Voluptuous beauty loses her virginity

I first met Amy when I began working out at a gym. I’m
a 38 year-old guy who has played a lot of different
sports all my life, and was used to being in shape, but
a knee injury had stopped me participating and I’d got
out of condition; too much beer and no exercise to burn
it off with. I wasn’t fat as such, but I started
feeling sluggish, so when the knee healed up after a
minor operation I decided to get fit again.

It was a fairly small gym situated upstairs in a
community centre. Many of the people who worked out
there were also members of a local judo club, who used
the same premises. It as a fairly nice place to go,
most people there were friendly, and the bonus was that
there was a good bar there, so you could immediately
put on the calories you had burned drinking cold beer.
Well, at least I could.

I used to go there either 2 or 3 times a week after
work, for about an hour. Usually I would do stretches,
and then fixed and free weights, then go on the rowing
machine and finish with a while on an exercise bike. A
couple of times Amy used the bike next to me and we got
chatting; and it soon got that every time I would use
one she would somehow appear next to me.

In fact, whenever I was there I would seem to run into
her. She was a student, but started using the place
when she joined the judo club, and had got into the
fitness bug; she also used to work there part time
preparing bar meals. I knew she liked me; she always
greeted me with a lovely warm smile.

Amy was 20. She was not what most modernists would call
stereotypically gorgeous, but I found her attractive.
She was a big girl in more ways than one. I am 6, 2,”
but I was only a couple of inches taller then her, and
she was well built too. I wouldn’t have called her fat,
although she was carrying some excess weight; she was
just naturally a large woman, with strong wide-ish
shoulders, powerful legs, and with a big butt and
boobs. I would guess she probably weighed slightly more
than I did, and I’m around 200 pounds.

Amy usually wore her long light brown hair tied up. She
had a sort of rounded face with nice blue eyes and a
cute full lipped mouth. I found her very easy to talk
with, although I did notice that around most people she
was very shy and reserved. She was basically a quiet
person with a kind personality and a sweet country
accented voice.

There was a slight air of naivety around her too. From
our conversations I guessed that she had been quite a
bit heavier than she was now, hence the exercise kick,
and had recently moved into a shared house after
leaving home. Her parents had apparently been rather
strict and religious.

I liked her a lot, so one day asked her if she wanted
to go out with me for a drink after the work-out. She
agreed with a sort of shy enthusiasm.

We ended up going to an Indian restaurant, where,
between smooth bottles of ice cold Tiger beer, we
managed to eat our way through about half the menu, a
not inconsiderable feat as it happens. After the meal
we went to a bar and sunk a couple more beers. There
was some music on, and although I’m not much of a
dancer, we smooched out to some old slow soul number,
and shared a first kiss.

It was a big sloppy wet kiss, a tonsil tickler, induced
by one look into her big baby blue eyes; and she felt
good to hold close too, a big, curvy, soft bundle of
femininity, full figured in just all the right places
if you get my drift.

We sat in a booth and kissed some more and talked. Amy
was in a very relaxed mood and talked about her life.
It seemed pretty much that she was glad she had
recently left home, finding her parents so restrictive.
She asked me if I had a girlfriend and I said I didn’t,
and then I reversed the question.

“I don’t Max,” she told me, and then candidly said,
“I’ve actually only ever had one, and he turned out to
be a bastard.” I saw a tear well at the corner of one
of her eyes. “Max, I was much bigger than I am now when
I dated him last year. We went out for a couple of
weeks and then…” she was a bit choked up now…”then
we were going to have sex one night, my first time
ever, and I overheard him talking to someone on the
phone. The bastard was only with me for a bet, and he
was saying this was his night to collect.”

“Bloody hell,” I said, “I’m surprised he didn’t put you
off men for life?”

“He nearly did,” she confessed. I asked what happened
then. “Well Max, basically we got back to his flat, I
put him in a judo hold, told him what I thought of him
and left, but not before I wrenched a few of his
shoulder muscles.”

At this we laughed together, her sadness dropped away,
and she hit me with her big killer smile which was most
alluring, although I made a mental note not to try and
annoy her too much!

