Victoria’s Secret

The Carringtons weren’t an ordinary family by any means. They lived in an isolated old mansion house not too far away from a small village, and about a half hour’s drive from the nearest town. It took a good hour to get to the city. Looking at the house, set back from a country lane in its own impressive grounds, a person could be forgiven for thinking that there would be a whole clutch of domestic staff in service in the building. There was one lady, Vicky Kennedy, a forty year old blonde divorcee who lived in the village and cleaned for them. She was trusted and well paid for what she did, but she ‘was’ the domestic staff.

There was a landscaping firm permanently employed to take care of the grounds, and another firm to take care of the swimming pool. The house also boasted full gym facilities, and many of the extras in life that could be supplied if you had enough cash. The Carringtons had buckets of it, or at least the father did, and he provided well for them even if he did encourage his children to be sensible with and understand money. The family bedrooms all had en suite facilities to rival the best in any hotel.

Wade Carrington was the head of the household. He’d inherited much from his deceased parents but had built on it steadily over the years. He was a businessman of repute, widely respected and admired for his ‘the ends do not justify the means’ approach to business, and life in general. He was a family man and a fine one too. He was as proud that, at forty-eight, he’d still only had one lover and that he doted on her as much now as he ever had, as he was of any of his business achievements or his children.

Wade had married a girl that he’d met in junior school, Gayle, who was the same age as him and was the lady of the house. And lady she definitely was. Tall, slim and elegant, with long brunette hair and sultry brown eyes she turned heads wherever she went, and knew it, though she wasn’t the type to be uptight about it. Gayle was the sort of lady that men dreamed of turning into a whore in the bedroom, but only Wade had ever succeeded in getting her into bed. She was on many charity committees and a vocal supporter of the church.

Their eldest was their daughter, Victoria, now twenty-two and home for the summer from university where she was studying economics and politics despite not yet having a clear career path in mind. She was a perfect reproduction of her mother in looks, though may never earn the title of ‘lady’ in the same way, and as sharply intelligent as her father. She’d already had a string of lovers, men and women, and her regular partners were her closest in university, her best friend Tricia and their mates Duncan and Lewis. The four of them regularly ‘got it on’ all together, and thought no more of it than ‘letting off steam,’ and why shouldn’t they?

The youngest in the family was Clark, a young man of almost nineteen who had recently finished high school and was looking forward to starting university in the autumn where he too would study economics, though not politics which he understood but thought was all bullshit anyway. He had a mind inclined towards following his father into business. He was a fit young man and reasonably good looking, more in the rugged sense than the smoothly handsome, much like his father. He was a bit of a loner with very few friends, mostly because his alliterated name and his background got him bullied. He had only yet had one lover, the aforementioned Mrs. Kennedy, who had been teaching him all that he needed to know about women ever since he’d stumbled into her stark naked and aroused one morning when she had expected him to be at school. For six months he’d been banging her, mostly at her place in the evenings though occasionally at home too. It wasn’t his financial endowment that floated her boat though! He was hung, and she let him put it wherever he liked. Nobody would miss Clark more than she would come the autumn.

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