Watching my neighbor get blacked

I had known my neighbor for a few years. We were pretty close as freinds, special freinds. I spent alot of time looking out the window or spacing out. One time I noticed my neighbor Mindy was fucking her boyfreind in clear veiw of window. So I watched. I noticed she saw me and made eye contact, but didn’t stop. It developed from there. She gave me ny first blowjob and she was also the first girl I fucked! I took a little pride in knowing I had the biggest cock she had seen too! I guess I was big, compared to the other guys she messed around with. I know becuase she let me watch! Instead of spying through the window she made it easier by doing it via webcam. These were fun days! She would always wear skanky outfits and teade me when no one was around, and sometimes when others were! One time she even had me fuck her in front of her “boyfreind”. This all changed the day she had Derrick come and join us for a swim one day.
We were hanging out in the luving room when she mentioned how today would be a great day for a swim. We both agreed but we also didn’t have swim trunks. She said that was fine, she had some speedos a freind left over we could try. So we all changed and met her in the den. She told us to sit on these chairs, she wanted us to wait while she changed into her swinsuit. I noticed then that Derrick’s speedo was having a hard time doing it’s job of covering anything. While mine felt full, I had good bulge. Derrick’s looked like he had rolled up his shirt and tried to stuff it in his speedo. I knew it wasn’t a shirt though. I could clearly tell it was his cock stuffed in there. You could see the outline of the tip oressing out against the fabric. If he got hard it probably wouldn’t contain that monstrosity of a penis! When Mindy came out and saw us she smiled and eyed the goods. We eyed her too. Not much covering her slim 105lb figure. A tiny bikini and small top that barely contained her perky C size breast. She had the perfect pair too. Nice and round with no sag. When she turned around I realized she actually had a thong bikini on.
“Stay in your chairs and keep your hands behind your backs ok?” She said as she looked at us. Her eyes working us over. Then I saw her eyes grow in shock when she finally noticed Derrick’s bulge. “Wow, it looks like that packaging is about to burst at the seems Derrick!”
“Well let’s see if you can make that happen Mindy!” Derrick said as he spead his legs apart making it easier for her to see. Mindy glanced back at me and came over in front of me. She leaned down and grabbed my bulge with her right hand. Finding the hardening shaft she started rubbing it. She loooked at me mentioned that my speedo seemed to fit just right. She continued to stroke my shaft with her hand as she gazed over at Derrick. Turning her ass towards him she leaned down more so he could get a real nice veiw of it while she pulled out my stiff cock and started sucking. I was rock hard and she had no problem going all the way down the shaft and licking my balls. She countinued sucking away as she reacked down with one of her hands and started rubbing her pussy through her bikini. Right as I was getting close to cumming she stopped and stood up. You could clearly see her pussy through her bikini bottom do to the intense moisture coming from her pussy.
“Derrick your bulge, is so big” She said as she took off her tiny top, revealing those perfect breast with nice hard nipples. “I your cock is twice the size of Jommy’s here”, said as she looked at me and my rock hard cock. I still had the speedo on, it had just been pulled down under my balls while she sucked on it. I thought I was bug at 8 inches, but that bulge looked like it contained way more. She stepped over one of his legs and then stepped over the other as she sat down in his lap. “Now it’s getting hard!” She started grinding against him as she pulled his face into her chest. Moaning as she did it. “OH MY GOD! I can feel it growing against me!”
Suddenly there was a quick ripping sound. “Oh yeah, that’s what I want!” Mindy said as she stood up. Pulling the torn speedo out of Derrick’s lap. “It’s not fully hard yet, keep going Mindy”, Derrick said with a smile on his face as he watched her bend over in front of him and slide the wet crotch of her thong up his long, thick, growing shaft. I was mesermized by it’s size. Seeing her get so turned by it made me harder. It was like watching a train wreck in slow motion, I just couldn’t turn away. “It’s ok Jimmy, I know you like to watch. You can stay and watch me try to fit this in my pussy!”
Derrick had to be fully erect by this point. It was definitly huge too. His cock went from the back of her knee to the bottom of her buttcheek when she stood up in front of it. That had to be like 15 inches. Almost as thick as a can of soda too. She turned around and teased his cock some more, rubbing the upper part of his thick shaft with her pussy as she pulled down her bikini bottom. She got on her knees between his and ran her tongue up the entire length of his shaft as she tried to grab it with both hands. And started to stroke it as she tried to wrap her lips around the fat tip of it. Squeezing it between her tits with her arms as she tarted to stroke it. Moaning the whole time.
Derrick looked over at me to see me stroking my rigid cock as I watched in awe of his member. He winked and told her to suck on my cock somemore so he could fuck her from behind. Nodded removing his massive member from her mouth before inhaling mine. With even tbe slightest gag her lips were all the way down to the base slurping away as she sucked harder than ever. I watched Derrick run his length up and down her slit making her moan even with my cock all the way in her throat. This was probably the best blow job I’d gotten from her so far. She gasped for air as she pulled it out and screamed,”stop teasing me and put that thing in me” before inhaling my cock again. I watched as Derrick slowly brought his hops toward her slowly sinking his long thick member deep in her hungry pussy inch by inch. Then he started to slowly fuck her. I could already feel her juices dripping from her pussy on the my feet as he started to speed up. Her moaning intensified as he fucked her faster and harder. Feeling my self getting ready to cum I pulked my cock out and exploded all over her face. She didn’t care, she just straightened her arms si she could get a better angle of Derrick’s cock. I watched her chest heave as her breaths got deeper. Watched as she moaned with intense pleasure as Derrick gave her the best fuck she ever had.
Then Derrick pulled out with a popping sound as his cock left her tight hole and laid down on his back in front of us. His towering cock pulsing with excitment. Without wasting time Mindy climed on top and worked that fat tip past her snug lips and started working up and down that long thick shaft. She literally stood up on her knees to work the entire lenth of Derrick’s huge cock. She slowly fucked him stretching out her tight pussy si she could fit the whole thing in. I felt my cock grow and started jacking off again as I watched her ride to to an deafening orgasm. Tears of pleasure and joy poured from her eyes as came came over and over again. Finally after what seemed like hours Derrick pucked her up off his cock so he could drain his balls on her face and tits as she got on her knees to accept it.
He tapped the last bits of his semen into her open mouth his rubbery spent dick with satisfaction. I could tell by the look on her face as she smiled at us that I probably wasn’t able to satisify her urge for cock anymore. But atleast I could watch!

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