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Like I was at a party in the Valley. There must have been 50 people there and one freckin bathroom. Well an hour or so after being there I had to pee. I got in the back of a line of about 10 other people. A minute or so later this cute hunk gets in line behind me. We get to talking and we are hitting it off. I can tell that he has to pee real bad as he kept shifting back and forth on his feet. I was starting to have to go bad too.

When I finally got to the front of the line the guy asks me if he can share my time in the can. I figure I might wind up at his crib later so who cares if he gets a peak now. “sure “ I tell him.

We go into the can and I figure he is going to go over to the sink or the tub. He checks them both out as I drop my micro skirt and thong. He then moves over in front of me and whips out his thing. I look up at him and say “I thought you had to pee, there are too many people waiting for me to suck you off.” He says he does have to pee and I should open my legs further. I thought this was kind of kinky and I had never played bathroom games, but was open to it. I spread my legs and at the same time lifted my little top up an off in case he missed. He stood square in front of me and started to pee. The stream hit my right thigh for quick moment and then he was in between my legs. He then lifted his meat a little with his hand and his stream was hitting my clit head on. It was like instant turn on. It felt great; his hard hot stream was hitting my clit and running down my labia. He then lowered his aim and the stream was trying to part my labia. He then brought it up to my clit again, and then the stream died. It may only have been a minute or so, but I was turned on.

He took a step back and I said- “wait it’s my turn.” I had him sit on the pot and take his pants off. I then faced him and straddled the open area between his open legs. I was looking right into his blue peepers. I looked down to watch what I was doing and started to pee. The stream went right toward his belly and then I shifted and got it going right down his meat. The stream hit his meat and then ran down his balls. He put his arms around my back and I looked at him, I leaned in and kissed him as my stream started to die. As we were tonguing each other I suddenly felt the top of meat hitting my hole. I broke the kiss and looked down at this beautiful big tube steak looking for attention. I was about to feed his meat inside me when someone knocked on the door and yelled for us to get out.

I was so turned on and his steak was so nice and big and the last few who had boned me had nothing like this guy. We left the bathroom and I grabbed his hand and went searching for a place. The upstairs of the house was blocked off, thus the one bathroom. There seamed to be people everywhere. We went out to the pool area and there were tons of people out there as well. The guy spotted a shed toward the back of the property that was just barely lit from the lights around the pool. We walked out to it and of course the damn door was locked. He led me around the back of the shed and before I could size the place up he had my back up against the shed and was kissing me. I guess he was as hot as I was.

This guy was not into light mushy kisses. He was kissing me hard and forcing my head back into the wall. Soon he was pushing his meat into my pelvis and humping me. His hands came up my sides and in one movement lifted up, broke the kiss and took my top off. He then leaned into my boob and started to suck on it. Not soft but hard. I am not usually into the forceful shit, but this guy was hot and I was totally turned on. He left my boob and he got down on his knees, he lifted my micro and pulled the strap of my thong over and started to work his tongue into my hole. He would stop every so often and suck on my lips and clit. I was in ecstasy and helped out by taking off the rest of my clothes and then putting one of my legs over his shoulder. He could now get at my hole easier.

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