Val is repeatedly raped

All that could be seen of the woman was her strained face over the
muscular shoulder of the burly man, and her long, shapely legs curled
around the man’s thick waist, the heels of her dainty feet beating a
drumbeat on his taut ass as he raped her.

Occasionally, a large white breast, capped by a turgidly swollen nipple
would show briefly from beneath his chest, bobbing and quivering,
testament to the savage fucking the woman was enduring.

Max was enormously pleased with himself as the woman approached
another orgasm, her fourth inside of an hour, since her rape had begun.
All the signs were there, he could actually feel the bitch’s tits swelling,
her feet were really starting to beat on his ass and her moans were rising
towards a scream. He reared back and looked at her face. Her eyes were
blank, her mouth twisted in a grimace as the unbearable sensations
drove her towards another unwelcome orgasm. He smiled into her unseeing
eyes and settled back on top of her, his hips never losing their
cadence as they drove his massive 9 inch cock into the woman’s tight
cunt, his big balls bouncing on her tightly puckered asshole.

Valerie Brooks felt enormously ashamed of herself. Her arms and legs
were wrapped around him as she strove towards her orgasm, savoring the
feel of his long thick cock plunging into her belly, the fat meaty head
beating on her cervix as he long-dicked her, his broad muscular chest
flattening her breasts, her diamond hard nipples digging into his skin.
She tried to stop her slim hips from bucking up at him, tried to drum up
the revulsion and hatred the she should be feeling towards her rapist,
and she could not. Her traitorous body demanded satisfaction, and it
had been so long since she had been laid, that she simply could not
stop herself.

And then she stopped any rational thinking or feeling entirely, as her
body flashed into a massive orgasm. She clung to the man like a leech,
her legs hooked around his, her arms flung around his chest, her nails
gouging his back as her trim hips swirled and churned on his deeply
imbedded cock, scrubbing her swollen clit on his pubic hair as her hot,
wet cunt squeezed and milked his massive rod.

His voice rose with hers as her madly clenching pussy drove him over
the edge into his own orgasm. He made one final lunge, burying his cock
deep in her belly as it jerked and spewed his hot, thick cum into her

A moment later, it was over. He lay on the senseless woman, feeling her
cunt still clenching and massaging his hard cock as his breathing
quickly returned to normal. As her arms and legs fell away from his
hard body, he held her tightly and rolled over until she was sprawled
on top of him, his cock still imbedded in her belly, his seed slowly
leaking past the tight plug of his cock.

Val’s hips slowly ground to a stop as her orgasm passed. She buried her
face in her hands and began to sob with shame as she recalled her wanton
performance from moments ago. The man stroked her back for a moment,
then raised his hand and slapped her once, very hard, across her taut,
firm ass.

She howled in pain and surprise, and flinched away from the blow,
ramming his still hard cock deep into her cunt. She gasped, pushed her
upper body away from his chest, and looked down at him, tears streaming
down her face.

“Stop crying.” He said, tonelessly. Her face screwed up as she tried to
stifle her sobs, but his face showed no compassion, no sympathy, and she
sobbed aloud once again. “Come on now,” he said. “Sit up straight, like
a good girl, and listen to me.” His hands helped her to sit on his
belly, his rigid cock still inside her. In a minute, she was sitting on
him, her feet by his hips, her hands braced behind her on his hard
thighs. She looked down at him, sniffling loudly.

“I want you to stop that.” he growled. “Now!” She flinched.

“When are you going to let me go?” She asked plaintively, wiping her
face with the back of a hand.

“When I’m good and ready.” He replied. She shivered as she watched his
eyes devour her breasts.

Valerie Brooks was 34 years old and divorced. She had both of her
children living with her, her 19-year-old son Paul, and her 18-year-old
daughter, Bridget. Val didn’t look like your average mother of two. She
was only five feet five inches tall, but she was voluptuously built,
sporting an amazing set of 36D breasts over a 23-inch waistline and
33-inch hips. Her breasts were round and firm, topped with pink
nipples. Her belly was flat and smooth, her legs long and beautifully
tapered, leading the eye up to her taut, heart shaped buttocks. Her
long blond hair was shoulder length and thick, falling carelessly
around her oval shaped face. Her face had regular, even features. Her
nose was slim and straight, her eyes a vivid shade of blue. She had a
softly squared jaw, a wide, generous mouth with ruby red lips and
straight white teeth. She was a good-looking woman who became a
beautiful woman when she smiled.

