Visiting grandmother stirs a guy’s desires

This all happened this past summer while I was on vacation before heading off to college. My name is Rick, I just turned 18, and I live in a nice suburb with my folks and younger sister. My parents are both professionals. My dad runs a big think tank in town where they do all kinds of research on nature and shifts in weather. My mom is a sociology professor at the local college, following in her father’s foot steps. To say my parents are intellectuals is an understatement. In fact I still don’t understand how my sister and I turned out so normal. The one nice thing, though, is that they really never set a lot of rules. They very liberal in their thinking and always have very open minds.

I am a pretty average student, much to my folk’s disappointment. I participated in a number of school sports, including golf and tennis. I’m pretty popular in school, with most of the jocks amongst my best friends. My real problems are with the girls in school. While I have no problem getting them to go out with me, when they find out how little experience I have in bed they all drop me like the plague. I could get one of the nerdy girls to stick with me, but it’s not what I like. Reminds me too much of my parents and their relationship. Besides I couldn’t be seen with anything but a hot chick or I would never hear the end of it from my buddies. What I really needed was to hook up with someone who would show me the ropes and not ridicule me for my lack of experience.

My sister Julie was just the opposite from me. First of all, she was one of the hottest girls in school. She has long blonde hair and a body that just won’t quit. She is about a year and a half younger than me, but far more experienced. In fact she was very popular with all the jocks and it wasn’t hard to figure out why. On more than one occasion I’ve heard her sneak a boy into her room and fuck his ass off. I’ve even thought about asking her for some help, but she wouldn’t go for the incest thing. She’s far more interested in making fun of my lack of sexual experience and making me the butt of her jokes with her friends.

One of the nice benefits of having my dad’s work along with my mom’s position is that we live in a real nice home in one of the finer neighborhoods in town. In fact our home is one of the nicer ones with a large pool and tennis court. This accounts for some of my sister’s popularity, besides the fact that she puts out. We have every toy and luxury you could think of, which often makes our house the hang-out of choice.

It was early in the summer that my mom announced over supper that she had heard from her parents and that they were coming to spend a few weeks with us. mom’s parents were both retired and spent most, if not all of their time traveling around the world. It wasn’t unusual to go a year or two and not hear from them except for an occasional postcard. This last period had been close to two years since we last saw them. My granddad was a science professor at a major university until retiring a few years ago. My grandmother owned a bookstore near campus until she sold it when my granddad retired. You would think that they would be nerds like their daughter, but they are just the opposite.

While my mom has always got her nose in a book, my grandparents are fun and lighthearted. They are both in their golden years, my granddad is about sixty eight and grandmother sixty five. Granddad was tall and very handsome, with a real style about him, while my grandmother was still quite attractive. She was about 5′ 6″ with a cute shape and wispy, strawberry blonde hair. I have always called her “gam”, a toddler’s mispronunciation of “gram” that stuck. They are both very active and I think it keeps them young.

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