Watching Laura Fuck

My wife, Laura, and I had been swapping with another couple, Ron and Mary, but we
had never been in the same house together while doing so. So even though we knew that each was fucking the other’s spouse, I had never actually witnessed it myself. Laura, Mary and I had had a threesome together in which my wife had not only seen me fucking Mary; she had held my cock while I spurted my seed up into another woman’s pussy. Mary and also done the same with Laura and Ron. The next logical step was for us to get together and watch each other fuck. Even though we were swapping partners, I wasn’t sure that I could handle seeing Laura getting fucked by Ron but I figured it was time.

We went over to their house and had a meal together like any two couples who were friends. In fact there was nothing sexual about our conversation although we all liked to joke and tease one another. After the meal was over and we cleaned up the dishes, Laura went over to Mary and embraced her and they exchanged a few kisses. I always liked seeing them kiss and it made me hot and horny watching them together.

After they separated, Laura took Ron by the hand and they went into the den which was separated from the living room where we were by a wide archway. This is it, I thought, they are going to fuck. Laura is 5’6 about 150 pounds, 38D breasts, brown hair, and blue eyes with a neatly trimmed pussy. Ron stands about 6’2, about 200 pounds with well defined muscles.

Sure enough Laura embraced Ron and started opening his pants while kissing him passionately. There was something out of control about her like she was no longer my wife; now she was a woman with an itch in her pussy that she wanted scratched with a hard cock. Ron responded to her cue by pulling off her clothes until she was in her bra and panties and he was in his boxers. Mary and I quickly undressed but we were both mesmerized by what we were watching. My wife took off her bra and panties as Ron took off his boxers revealing a cock that was about 8 inches long and very thick. Laura started stroking his cock as his fingers began fucking her pussy. Soon, she lay back onto the floor on a blanket that had been spread out. Lying on her back, she drew her legs back towards her head. Ron got down on his knees between Laura’s spread legs and while holding himself up with his hands, positioned his cock near Laura’s waiting pussy. Laura reached down and grabbed his cock and placed it against the opening of her pussy. Wow, I thought, I can’t believe this; they’re really going to fuck. As we watched, Mary got on her hands and knees and I behind her. I moved in and quickly mounted Mary. As we fucked, our attention was completely focused on our spouses.
Just after Ron’s cock head slipped past the lips of Laura’s pussy, he pushed forward with his pelvis and his shaft was quickly and completely buried in her cunt. The two of them gave a little sigh of satisfaction at this completion of their union. I swallowed hard and tried to control myself in the midst of witnessing my cuckoldry. There was my Laura about to be fucked, her legs pulled up and her ankles resting on Ron’s shoulders over her, his stiff love shaft was buried in her oozing love hole right up to the hilt and her pelvis tilted at an upwards angle to meet his groin. As he paused, he was on his elbows; his hands were around her head so that he could hold it and kiss her. Then they started to fuck. Ron slowly pulled his cock out till just the tip was left in her cunt then slowly pushed back in.

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