We finished our drinks, and I invited her back to my
house, which seemed to make her happy. We left and got
a cab.

Back there, I put a radio on at low volume, and we sat
on the sofa. Soon we were kissing and running our hands
over each others body. I learnt that Amy loved having
her neck and ears kissed softly, and a finger traced up
and down her spine.

My cock was really straining against my jeans. That
little voice inside my head told me it was ‘that’ time.
So I went for it. I stood and pulled my jeans, socks
and shorts off, my shirt too, and then sat next to her
naked. Her eyes were drawn to my cock. She seemed to
like what she saw and I put her hand on it. Quite
clumsily she too firmly gripped the base and pumped it
up and down.

“Easy baby,” I told her, and took her hand in mine,
traced it around my cock-head, and placed her other
hand to squeeze my balls. I relaxed and let her play
with me gently and tenderly.

I kissed Amy, and told her she was “lovely;” that she
was my “big fine girl.” She liked this name. She smiled
and we kissed intensely, our tongues danced together as
she continued to fondle me with both hands. My cock was
hard enough to dig up a road with and I was pretty near
to cumming.

I lay back across the sofa and held her face in my
hands, stroking her cheeks and lips softly. Then I
tilted her chin so that she was looking at me with her
bright blue eyes. I winked at her, and she got my hint.
She enthusiastically bobbed her head down and sucked
the head of my cock hard like it was a Popsicle to be
drained of sweet juice.

Wow, it was heavenly. I could not hold back with the
pleasure I felt, and without warning her I came,
shooting jets of cum into her mouth. She spluttered,
actually choked for a couple of seconds, before, bless
her, she recovered and began to swallow my cum down her

When I had finished she licked the remnants of cum from
my cock then kissed my mouth, sharing that sweet sticky
taste and aroma with me. Some of the clear gooey jism
was stuck slightly comically to her chin.

We lay back kissing like this a while, then I stood,
took her hand and led her to my big soft bed, where, me
naked and she still clothed, we lay down together.

Amy pulled her T-shirt over her head, and then released
the clip at the back of her big white bra which fell
away, and her huge boobs burst forth. Wow, the sight of
them had me literally licking my lips. They were
lovely; very smooth and pale looking, and for a 20
year-old woman they hung fairly low, probably due to
their size. Best of all they were topped by massive
erect dark pink nipples. I dropped my mouth and feasted
on both alternately, licking, sucking and gently
chewing on them; the slightly rubbery feel of them on
my lips, teeth and tongue was wonderful.

Amy sighed softly and quite clumsily began to ruffle
her hands through my hair and stroke my cheekbones.

I kissed my way slowly southwards, tracing around a
gold and diamond belly button stud and her wide, curvy
and sensuous hips. I opened her jeans button, and
pulled the zipper down. Amy may have been a shy,
slightly nervous young woman, but she knew what she
wanted now all right: she pulled her knees up and her
jeans down and off in a surprisingly slinky efficient
moment, leaving her now wearing only a tight black
thong and a big smile.

I pulled the thong off myself, grabbed a pillow which I
eased under her butt, then asked her to, “Spread your
legs babe.”

I was aware of her trembling very slightly with nerves
and expectation and I heard her breathing go quite deep
and fast, but she did as I wanted.

“Mmmmmm,” I involuntarily sighed, feasting my gaze upon
the centre of her femininity. She had a fairly full
dark pubic bush, but all above her beautiful fresh
pussy, which was long lipped and very pink in colour.
It was beautiful, more so than any wild or cultivated
flower I have ever seen.

I licked the length of it once. Her unique taste and
smell was delicious to me, so I licked it again, and
again, ‘Mmmmmm’ indeed.

She had a pretty big clit which I located with my
fingers, and rolled it softly between my forefinger and
thumb. I slipped my tongue to the entrance of her sweet
vagina and lapped her. Amy was letting out very quiet
sighs. She was otherwise fairly placid, laying back and
enjoying being eaten out.

Soon she was extremely wet, and the tang of her seeping
pussy juice played a sweet song on my taste buds. I
touched my own cock, it was really hard again, then I
took my mouth from her pussy and went to slip a couple
of fingers inside that tight pink cavern. I remembered
she was a virgin and paused.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” I said.