Right now, she wasn’t smiling. She was intensely aware of the fact that
she was stark naked and sitting on this brute’s massively erect cock. He
had fucked her and pumped his foul seed into her four times, and not
once had his cock gone soft. Even worse, he had forced her to orgasm
every single time, and that hugely humiliated her. It made her look and
feel like a slut.

It had come as a horrible shock to the demure young woman when she had
climaxed during the first attack. And it had, in her view, only gotten
worse as time went by. This last orgasm had been the best she had ever
had, and she was forced to face up to the fact that she responded to be
used as a fuck toy. And that was sick. Wasn’t it?

Now, as she perched on his groin, she could feel his big cock pulsing
inside her. His eyes crawled all over her, lingering on her breasts and
her flat belly as his hands cupped her tight little ass, his thumbs
absently stroking her soft skin.

“My God.” Max said, still staring at her. “You are really built, baby.”

His hands slid up her sides and around to her breasts. He cupped the
lush mounds in his big hands and hefted them, as if weighing them. He
pinched the turgid nipples between his thumb and forefinger, rolling
and pulling the tender bit of flesh, watching as they erected in his
hands, even the aureoles swelling and standing proud on her breasts.

Val blushed furiously as he stared at her and manipulated her breasts,
knowing that her arousal was obvious to him.

“Move.” He said. Val looked at him in confusion.

“God damn it, bitch, I said MOVE!” he shouted. Then he released her
tits and slapped them, left, then right, using both hands. She cried
out and fell backwards, and landed on his propped up legs, her hands
darting forward to shield her breasts from his stinging slaps. She
hunched over, cradling her tits in her arms, the outside of the lush
globes already turning red.

“Let’s go,” said Max, and slapped her face. Val gasped and raised one
hand to rub her face, and Max slapped the now exposed breast again. Val
wailed and again cupped her breast, and his hard hand slapped the
outside of her thigh. “Come on baby, move for me,” Max said.

“Stop it!” Val screamed, “Please, stop it!”

“Get moving baby, and maybe I will.” Slapping her again and again on
her thighs, her breasts and her belly.

Val started to bounce on his hard cock while trying to fend off his
slaps. “I’m moving!” She cried, “I’m moving, please, stop it, you

Quick as a snake, Max captured both of her wrists on one big beefy paw
and held them above her head.

“Gonna have to teach you some manners, I guess.” Max said quietly.
Using one hand, Max started slapping her breasts, forehand and
backhand, covering every square inch of the ripe mounds until they
glowed a bright red.

Val screamed and cried, but never stopped bouncing on his massive cock,
impaling herself over and over as his slaps rained down on her exposed
flesh. The beating stopped as quickly as it started, and Max’s hands
were suddenly on her waist, lifting her up and plunging her down, his
hips moving, driving his cock into her balls deep, spiraling and
grinding, reaming out her snug channel, the spongy-hard cock head
battering her cervix.

Val’s eyes were full of tears when the beating stopped, and she moaned
in despair as his hands encircled her waist and started jerking her up
and down on the fearsome cock embedded deep in her belly. Almost
immediately, she began to heat up, her stinging breast forgotten as the
thick shaft drove into her, its veined surface titillating her swollen
clit. Then, his head darted forward and he sucked a swollen nipple into
his mouth, his lips, teeth and tongue torturing the turgid bud. Her head
fell back and she shrieked softly, her hands cradling his head as she
tried to force more of her red, tingling breast into his voraciously
sucking mouth. His right hand left her waist and dived between her legs
and quickly found her clit, and he pinched it.

Val screamed and spasmed into another orgasm as the pleasure – pain
smashed through her dazed brain. She bucked and writhed on the deeply
embedded spike still pistoning in and out of her abused cunt. Val
screamed until she ran out of breath, and then passed out, unable to
handle the overload of sensation and emotion.

Max let the unconscious woman topple off of him, his long thick rod
pulling out of her hot, wet cunt with a soggy pop. He smiled to himself
and waited, waited for his real target to get home from school. Val had
been an unexpected, and very pleasant bonus.

