Vera the slutwife and her boss

Vera was a beautiful young woman who worked at my bank.
She had a problem in her marriage, but I was able to help her.

Vera worked at a bank where I do some business. When I
first came to know her, she was what we would call a
teller. She was one of two or three tellers in the
division of the bank I used. I always tried to use Vera
as my teller if I could because she was efficient,
friendly and very pretty. Very, very pretty.

Vera was medium height, slender and had a nice body,
which I could tell from the tight clothes she usually
wore. Her breasts were small, but well proportioned for
her body. She had a delicious tight bum and a smooth,
firm abdomen. She had a really pretty face with
sparkling, brown eyes. For some reason, I was really
attracted to her lips.

Every time I saw her I fantasized kissing her lips. Not
that I didn’t fantasize other activities with her. I
didn’t let my fantasies range too far with her since I
could tell she was married by the wedding ring she wore
on her right hand (as Russian women do).

There was one occasion when I went to the bank that
Vera didn’t seem as cheerful as usual. I also noticed
that she wasn’t wearing her wedding ring. It wasn’t any
of my business and I didn’t even really know her, but I
did find myself wondering if she was having personal

Not long after, on a Friday afternoon, I ran into her
on the street. We exchanged the normal pleasantries and
chatted for a short time about insignificant things
such as the weather, work, etc. She really looked hot
that day, wearing a short skirt and a clinging top, her
gorgeous face framed with dark, auburn hair.

Willie began stirring in my pants as I tried not to
stare at her most appealing body parts so that she
wouldn’t know that I was mentally undressing her. I
kept my focus on her face, which wasn’t all that
difficult because it allowed me to concentrate on her
lips, which I had always wanted to kiss.

Although she was friendly, I could tell she still
seemed unhappy and I could also see was also still not
wearing her wedding ring. Emboldened by that fact I
decided to take a bit of a chance and asked her if
she’d like to have a cup of tea with me. I was more
than pleased when she agreed without hesitation. We
walked to a nearby caf and sat at an outside table. It
was a cloudy but reasonably warm day.

We sipped tea and ate some pastries and the
conversation between us was easy, almost as if we knew
each other better than we actually did as if we were
long-time friends. There still seemed a certain sadness
about her, though, and I finally asked her if she was
alright, that she seemed not as cheerful she used to

As soon as I said that, tears welled in her eyes and
ran down her cheeks. A bit flustered, I handed her a
napkin which she took and wiped the tears from her
cheeks. Instinctively, I reached across the table and
took one of her hands in mine. Even though it wasn’t
the time and place, Willie again stirred.

Not only had I fantasized about kissing her soft lips,
I had also sometimes had an image of her wrapping her
slender, well-manicured fingers around my dick. It
obviously wasn’t quite the same, but she did wrap her
fingers around mine and squeezed my hand. While I was
filled with concern about whatever her problems were,
Willie with a mind of his own was stiffening to
attention. Sometimes Willie could be shameful. He had a
mind of his own, but not much of a heart.

Vera regained control of her emotions, but began to
confide in me. It seems her marriage was going through
a rough spot. Her husband wanted a child but for all
their trying she had not conceived. The problem was
that she had seen a doctor and been told there was
nothing wrong with her, the problem was probably with
her husband’s inability to impregnate her.

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