“It’s ok Max,” she replied, “I’ve um, er, had toys in

I inserted my fingers and started stroking inside her
tightness so that I was kind of rubbing her clit from
the inside and out simultaneously. Fuck, she wet. She
shortly shuddered and seemed to clench her butt cheeks
tight as she came, muttering, “Uh, uh, uh, uh,” in a
quiet voice.

I pulled back and kissed Amy’s mouth. Then I held both
her wrists with my hand and positioned my cock so that
it rubbed around the entrance of her cunt.

“Ok, baby?” I asked. She smiled and nodded her reply,
so I slipped inside her, taking her tight, wet, pretty
virgin pink pussy.

Wow, it was almost like I was being squeezed by a lubed
gloved hand; there was a wonderful taut yet moist
pressure applied on every part of my cock as I gently
fed it in and moved back and forth in her. She appeared
at first to be in minor discomfort, but this soon
changed to a look of joy as she really got into her
first ever fuck, rolling her hips with me in tempo as I
stabbed her from different angles and positions. I
loved watching the way her huge soft boobs jigged

I could feel I was getting close to cumming, and just
went with it. I lifted both of Amy’s long strong legs
so that her feet were over my shoulders to really open
her pussy up for full access and slammed her fast and
hard, really banging her, all the time watching a
beautiful expression on her face, which was a mixture
of slight pain, joy and animalistic lust.

My balls tightened, I kissed her soft lips and came
big, emptying myself, feeling a sense of release,
elation and power.

I lay on top of Amy for a while as my cock gradually
softened inside of her tight, very wet, cum drenched
pussy. We kissed and held each other close. Amy hugged
me really tightly and seemed to want the kisses to be
almost continual, which was just fine.

It seemed to me she wanted reassurance, that she needed
real affection with the sex. I was telling her things
like, “You’re very lovely,” and, “It’s great to hold a
fine soft girl like you.” To be honest, after I have
cum during sex I often like to have a quick kiss and
hug with a woman, then either rest up a while, get a
drink, have a smoke or just sleep, depending on what
time it was. But it being her first time and her being
so sweet I tried to sort of act how she I thought would
want me to.

After a while I went to the fridge for a drink, and
brought two cold bottles of beer back to the bed. I
stayed naked, and when I got back Amy beamed a huge
smile at me and said, “Max you’re gorgeous.” I just
laughed in reply, handed her a beer and joined her on
the bed. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder!

Amy had snuck under the quilt, but when I tried to get
under too she pulled it away from me. “No you don’t,”
she said, “I like looking at you naked.”

Bloody hell, was this an ego trip or what? Whatever,
she made me feel good, real good, like a king, and I
loved it. And at least it wasn’t cold this May in
England for once.

The dying sun spread its last rays through the window.
It was fairly hot in the bedroom, and the sweet smell
of fresh sex hung powerfully in the air. I was thirsty
and downed the beer very quickly. Amy drank hers almost
as fast and I put the empty bottles on the floor and
kissed her soft mouth again. My cock was firming up
again, and I put her large soft hand onto it and let
her play with me.

Amy had just the most beautiful big natural grin on her
face. “What are you going to teach me next then Max?”
she teased me inquiringly, putting one finger at the
corner of her mouth provocatively.

“Ok then Miss,” I replied, trying to put some fake
sense of authority and dominance into my voice, “Get
down on the floor and be ready to be pleasured from

I draped the beds quilt onto the floor and that big
fine girl got down on her hands and knees and stuck her
ass out as far as she could. Wow, she had seriously big
meaty butt cheeks that were rounded, full and smooth.
Fuck, they looked good. Her pussy looked great from
this angle, glistening wet, pink and inviting. I
licked, and then finger fucked it. She had a real cute
puckered ass hole too, which I saw properly for the
first time. It was a beauty, very wrinkled and the ring
was extremely pronounced, standing forward singularly.