Swiftly, for Bridget was due home any minute now, Max hog-tied Val with
her own stockings, and gagged the unconscious woman with her panties.

Scooping her from the bed, he effortlessly carried Val down the hall,
left her on her son’s bed, and closed the door as he left the room.


Val rolled over and struggled with her bonds after she heard the door
snick closed. She could not believe that playing possum had worked. She
had been desperately afraid that her rapist would see right through her
subterfuge. She searched her son’s room frantically with her eyes,
looking for anything she could use to free her hands and feet. She was
not sure of the time, but she knew her daughter was due home from
school soon.


Bridget zoomed down the street and made a long sweeping turn into the
driveway, and locked the brakes on her bike at the last possible
moment, leaving yet another long black skid mark among the hundreds of
others, stopping with the front wheel a bare two inches from the closed
garage door.

She hopped off the bike and quickly punched in the code to open the
garage door. She stripped off her helmet as the door rumbled up its
tracks, and wheeled the bike inside, slapping the button to close the
door as she passed. She tossed the helmet on the workbench, toed the
kickstand down and headed for the kitchen door, snagging her backpack
from the basket on the handlebars as she went.

She tossed her backpack to the snack bar and shook out her long blond
hair as she walked to the fridge. She pulled open the door and grabbed
a glass from the cupboard, filled it exactly half way with milk and
downed it as the door to the fridge drifted shut.

Taking the back stairs two at a time, Bridget headed for her room,
anxious to get out of her school uniform and into something a little
more comfortable. Rounding the banister post at the top of the stairs,
the teenaged blond started down the hall to her room.

Then she stopped so suddenly she almost fell. She turned and looked
into her Mother’s bedroom through the open door, and saw again what had
made her stop so fast.

On the floor, just inside the door, were the torn remains of a blouse,
a skirt and a bra. Something was not right with this picture. Mom would
never, but never, leave her clothing on the floor like that. When she
undressed, she folded her clothes neatly, ready to wear again, or
dumped them into the hamper in the master bath.

And why were they all torn up?

Bridget walked down the hall and into her Mother’s room, her eyes going
to the door of the master bath, opposite the big king size bed. She
heard the toilet flush and called, “Mom?”

Then the biggest man she had ever seen stepped out of the door to the
bath. He was naked. Bridget stared.

“Hello baby.” the strange man said, and wiggled his hips, his huge,
hard cock waving at the stunned girl.

The sound of his voice galvanized the teenager. She spun and made a
break for the bedroom door, her long blond hair flying out behind her.
She screamed when a big beefy arm wrapped around her waist and snatched
her off her feet, tossing her into the air as if she were a baby.

He caught the girl by the waist and held her so they were face to face,
noses almost touching, her feet more than a foot off the floor, his huge
arms hugging her to his broad chest, and his thing between her legs.

She drew breath for another scream and he said, “None of that, Babe.”
and squeezed her suddenly, her breath whooshing from her lungs. Then
his mouth was on hers, his lips hard and demanding, and his tongue deep
in her mouth as his hand pressed the back of her head, not allowing her
to pull away. His tongue explored her oral cavity as he moved towards
the bed, the young teen beating his rock-hard shoulders weakly with her
fists as she struggled to breathe through the long and torrid kiss.

Then they were on the bed, and she was lying on top of the stranger,
her lush young breasts crushed to his chest, her face still pinned to
his by his big hand. She could feel his hard cock, still between her
legs, as his other hand rubbed up and down her back, from her neck to
her ripe, rounded ass. Finally, his hand released her head, and she
lunged back weakly, gasping for air.

“That’s better, darlin’,” he drawled, his hands settling on her taut
asscheeks, squeezing and kneading the firm flesh as he talked. “There’s
just two rules,” he said as Bridget gaped at him in shock. “Do what I
tell you, when I tell you, and we’ll get along just fine.” A large
meaty palm cracked against her ass and Bridget shrieked. “Say ‘Yes
sir’.” he said.

