bust a nut. Then he says let’s fuck! Here I am wanting to watch this big black cock blow a load in my white wife mouth. Damn. I wanted to see that. So I’ll watch this black cock fuck this white slut. She turned in to a slut right before my eyes.

He got on top of her and it wasn’t I swear 15 seconds and she was cumming on his cock. I was there watching white pussy juice covering his black cock. He’d go in on the left side of that white pussy, deep all the way in and slide out on the right side. Didn’t know there was an art to fucking pussy, but I learned. They fucked for 20 minutes till it got hot and heavy, hard and horny. She had her feet pointed at the ceiling till I decided to help out and spread her legs as far as my arms could stretch. I said give him all the pussy.

I said ” Fuck this white women, give her want she needs”! He started fucking hard, and I do mean hard. I was waiting for her to yell stop. Instead I just heard the sounds of great sex. Ball slapping, wet pussy sounds, it was great! Again waiting for him to empty his balls into my wife, he slows down.” Having Fun” he asks and she can bearly breath. “Oh Yeah”! Then he say’s good and now it my turn for fun. ” I want to cum in that beautiful mouth of yours”. She says “I want your cum, cum in my mouth”.

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