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Chance looked at the clock and sighed. It was 10 o’clock in the evening, time to take the Rockys out. She was definitely not in the mood to take them out and especially not tonight. Her new favorite show was one, Orange is the New Black. She had been watching it for hours on end since she found out about it. Well, she thought, it’s now or never.

She zipped up her hoodie and put on a pair of shorts. She chose some olive green ones and smiled. She looked at her boyfriend, Red, and winked. She grabbed both leashes, a pink one for Jackie and a retractable one for Mr. Brittle. She spun around and walked to the patio door. She looked down the winding stairs, took a deep breath and began her decent. Well that’s how it would have been if she wasn’t walking two very excited Rockys. Down the stairs they bounded, Chance and her athletic legs kept pace.

She wanted to get back to her show but she knew that they had to go out. She walked to each of the pups favorite spots. Chance looked up and down the street. It was dark outside, but the street lights and their amber glow provided just enough light to feel safe. It was quiet, which isn’t unusual at this time. As she looked down the street she saw a silhouette of a man at the end of the block. Just another person out and about she thought. Chance went about her business, or well the Rockys’ business. As she walked back towards the apartment she turned and looked back towards where the man was standing but he wasn’t there. There was something familiar about the way he was standing she thought. She mentally shook the thought from her mind and walked through the outer gate. She made her way from the front of the building using a short path that wrapped around the perimeter to the back lot. The back parking lot wasn’t huge, just ten or so spaces, enough for the building’s tenants. Each space had its own lamp. Every time Chance looked at the lamps she was reminded of this scary movie she watched as a child. She looked at each lamp as she passed, waiting for that scary flicker that she remembered. As she reached the gate that separated the back lot from the alley she commanded both Rockys to sit. Both Mr. Brittle and Jackie sat with Mr. Brittle making a low groan as if he were a child and didn’t want to. So much like people Rockys are, it’s interesting. She opened the gate and walked through closing the gate, stopping just before the gate closed. No point in locking herself out just to put the Rockygie bag in the dumpster.

Chance reached for the lid to the dumpster when she felt a hand on her back. She immediately tensed up and prepared to strike. She swung around to face her attacker. Suddenly the man was no longer close to her but was standing three feet back. The light was behind him so his silhouette remained intact. She couldn’t make out any distinct features but still something about this man was so familiar. Her body was somehow at ease. She didn’t feel threatened. She looked over at the Rockys and even they were calm, both laying down. Without saying a word the man took two steps towards Chance. They were now standing face to face but still in the darkness of the alley she could not see who he was. He reached out and again touched her, this time it was her left arm. A electric jolt ran through her body and she shuddered. Her mind was confused, how could this silhouette no matter how oddly familiar feeling cause her to shudder in such a way. She felt drawn to him.

The feeling of her body pressed against the gate shook her from her thoughts. She realized that he had gently backed her into the gate. Chance looked up. She could see his eyes. Before she could realize it she turned around and faced the gate. She pulled down her olive green shorts and her panties in one swift motion. She was dripping wet but she knew why. She wanted this man inside her. Something deep in her body yearned for his warmth. Chance wanted this warmth insider her right now. As if he could read her mind he took one step forward and lined himself up and with the completion of that step plunged himself deep with Chance. Chance gasped at the sudden warmth, the sudden feeling of fullness. She could feel his every move. He began to pump in and out of her. Just as she felt as he was going to completely withdraw, he thrust himself forward until his pelvis met her ass cheeks. Chance was going crazy. She wanted this. She needed this. She could feel her orgasm building as he worked himself in and out of her. She did not care who was around or who was looking out of their windows. For all she cared, they were getting the show of theirs lives, just as she was getting the fucking of hers. He put on hand on her waist and the other on her back and made a final thrust. Her lips squeezed him as hard as they could, no wanting to let go. Her body tensed and she let out the longest of sighs. She could feel his head swelling as the waves of orgasm washed over her. She slumped against the fence trying to compose herself. Without so much as a word the silhouette walked away.

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