Bridget screamed, and his lips were on hers again, his tongue plunging
into her mouth. He inhaled suddenly, sucking the air from the
struggling teen’s lungs as his hand cracked against her ass. And again.
And again. The pain was enormous. It felt like her butt was on fire. Her
head was spinning. Every time she got a little air through her nose, he
inhaled, and stole it from her straining lungs. She fainted.

Max felt the girl go limp and released her ass. He ran his hands up her
sides and pushed her upright, his hands sliding across her ribs and onto
her mind-blowing tits. Holding her up with one hand squeezing a lush
breast, he began methodically undressing the unconscious girl, his
thick fingers undoing the buttons on her blouse with surprising ease.
In a matter of seconds, he had her out of her blouse, and her bra. He
could hardly credit what he read on the label of her bra as he stripped
it off of the still unconscious teen.

“Jesus!” he muttered to himself. “Eighteen fuckin’ years old and she’s
already a 34C!” Then he grinned. “Hope her pussy kept pace with her
tits!” He unbuttoned the wrap-around skirt and tugged it from beneath
her taut little ass and it joined the growing pile of clothes on the
floor. Her panties were standard white cotton, and presented a problem.
He solved it by taking the waistband at her hip in his hands, and giving
it a little tug. It parted and he repeated the action at her other hip,
then the shredded panties joined the pile on the floor.

He sat the unconscious teen up again, and gazed, almost in awe, at the
girl’s body. She was flawless. She had broad shoulders, and they had to
be, to support the lush, round breasts that stood out on her chest with
no sag, crowned with long fat nipples. She had a tiny waist, easily
spanned by his hands, and a round, ripe little bootie that was as tight
as a drum. Long lean legs, beautifully formed, dancer’s legs, with taut
thighs, and trim, yet womanly hips, and a tight, flat belly with well
defined abs under the thin layer of fat that makes all women so soft.
And the jackpot, a neatly trimmed beaver that literally showcased the
prettiest pussy he had ever seen.


She still had not found anything of any use. The cordless phone was
dead, and the charging cradle was downstairs in the TV room. There was
nothing sharp on her son’s desk that she could see, and the same went
for his highboy and dresser.

She forced herself to slow down and think, and then heard the sound she
had been dreading. The garage door rumbled up its tracks, and before it
stopped, she heard it reverse, and start back down. Bridget was home.

She writhed madly against her bonds, pulling against them until her
tendons creaked, but it was no use. He had tied her too well, she could
not get loose. She had to make a decision now. She could squirm her way
off the bed, and hope that Bridget would hear her hit the floor, and
that the animal lying in wait for daughter would not. But then what?

There was no possible way that her teenaged daughter would be
able to fight him off. Or even run from him, for that matter. The man
was as quick as a snake, and Bridget would have to pass the master
bedroom to get to her room. Then she would be trapped, with no place to
run or hide. Falling off the bed was not an option.

Her blood froze as she heard her daughter shriek. Tears leaked from her
eyes as she tracked the sounds of Bridget’s frantic dash for freedom,
and her capture. Then silence. Her shoulders heaved as she cried for
her baby.


The girl moaned and her eyes fluttered as she began to regain
consciousness. He allowed her to slump forward again, moving her so
that her fat young tit landed in his mouth. He sucked on her nipple,
feeling the tender bud growing erect on his tongue.

Bridget’s eyes drifted open, and the dazed teen tried to make
sense of what was going on. She was kneeling on her mother’s bed,
hunched over on somebody’s head. There was a hand running up and down
her back, slowly and softly, from the nape of her neck to the crack of
her ass. There was something enormously soothing about the caress.
There was something warm and wet doing wonderful things to her right
nipple, and something else was teasing and tugging lightly on her left
nipple. They both felt swollen, like they did when she played with them
in the shower, only more so. And… Yes, her puss was getting wet. It
always did, when she played with her boobies. All together, it felt
marvelous to the still woozy girl. She moaned softly and arched her
back slightly, forcing her right tit deeper into the mouth that was
teasing her nipple.

Her eyes popped open. Mouth that was teasing her nipple?

She lunged upright and gazed in horror at the man she was sitting on.
His hands settled on her thighs, holding them lightly. Her arms flew to
her chest, trying in vain to cover her exposed breasts. Then she
discovered that she wasn’t just topless. She was naked! Sitting on a
naked man!

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