I was drawn to it like a magnet. I scooted up close and
licked all over the outside of her sphincter, then wet
a finger and probed inside its tightness. Amy giggled
slightly at this and wriggled her big ass cheeks, but
she seemed to like it when I began finger fucking her
butt with the one, then two fingers, pulling her ring
wider gradually and loosening her up.

“Are you going to do my ass Max?” she asked me, some
nervousness apparent in her voice.

“It’s up to you sweet thing,” I replied. “You’ve had
your mouth and pussy fucked for the first time today,
do you want to try for the treble cherry break? You’ve
got a seriously incredibly sexy ass Amy, to be honest
it begs to be filled, and I’d be gentle and easy with
you, but, it’s your call, if you don’t want to that’s

She looked back over her shoulder at me, capturing my
gaze in her big blue eyes, seeming to search mine for
some kind of answer. Then her mouth formed into that
big old heart-break smile again and she nodded, saying
slowly and deliberately, “Fuck my ass Max.”

I quickly went to the bathroom closet and found some KY
jelly, returned, asked her to part her cheeks with her
hands, and worked a large amount inside Amy’s cute
asshole, really blocking her up with it.

Despite already having cum in both her mouth and her
pussy my cock was really pumped to the maximum 8″ and
seemed almost swollen thick; the head was engorged with
blood and was pulsing, leaking some clear pre-cum. My
balls still felt full.

I stood back for a second looking at my goal. Sheesh,
Amy had a really vast ass which was so inviting there
stuck right out expectantly; her lubed asshole

I knelt behind the big fine girl and pinched each full
cheek firmly, inducing a little squeal from her, before
I cupped one hand over her clit and another around a
huge hanging breast, lined up and eased myself deep
inside her.

My cock-head met resistance at the entrance but I
pushed firmly and eased in, very, very slowly burying
my whole length balls deep.

“Ahhhhh, ohhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhh,” Amy moaned as I kept
still, trying to get her used to the size inside her.

I kissed her neck and whispered in her ear: “Are you ok

“Yes,” she replied in a kind of rasping hoarse voice,
“It just feels so big and hurts a bit, but it’s ok, I
can take it, just be gentle please Max.”

I stayed still for a minute or two, continuing to rub
her clit, her sighs changed from those of discomfort to
enjoyment, and I felt fresh pussy juice seep from her
onto my fingers.

Then I eased back, so that just the head of my cock was
in her ass, and fucked her with short, slow strokes,
going about 3-4″ deep. She took this surprisingly
easily, emitting little quiet moans of pleasure. I
pulled my hands off her clit and boob, and grasped both
her wide hips tightly. Amy put her own hand on her
pussy, playing with herself and gradually started to
move her ass back against my strokes, meeting me with
sweet timing.

This was simply fantastic, ass fucking with this 20
year-old big fine girl, who until recently had been a
virgin, but was now as much into enjoying herself as I
was, and that tight warm asshole of hers was certainly
highly enjoyable, and that’s an understatement.

I couldn’t resist but to lightly spank her full buns a
couple of times, which was met by her with a sigh
halfway between a laugh and moan of pleasure.

I’d guess we fucked like this for maybe 20-30 minutes
in this sweet slow rhythm, at least three times I
lightly pinched the area at the top of my balls to
delay cumming so intense was my pleasure.

Amy started to shudder slightly, and worked at her clit
pretty manically before she really tensed up as she hit
a powerful orgasm. At this I eased my cock all the way
in and fucked her big ass like a speeding piston, balls
deep on every stroke. I was holding nothing back, I was
really slamming her, banging that that cute little hole
centred between her huge full rounded ass-cheeks.

Soon, I felt that old familiar build up of tension
somewhere deep in my stomach, then came, splattering
waves of thick cum deep inside my cute young fuck
buddy’s warm asshole.

With this Amy sort of fell forward in a state of
virtual collapse. My cock slipped out of its tight grip
with a loud, kind of ‘schlooooop’ noise, and I lay down
beside her. Both of us were drenched in sweat and
breathing raggedly like after a last sprint at the end
of a long foot race. We were spent, really exhausted,
and lay pressed together for several minutes, our arms
draped over each other, sharing the occasional kiss.

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