Val is repeatedly raped

All that could be seen of the woman was her strained face over the
muscular shoulder of the burly man, and her long, shapely legs curled
around the man’s thick waist, the heels of her dainty feet beating a
drumbeat on his taut ass as he raped her.

Occasionally, a large white breast, capped by a turgidly swollen nipple
would show briefly from beneath his chest, bobbing and quivering,
testament to the savage fucking the woman was enduring.

Max was enormously pleased with himself as the woman approached
another orgasm, her fourth inside of an hour, since her rape had begun.
All the signs were there, he could actually feel the bitch’s tits swelling,
her feet were really starting to beat on his ass and her moans were rising
towards a scream. He reared back and looked at her face. Her eyes were
blank, her mouth twisted in a grimace as the unbearable sensations
drove her towards another unwelcome orgasm. He smiled into her unseeing
eyes and settled back on top of her, his hips never losing their
cadence as they drove his massive 9 inch cock into the woman’s tight
cunt, his big balls bouncing on her tightly puckered asshole.

Valerie Brooks felt enormously ashamed of herself. Her arms and legs
were wrapped around him as she strove towards her orgasm, savoring the
feel of his long thick cock plunging into her belly, the fat meaty head
beating on her cervix as he long-dicked her, his broad muscular chest
flattening her breasts, her diamond hard nipples digging into his skin.
She tried to stop her slim hips from bucking up at him, tried to drum up
the revulsion and hatred the she should be feeling towards her rapist,
and she could not. Her traitorous body demanded satisfaction, and it
had been so long since she had been laid, that she simply could not
stop herself.

And then she stopped any rational thinking or feeling entirely, as her
body flashed into a massive orgasm. She clung to the man like a leech,
her legs hooked around his, her arms flung around his chest, her nails
gouging his back as her trim hips swirled and churned on his deeply
imbedded cock, scrubbing her swollen clit on his pubic hair as her hot,
wet cunt squeezed and milked his massive rod.

His voice rose with hers as her madly clenching pussy drove him over
the edge into his own orgasm. He made one final lunge, burying his cock
deep in her belly as it jerked and spewed his hot, thick cum into her

A moment later, it was over. He lay on the senseless woman, feeling her
cunt still clenching and massaging his hard cock as his breathing
quickly returned to normal. As her arms and legs fell away from his
hard body, he held her tightly and rolled over until she was sprawled
on top of him, his cock still imbedded in her belly, his seed slowly
leaking past the tight plug of his cock.

Val’s hips slowly ground to a stop as her orgasm passed. She buried her
face in her hands and began to sob with shame as she recalled her wanton
performance from moments ago. The man stroked her back for a moment,
then raised his hand and slapped her once, very hard, across her taut,
firm ass.

She howled in pain and surprise, and flinched away from the blow,
ramming his still hard cock deep into her cunt. She gasped, pushed her
upper body away from his chest, and looked down at him, tears streaming
down her face.

“Stop crying.” He said, tonelessly. Her face screwed up as she tried to
stifle her sobs, but his face showed no compassion, no sympathy, and she
sobbed aloud once again. “Come on now,” he said. “Sit up straight, like
a good girl, and listen to me.” His hands helped her to sit on his
belly, his rigid cock still inside her. In a minute, she was sitting on
him, her feet by his hips, her hands braced behind her on his hard
thighs. She looked down at him, sniffling loudly.

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