Voluptuous beauty loses her virginity

I first met Amy when I began working out at a gym. I’m
a 38 year-old guy who has played a lot of different
sports all my life, and was used to being in shape, but
a knee injury had stopped me participating and I’d got
out of condition; too much beer and no exercise to burn
it off with. I wasn’t fat as such, but I started
feeling sluggish, so when the knee healed up after a
minor operation I decided to get fit again.

It was a fairly small gym situated upstairs in a
community centre. Many of the people who worked out
there were also members of a local judo club, who used
the same premises. It as a fairly nice place to go,
most people there were friendly, and the bonus was that
there was a good bar there, so you could immediately
put on the calories you had burned drinking cold beer.
Well, at least I could.

I used to go there either 2 or 3 times a week after
work, for about an hour. Usually I would do stretches,
and then fixed and free weights, then go on the rowing
machine and finish with a while on an exercise bike. A
couple of times Amy used the bike next to me and we got
chatting; and it soon got that every time I would use
one she would somehow appear next to me.

In fact, whenever I was there I would seem to run into
her. She was a student, but started using the place
when she joined the judo club, and had got into the
fitness bug; she also used to work there part time
preparing bar meals. I knew she liked me; she always
greeted me with a lovely warm smile.

Amy was 20. She was not what most modernists would call
stereotypically gorgeous, but I found her attractive.
She was a big girl in more ways than one. I am 6, 2,”
but I was only a couple of inches taller then her, and
she was well built too. I wouldn’t have called her fat,
although she was carrying some excess weight; she was
just naturally a large woman, with strong wide-ish
shoulders, powerful legs, and with a big butt and
boobs. I would guess she probably weighed slightly more
than I did, and I’m around 200 pounds.

Amy usually wore her long light brown hair tied up. She
had a sort of rounded face with nice blue eyes and a
cute full lipped mouth. I found her very easy to talk
with, although I did notice that around most people she
was very shy and reserved. She was basically a quiet
person with a kind personality and a sweet country
accented voice.

There was a slight air of naivety around her too. From
our conversations I guessed that she had been quite a
bit heavier than she was now, hence the exercise kick,
and had recently moved into a shared house after
leaving home. Her parents had apparently been rather
strict and religious.

I liked her a lot, so one day asked her if she wanted
to go out with me for a drink after the work-out. She
agreed with a sort of shy enthusiasm.

We ended up going to an Indian restaurant, where,
between smooth bottles of ice cold Tiger beer, we
managed to eat our way through about half the menu, a
not inconsiderable feat as it happens. After the meal
we went to a bar and sunk a couple more beers. There
was some music on, and although I’m not much of a
dancer, we smooched out to some old slow soul number,
and shared a first kiss.

It was a big sloppy wet kiss, a tonsil tickler, induced
by one look into her big baby blue eyes; and she felt
good to hold close too, a big, curvy, soft bundle of
femininity, full figured in just all the right places
if you get my drift.

We sat in a booth and kissed some more and talked. Amy
was in a very relaxed mood and talked about her life.
It seemed pretty much that she was glad she had
recently left home, finding her parents so restrictive.
She asked me if I had a girlfriend and I said I didn’t,
and then I reversed the question.

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