Voyeurism can be very interesting and lead to many unexpected situations

I grew up on a farm, only with brothers. This was no big deal, because we have the whole place to play on and to explore. When we started to attend school, we go to the hostel and there was lots of friends to be around with. As I got older, I experience a gab in my relationship with the girls. Although the girls in my class was very fond of me, I don’t know how to relate and blushed very easily when they start flirting – even when we were in the lower grades. To worsen the situation, I was in a car accident that keeps me in pain and out of circulation for the last years of my school career. Luckily, during my last year the pain started to subside and I could start walking more easily.

I grew up in the 60’s when the mini was introduced and enjoyed the sight of all the tights and panty-covered asses that was at display, especially when the wind was blowing, or the girls climbed stairs. Not to mention when they get on their bicycles or when they played sports like tennis or net-ball! There was one particular girl in our class with perfect legs – or as someone has conveyed his gratitude: “if I have legs like that, I shall constantly walk on my hands”. Her dress was one of the two that was the shortest in the class and the hemline just-just passed the rules. Her motto was: “when I sit down, I shall do it in such a way that the hem of my dress moved as high as possible up against my legs.” She was very successful in doing this and on top of it, she was very careless when crossing her legs. Another habit of her was to sat astray over the chair and in that way, her hem moved further up her legs while sitting down, even so far that sometimes, you could see the top-end of her panty. She was so successful with this, that one of the young woman teachers keeps telling her: “Hazel. close your legs!” I have never heard that complaint from one of the male teachers! The teacher that gave her so grieve because of her leg-showing, was self guilty in “showing-it-all-the-way”, even the horizontal top of the V between her legs.

But here my knowledge of a woman’s body stopped. Those days any exposure of nudeness in pictures (or in public) was a taboo. The first time that I saw a woman’s titties, was when I was 12 or 13, and I have always wondered how a pussy looks like. My first eye contact with one, was during my second last school year and it was by accident. After the vehicle accident, I lived during the week with an old lady that gave lodging to school children in the lower grades and it was here that I saw my first pussy. One evening I came home well after sunset and on my way to my room, I passed the window where the oldest girls live. The curtains was not closed properly and because I walked very slow, it was easy for me to look inside their room. On one of the beds facing the window, sat three of them in their nighties and pantyless busy with their toe nails. What a sight! They were in the beginning stage of their development and above their slits was only fluffy hair.

Just the next week, late one evening, I was once again on my way to my room when I walked pass the old lady’s window and I stop in my tracks. She was busy undressing and had just lifted her petticoat over her hips. To my delight, she was facing the window! Next she unhook her bra and her massive sloppy tits were exposed. I never imagined that a woman’s nipples can be so big and dark! Next her panty came down to revealed her huge bush of black curls. At that time my cock was already in my hand and I was pumping like mad. Soon my white milk was flying everywhere. She puts on her nighties and went to bed. This has arouse me a lot and I was thinking of ways that I could see more. This was not easy because I make to much noise if I left my room.

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